Written by Juan Tamariz

Work of Juan Tamariz

127 pages (Paperback), published by ediciones Marré
Illustrated with drawings by Juan Tamariz.
Language: Spanish

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Juan Tamariz Introducción 7
Juan Tamariz Capítulo I - Magia con Comestibles chapter intro 13
Unknown Aceitunas Comidas por la Cabeza olive is hit through back of performer's head and ends up in mouth, humorous routine 15
Unknown French Drop brief 15
Unknown El Terrón de Azúcar que Arde performer is able to set a sugar cube on fire 18
Unknown Azúcar Volatilizado sugar cube penetrates wrapping and table 19
Juan Tamariz Capítulo II - Magia con la Vajilla chapter intro 23
Unknown El Fakir Tragacuchillos swallowing a knife 25
Unknown Cazador de P(l)atos dexterity stunt with a plate, seated 29
Unknown Cruzado Mágico con Servilleta folding a bra with a handkerchief, gagAlso published here 31
Juan Tamariz Desaparición del Vaso vanish of a glass, with a bag 32
Juan Tamariz Capítulo III - Magia con Bebestibles chapter intro 39
Unknown Las Ultimas Gotas bar bet, how many drops of liquid will drop from an empty bottle 41
Unknown Escritura Misteriosa name of card appears in foam of a beer 42
Unknown 10/ 20 Force 43
Dr. Alfredo Florensa Barman Mágico complete think-a-drink / magic bar routineAlso published here
  • Alfredo Florensa's "Lecciones de Illusionismo"
Juan Tamariz Capítulo IV - Magia de Juego chapter intro 55
Unknown La Suma Adivinada en los Dados sum of three piled up dice is divined 57
Unknown Jugando al Dominó predicting numbers at end of dominoes that are put together by spectator 58
Juan Tamariz Capítulo V - Magia con Palillos y Pajillas chapter intro 61
Unknown Un "Pinchito" de Ida y Vuelta gag, spectator cannot grasp food which is offered 63
Unknown Acupuntura toothpick through finger 65
Unknown Palillos-Muelle long distance shot of a toothpick 67
Unknown El Hilo Irrompible string in straw is cut and restored, straw remains cut 69
Juan Tamariz Capítulo VI - Magia con Cerillas y Ceniza chapter intro 73
Unknown Cerilla-X match is marked on one side and thrown on the table, mark side is up, gag or bar bet 75
Unknown Cerillas Resucitadas 76
Juan Tamariz La Ceniza Espiritista Related to 79
Juan Tamariz Capítulo VII - Magia con Cigarrillos chapter intro 83
Kabon Fujimara, Juan Tamariz El Pez Japonés puzzle and number divination with 8 cigarettes, fish layoutInspired by 85
Unknown Cigarrillo Anudado bending a cigarette, without breaking it 90
Unknown Apuesta Imposible bar bet with cigarette 91
Juan Tamariz Los Cigarrillos Magnetizados three phases, cigarette rolls over table apparently magnetized to a pencil, different directions 93
Juan Tamariz Capítulo VIII - Magia con Monedas chapter intro 99
Unknown Moneda en la Frente (I) gag, spectator can not remove coin from forehead 101
Unknown Moneda en la Frente (II) classic Knickle Head routine, soldered 104
Unknown Moneda que Gira Sin Tocarla bar bet with a coin, spinning it without touchingAlso published here
  • in Martin Gardner's "Over the Coffee Cups" 1949.
Unknown Mondea Gag glued coin on counter, as used by Fu Manchu, gag 109
Juan Tamariz Capítulo IX - Magia con Billetes chapter intro 111
Unknown Billete Volador gag, bill on reel 113
Unknown, Juan Tamariz Billete Roto y Recompuesto corner from bill torn and restored, classic method and sleight variation 116
Unknown El Rolle de Billetes gag, several bills are glued together at short end and rolled upAlso published here 119
Juan Tamariz Epílogo 121
Juan Tamariz Apéndice credits 123
Juan Tamariz Bibliografía Recomendada 127