Written by Thomas Hierling

Work of Thomas Hierling

127 pages (Hardcover), published by Zauberzentrale München
Illustrated with drawings by Thomas Hierling.
Language: German

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Fred Maro Vorwort 7
Harold Voit Vorwort 8
Thomas Hierling Vorwort 9
Thomas Hierling Gedanken zum Close Up Zaubern on close-up and walk-around magic 13
Thomas Hierling C.C. Ambitious Card "color changing ambitious card", ambitious card changes back color as finale 19
Unknown Bottom Deal Force 19
Unknown Spin Cut Flourish dragged out by left thumb after spin cut 20
Unknown Paintbrush Change 22
Unknown Fan Wave Color Change half the cards fanned, shown by David Williamson 23
Thomas Hierling Vorsicht, Zerbrechlich! small egg vanishes and reappears a few times, then changes into fake fried egg 25
Thomas Hierling False Transfer with some thoughts on false transfers 25
Edward Marlo Spider Grip Vanish here with small egg 28
Thomas Hierling Reset vs. Gambler Aces change to Kings, then back and Kings found in pocketsInspired by 31
Jerry K. Hartman Hartman Addition 31
Unknown Four as Three Ascanio Spread 33
Edward Marlo Inside Jacket Pocket Load Related to 37
Thomas Hierling Haben Sie ein Lieblingsas...?! performer cuts to the Aces, then named Ace vanishes and reappears reversed ind deckInspired by 39
Wilfried Possin Twisting the Aces ends with Daley's last trick 43
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count Technique 43
Dai Vernon Through the Fist Flourish 44
Thomas Hierling Sprechen Sie Blindenschrift? two pieces of paper, holes punched in both one hole travels from one paper to other paper held by spectator, Bud Dietrich credited with plotRelated toVariations 46
Thomas Hierling Wrong Card...?! Two of Clubs chosen, Four of Clubs produced and torn in two, half card changes into miniature Two of Clubs, then grows to normal sizeInspired by 52
Unknown Flip Over Production 53
Derek Dingle Bottom Top Change 55
David Williamson, Thomas Hierling No Card Matrix coins in square layout travel into one corner, handling of last coin contributed by HierlingRelated toVariations 56
Michael Ammar Sonic Squeeze Production 56
Unknown Classic Palm one Coin of a Group briefRelated to 59
Thomas Hierling Impromptu Al Koran spectator stops anytime during dealing, card matches prediction, faced deck method 60
Unknown Card Production card pops out between two halvesRelated to 60
Unknown Turnover Choreography 62
Thomas Hierling Können Sie auch...?! ten to hundred bill change, then borrowed bill torn and restored with tape all over it 63
Roger Klause 100$ Bill Switch 64
Thomas Hierling, Robert Löffel Das Geheimnis der Zauberei four Tens of Spades produced, they change into AcesInspired by
  • routine by Christof Schuhmann in MAGIE
Unknown Slip Cut 70
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 70
Thomas Hierling Ring in Salt Also published here 72
Thomas Hierling Impromptu Mexican Monte Inspired by 75
Thomas Hierling Pivot Flourish three cards held at corners, they pivot apart in one row and center card turns overRelated to 79
Thomas Hierling Casanovas Lieblingstrick paper torn, it changes into small paper flowerVariations 80
Thomas Hierling The Art Card blank card produced, card that matches selection drawn on it, it changes into actual selection 85
Thomas Hierling Bottom Card Spin-Out see also p. 121Related to 86
Thomas Hierling Thoughts on the Top Change 87
Thomas Hierling Das ist die Nummer 1! routine with several phases and squeakerAlso published here 88
Unknown Shuttle Pass 89
Unknown Sponge Ball False Transfer 93
Thomas Hierling Jumping Signature card signed on face between two Aces, card signed on back between other two Aces, one vanishes and other card is signed on both sides 96
Unknown Timing Cut Force spectator says stop during consecutive cuts 97
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal 98
Unknown Riffle Force to break 102
Thomas Hierling Maggi! routine with small Maggi bottle and handkerchief, big bottle appears as finaleInspired by 103
Thomas Hierling Impromptu Rubberman ungaffedInspired by 107
Thomas Hierling Mini Card Box case shrinks 109
Thomas Hierling "M.D.D.T." Climax three coins through the table, as finale the coins travel up at once and are welded together 111
Jörg Alexander Weber Coins Through the Table three coins 112
Unknown Han Ping Chien 113
Thomas Hierling 4 Ace Revelation 118
Piet Forton Pop Out Move 118
Unknown Fan Pop Over card pops over from left-hand half onto fan in right hand, Eddie Fechter? 120
Thomas Hierling Easy Spellbound coin changes a few times, then second coin shown as pseudo explanation, both melted into one, two-sided coin openly shown 122
Unknown Shuttle Pass 122
Unknown Click Pass 124
Thomas Hierling Kredit credits 127