Written by Thomas Hierling

Work of Thomas Hierling, Jörg Alexander Weber

54 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Thomas Hierling.
Language: German

(30 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Thomas Hierling Ein Interview 5
Thomas Hierling Sprechen Sie Blindenschrift? with additional climax in which many holes appear in one of the paper sheetsInspired by 7
Thomas Hierling Casanova Revisited silk changes into small paper flower, split into two flowersInspired by 12
Thomas Hierling Meine Karte packet trick with paper cards to give out business card, card with "my card" changes into business card 15
Thomas Hierling Meine Karte 2 card with "my card" changes into business card, switch with small wallet 18
Thomas Hierling Bill in Cigarette 19
Unknown Cigarette Switch underneath cigarette case 20
Thomas Hierling Approaching a Group in walk-around situations 22
Thomas Hierling Beate Uhse lässt grüssen presentation for balloon dog 23
Thomas Hierling Bill in Balloondoggy 25
Thomas Hierling Balloondoggy Finds Card 27
Thomas Hierling Easy Bottompalm bottom card of one-handed right-hand fan as it is closed 28
Thomas Hierling Ring in Salt Also published here 30
Thomas Hierling A Fun False Cut flourishy 32
Thomas Hierling Move Out Aces Aces pivot out of deckRelated to
  • "Beam's Choice Production" (Steve Beam)
Thomas Hierling Das ist die Nummer Eins! routine with several phases and squeakerAlso published here 36
Unknown Shuttle Pass 36
Unknown Sponge Ball False Transfer 38
Thomas Hierling Cannibal Climax routine, with giant Alka Selzer pill production as finale 41
Unknown Card Steal bold 41
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Card Cull 42
Unknown Tip-Over Switch 43
Unknown Clean-Up Reverse bottom card flips over as four-card packet is spread 44
Jörg Alexander Weber DDT "Double Decker Triumph", presentation for Triumph, face-up/face-down shuffle deck put in case and ordered deck taken outInspired by 46
Unknown Holding Cards Back in Case 46
Unknown Slop Shuffle 46
Jörg Alexander Weber Der Edding-Schwindel tiny felt tip pen grows to normal sizeAlso published here 49
Jörg Alexander Weber A Case of Ambition card travels back to face of deck in case 51
Jörg Alexander Weber Ein ehrgeiziges Verschwinden card travels to pocket, then rest of deck vanishes 53
Edward Marlo Inside Jacket Pocket Load Related to 53