Written by Bruce Cervon, Stephen Minch

Work of Bruce Cervon

177 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jim Patton Foreword
Bruce Cervon Introduction
Bruce Cervon The Red-Backed Aces Variations 1
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count 2
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 3
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count 5
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 5
Bruce Cervon Floating Aces four aces one by one rise to top, then all at once, using TiltVariations 9
Bruce Cervon Partial Switch of four Aces, two methods 9
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Tilt 12
Bruce Cervon The Joker Trick four-of-a-kind changes into jokers, than into aces 17
Bruce Cervon, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Four Dollar Confusion 19
Unknown Buckle Count 19
Bruce Cervon A Matter of Psychology apparently original version of "Ambitious Classic" 22
Dai Vernon Double Card Handling turning a double over with one hand 24
Bruce Cervon To Pay The Price performer switches cards with spectators, yet is left with four AcesInspired by 26
Bruce Cervon Small Packet Bottom Deal 27
Bruce Cervon All Backs using double backer and Elmsley's Ace Cutting theme 33
Bruce Cervon The Conus Aces Aces transform under spectator's hand 37
Bruce Cervon Pass of a Small Packet to Bottom 38
Bruce Cervon Modified Turnover Pass to bring small packet from top to bottom 38
Unknown Classic Pass False Cut 40
Bruce Cervon Spectator's Switch clean multiple card switch with assistance of spectator, using perpendicular principle 42
Unknown Hofzinser Type Top Change 44
Unknown Cover Pass False Cut 45
Bruce Cervon Repeat Aces to Pocket aces to pocket, to spectator's pocket, to envelope/wallet 47
Joe Berg Multiple Top Palm 48
Bruce Cervon, Alex Elmsley The Fabulous Cards to Pocket three cards, clean without duplicatesInspired by 59
Dr. Jacob Daley Double-Card Side Steal stealing an inserted double 63
Bruce Cervon Pseudo Duplicates used multiple times, only numerical value of index shown 64
Bruce Cervon Showing Coat Pocket Empty good finesse 64
Bruce Cervon, Alex Elmsley The BC Cards Across two signed selections from packet to packetInspired by 69
Bruce Cervon Chair Holdout sitting on cards 69
Bruce Cervon Warped bill around card 77
Bruce Cervon Warped with Jumbo Card 86
Bruce Cervon Warp II excellent handling 88
Bruce Cervon, Al Koran Hanky Panky borrowed handkerchief is burned and restored, then coins and a filled wine glass appearAlso published here 97
Bruce Cervon, Al Koran Silent Flight ringflight 107
Bruce Cervon The Straddle Reverse from center to top 117
Bruce Cervon Stand-In reversed card in center transforms into selection 119
Unknown Push-In Change 119
Bruce Cervon Alone Again face up pile in deck turn over except one card 120
Bruce Cervon The Cervon Free-Turn Pass Inspired byRelated to 125
Ellsworth Lyman Cloyes Palm Position credit information for Lateral Palm 126
Bruce Cervon The Free-Turn Table Pass 130
Bruce Cervon The Longitudinal Free-Turn Pass table pass 132
Jim Patton The Patton Free-Turn Side Steal from center into Gambler's Flat PalmRelated to 136
Bruce Cervon The Free-Turn Bottom Palm into Gambler's Flat Palm 138
Bruce Cervon The Free-Turn Pass as a Multiple Lift Substitute 139
Bruce Cervon Trick Applications for the Free-Turn Pass - As An Ace Production appears face-up on top 140
Bruce Cervon The Stop Trick application of Free-Turn Pass 141
Bruce Cervon The Psychological Stop Trick as an out, application of Free-Turn Pass 142
Bruce Cervon Free-Turning Aces application of Free-Turn Pass 143
Jim Patton The Patton Half Pass 149
Bruce Cervon Variations of the Patton Half Pass three variants 151
Bruce Cervon The Free-Turn Half Pass 155
Bruce Cervon The Retrograde Half Pass 157
Bruce Cervon Cut and Restored Rope Routine mutliple phases, including "spectator cannot cut ends evenly" gag 161
Bob Ellis Vishnu Rope Mystery - Cutting Method Related to 162