Written by Doug Edwards

Work of Doug Edwards

154 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Greg Webb.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Joshua Jay Foreword vii
Doug Edwards Introduction xi
Doug Edwards Instant Glimpse while deck is revolved into the other hand 3
Doug Edwards Fan-Tastic Palm bottom card is palmed into right hand, after a fan 5
Doug Edwards The Spread Change palm of card after deck is turned over, as a color change 7
Doug Edwards The Fingertip Card Production variation of back palm production 11
Doug Edwards Elevator first only with three cards, then with entire deck 15
Doug Edwards Aced Out production of red and black Aces 21
Unknown Slip Cut 22
Doug Edwards Half Shot Hofzinser Inspired by 26
Doug Edwards Insertion Move one of the Aces is secretly inserted into the middle of the deck 26
Herb Zarrow The Really Inside Zarrow Shuffle bowed top card 30
Doug Edwards Shove Over Shuffle 36
Doug Edwards Vertical Optical Cut Related to 39
Doug Edwards Card Expert performer cuts same amount as spectator and finds selection 43
Doug Edwards One Card Production inspired by a Frank Garcia Move, deck is hit with other hand and selection shoots out 47
Doug Edwards Showpiece Monte signed card to wallet with monte theme 49
Doug Edwards Regular and Complete convincer for the use of a one-way forcing deck 53
Doug Edwards Make Your Mind a Blank blank deck, spectator thinks of any card and goes through some dealing procedure, thought of card is divinedInspired by 55
Doug Edwards, Billy O'Connor, Cardini Billy O'Connor's Instanto Deck how to build an Instanto deck, more ideasRelated to 63
Cardini Cardini's Vanishing Stripe using Cardini / Peaux Deaux cards, strip of card fan disappears 70
Doug Edwards Almost Any Card at Any Number deck index 74
Doug Edwards Wonder Pen-a-Tration pen through bill, handlingRelated to
  • Doug Edwards / Tenyo's "The Wandering Hole" 1979 and "Ultimate Shocking Pen" 2003.
Doug Edwards A Rose by any Other Number prediction of a name and a flower 86
Doug Edwards Safety Bend bending a key 90
Joseph Dunninger, Doug Edwards Dunninger's Directory off-beat gimmick 93
Doug Edwards Sopper and Cilver 97
Roy Benson, Doug Edwards Bowl'em Over 100
Roy Benson Benson Ball Vanish with wand 102
Doug Edwards Blocked with big wooden block 109
Doug Edwards Rope Fantasy rigid rope / hindu rope, different design, with additional ideas 114
Doug Edwards End of a Nightmare! ending for Slydini's "Professor's Nightmare" (Slydini Encores) 121
Doug Edwards Kicker Rope ring and knot off rope 126
Doug Edwards G.W. Hunter Knot Handling with a ring 126
Doug Edwards Frame to Fame picture with a hand holding a card fan, selection is found sticking out of fan, framed 135
Doug Edwards Grabbing Straws penetration of two wrapped around straws 138
Roy Benson Balsa Banana zipped banana gagInspired by
  • Harry E. Cecil's "Zipped Banana"
Doug Edwards A Mysterious Case vinyl card packet opens by itself 146
Doug Edwards Snap, Crackle, Zing combination of Watch Winder and Joy Buzzer, gag article 148
Doug Edwards Geller Coffee bending spoon gag, prop 151
Doug Edwards What an Epidemic! idea to make to Russian Roulette with nail and cups safer 153