Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Various

104 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka.
Language: English

(27 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Masao Atsukawa Four by Four two phases, first all coins travel at once, then one by one 9
Masao Atsukawa M.A. Coin Propulsion / The Bullet coin is shot into other hand without visible movementVariations 10
Masao Atsukawa Four From Nowhere a coin travels from hand onto the table, then three more coins appear 15
Masao Atsukawa Propelled Chinese/Silver Inspired by 19
Masao Atsukawa Fabric Through Pasteboard silk through giant card, very visual 22
Masao Atsukawa The Knotted Letter knot in strip of paper disappears 25
Tomo Maeda Ambitious Clip paper clip is placed on the ambitious card 31
Dai Vernon Tilt / Depth Illusion 32
Tomo Maeda New Era Moving Pips wrong prediction (card behind cellophane on card case) changes into right one by pip-moving 34
Tomo Maeda BoxBack card case appears visually around deck 39
Tomo Maeda Match Transposition match is torn out of matchbook and lit, it transposes with all the unlit matches in the matchbook 39
Tomo Maeda Pieces of the Future balloon is burst and deck of card appears, pieces of balloon predict card 43
Ken Kuroki Stanley Collins Meets Corinda four-phase rubber band through fingers, fooling 48
Ken Kuroki The Mystery of Width bill kind of unfolds as it is pushed through another bill 49
Ken Kuroki Cocktail Bill Penetration pen through bill 53
Ken Kuroki The Talisman joker stapled to box transposes with selection 56
Ken Kuroki Illusion Box two matches are left in matchbook, their positions change... 60
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Appearing Deck flat empty case is removed from wallet and folded in case shape, deck is removedVariationsAlso published here 63
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Card Machine 67
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Joker Takes A Ride king on joker vanishes bit by bit leaving a hole and is found next to selection 72
Kuniyasu Fujiwara Soft Spots pencil penetrates deck, only selection is really pierced 75
Kuniyasu Fujiwara Lie Detector with long narrow clear strip that is folded in various ways so different messages appear on it 79
Hiroyuki Sakai My Little Kaps c/s transposition with chinese transformation kicker 84
Hiroyuki Sakai Imprisoned Rising Card out of box, gaffed box 88
Hiroyuki Sakai It Doesn't Fit! card flies out of box, several feet high, elastic 92
Hiroyuki Sakai The Perfect Assistant two signed selections, joker is torn in half face down, in wallet two half cards appear, each half selection, the halves on the table of the former joker match, gaffed 95
Hiroyuki Sakai The Flowing Pips multiple card transformations using blank cards, gaffs, ... 100