Written by Alfred Czernewitz, Ravi Pazhur

Work of Various

170 pages (Paperback), published by simsalabonn
Illustrated with drawings by Thomas Hierling, Ravi Pazhur, Ariane Lehnert.
Language: German

(80 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown Dedication 4
Ravi Pazhur Vorwort 8
Ravi Pazhur Axel Hecklau 10
Axel Hecklau Spin the card! card spins between fingers, pin on thumbtip 11
Ravi Pazhur Juno 13
Juno Sei-Pa-Schni-Kü tissue paper restoration with sucker explanationInspired by
  • paper tear in Jochen Zmeck's "Handbuch der Magie"
Ravi Pazhur Ralph Cos 19
Ralph Cos Die Airtight-Section - Der Grundgriff balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloonInspired byRelated to 20
Ralph Cos Airtight II Inspired byRelated to 24
Ralph Cos Airtights Befreiung deck into balloon and out again 26
Ravi Pazhur Harald Kurz 28
Harald Kurz Zum Daumenschreiber about the nail writer, application for children
- Der Daumenschreiber im Kinderprogramm
Harald Kurz A - Z Brainstorming twenty-six comments on magic and effects, one for each letter 31
Harald Kurz A - Assistentin comment about assistants 31
Harald Kurz B - Bügel about appearing objects inside a balloon, without assistant 31
Harald Kurz C - Comedy Magic 32
Harald Kurz D - Daumen, brennender burning thumb 32
Harald Kurz E - Eisblock preparing and handling an ice block for tricks 33
Harald Kurz F - Feuerring on appearing flame in hand 33
Harald Kurz G - Golfbälle using golf balls for manipulation 33
Harald Kurz H - Hände tip for sweaty palms 33
Harald Kurz I - Invisible Deck comment 34
Harald Kurz J - Jack, the Ripper on stage illusions 34
Harald Kurz K - Knetmasse using play-doh to make objects vanish that are loose or difficult to handle 34
Harald Kurz L - Latexhuhn on the rubber chicken 34
Harald Kurz M - Mikromatte comments on using a close-up mats 35
Harald Kurz N - Nichts, das Tor zum using a bigger ring in manipulation routines, things appear and vanish inside it 35
Harald Kurz O - Oper presentational idea for using floating ball in opera 35
Harald Kurz P - Pannen on mishaps 35
Harald Kurz Q - Quickie gag to use when something appears out of the air 36
Harald Kurz R - Ringspiel using bicycle locks 36
Harald Kurz S - Speisefarben food coloring to color liquids or flash strings 36
Harald Kurz T - Tiere on using animals 37
Harald Kurz U - Unterwasserzauberei simulating under water magic with stage decoration 37
Harald Kurz V - Vorträge on patter 37
Harald Kurz W - Wasserzeitung tip for leafing through a newspaper 37
Harald Kurz X - X-Ray presenting Zig Zag illusion as x-ray machine 38
Harald Kurz Y - Yuppi comment 38
Harald Kurz Z - Zombie using third hand 38
Ravi Pazhur Thomas Hierling 39
Thomas Hierling Not Another Chop Cup Routine 40
Ravi Pazhur Jörg Alexander Weber 47
Jörg Alexander Weber Brandzeichen card chosen and returned to deck, first letter of spectator's name written on paper and burned, letter burned into selectionInspired byVariations 48
John Carney Hindu Force Handling Related to 48
Jörg Alexander Weber Versatile Outjog Control Handling Inspired by
  • "Versatile Outjog Control" (Frank Simon, Versatile Card Magic)
Jörg Alexander Weber Bottom Palm Handling starting with deck in right hand, Erdnase breakInspired by 55
Ravi Pazhur Desimo 65
Detlef "Desimo" Simon Kultiviertes Karten-Chaos "Eine Kartenroutine für die Bühne und sonstwo"
three cards selected, wrong cards rise, then two card designs cut out of newspaper, silk with third card appears
Related to 66
Ravi Pazhur Guido Schmalriede aka Manuel Muerte 73
Manuel Muerte Karte(n) unterm Glas 74
Ravi Pazhur Guillaume le Grand & Senor Manuel Muerte 79
Manuel Muerte, Guillaume le Grand Magic Fingers finger falls off hand, gag divination of thought-of number 80
Ravi Pazhur Andy Andy Häussler 85
Andy Häussler Bier her! several beer bottles appear on tray 86
Ravi Pazhur ChaPeau 89
Chapeau Mixed Pickles - Einzelstücke intro 90
Chapeau Die Daumenfessel 90
Chapeau Papierzerreißen mit Überraschung tissue paper tear with hat 91
Ravi Pazhur Sven Heubes 93
Sven Heubes Der Fischtrick fish drawn on paper, paddle routine with paper fish on paddle, real fish appears 94
Ravi Pazhur Ravi Pazhur "No comment!" 97
Ravi Pazhur Back-Technique on manipulative productions with fingers wide apart
- Take a Shower (coins)
- Karten (cards)
Ravi Pazhur Saikusa from back of hand, fingers apart 106
Sven Heubes, Ravi Pazhur Vacuum Cigarette flash thread into cigarette, two handlingsRelated to 110
Ravi Pazhur Whirl Pool card appears in flash 116
Ravi Pazhur Interlocked Revisited Inspired by 118
Ravi Pazhur Felix Felix Farrell 123
Felix Farrell Tip coin visibly penetrates billInspired byAlso published here 124
Felix Farrell Puttin' on the Ritz spoon visibly pulled out of center of finger ring 129
Felix Farrell Torn and Restored signed card torn in half and restored 134
Felix Farrell Watch the Ring ring onto wrist watch held by spectator on both endsInspired by
  • "Ring on Pencil" (Charlie Miller, Magic Video Library, Impromptu 1)
Also published here
Ravi Pazhur Thomas, der Verblüffungsartist Thomas Vité 145
Thomas Vité "Guten Tag, hier spricht der automatische..." on using an answering machine 146
Matthias Laurig The American Section 150
Matthias Laurig David Harkey 151
David Harkey Shades shadow of sun glasses seen on table, glasses opened in shadow, actual glasses open 153
David Harkey Spotweld straw welded shut while still inside cover 156
David Harkey Ringworm ring into balloon appleAlso published here 159
Matthias Laurig Gary Darwin 167
Gary Darwin Darwin's Burnt & Restored String 168