Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

31 pages (Stapled), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction 3
Karl Fulves The Strength Test spectator cannot separate magician's hands when he puts on gloves, two tests 5
Karl Fulves Untangled knot disappears 6
Karl Fulves Elastic Lock rubber band used to lock fingers, another one still manages to be around finger 8
Karl Fulves Rollaway straw moves, blowing 11
Karl Fulves Memory Plays Tricks item put in one pocket of magician, magician stands behind spectator but apparently cannot do anything because he is clapping constantly, item then in another pocket 12
Karl Fulves Heavyset glass covered with handkerchief, spectator cannot lift it, impromptu light-heavy 14
Karl Fulves Static Cling pencil clings to hand, two positions 16
Karl Fulves The Great Escape paper with hole and string release 18
Karl Fulves Dating Game three names written on paper, one is the girlfriend, pencil on rubber band moves to answer questionsRelated to
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin)
Karl Fulves Wuffle Tube knot vanishes when placed in paper tube 22
Karl Fulves A Mind for Figures number divination with calculator 24
Karl Fulves Color Sense color of crayon divined behind back 25
Karl Fulves Loopy Loop two different colored string loops transpose instantly 26
Karl Fulves Silk from Nowhere silk pulled out of examined sheet of newspaper 27
Karl Fulves Unlisted Numbers four discs with four numbers on each, spectator choses one disc, all put in pocket, performer finds right one without looking 28
Karl Fulves Pick a Pet pets called out and written down on billets, performer makes two predictions, two pets are chosen and they match 29
Karl Fulves Catch - No Catch endless chain type routine with piece of string 30