Written by David Acer

Work of David Acer

148 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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David Acer About the Author 3
David Acer Acknowledgements 4
Guy Camirand Candid Camirand 7
Jay Sankey Foreword 9
David Acer A Word About the Contributors Rick Bronson, Barry Julien, Simon Lovell, Richard Sanders 11
David Acer Lickety Flip Ace split in two, suddenly all four Aces are producedInspired by
  • "Rotary Revelation" (Victor Sendax, MUM, Feb. 1984)
Also published here
Unknown The Swivel Cut 13
Unknown The Drop Control Injog top half dropped on bottom half 14
Paul Harris The Split card split in two 15
Richard Sanders, David Acer Four on the Floor card selected, indifferent card changes into mate and other cards of same value are on either sideInspired by 18
Unknown Double Undercut top to bottom 18
Unknown Riffle Force break, see also p. 21 19
David Acer Cheap Labour selection and three more cards taken out, stickman drawn on back of one, it multiplies on back of all cards, then is only on back of selectionAlso published here 20
Brother John Hamman Flustration Count see also p. 31 22
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count fingertip handling 24
David Acer No Holes Barred two holes punched in card, one is dragged acrossInspired by 26
David Acer Cartes Blanches three blank cards print into three-of-a-kind, then fourth card prints to complete the quartet and it is the selection 28
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count 32
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 33
David Acer Money Flies four coins, each coin differently, last changes into many smaller coinsAlso published here 35
Unknown Classic Palm multiple coins, palm and release 36
Unknown The Click Pass 37
Richard Sanders Sleight of Elbow 38
Unknown The Full-Face French Drop 39
Unknown Coin Ditch into side jacket pocket 40
Unknown The French Drop with multiple coins 41
David Acer Through the Hand into glass 42
Ross Bertram Through the Glass 43
David Acer Cord Coin Holder rope taken out of small purse, four coins produced from ropeAlso published here 45
Rick Bronson, David Acer Missing Ink double blank cards print into business cardsAlso published here 49
Gary Kurtz Unidirectional Turnover 50
David Acer Rink borrowed finger ring put in purse, folded-n arm of glasses inserted, ring suddenly on glassesRelated toAlso published here 54
Richard Sanders Finger Ring False Placement ring apparently put in purse 55
David Acer The Spice Rack salt shaker is stretched, lapping switchInspired by 58
David Acer Transposition Ring Flight borrowed finger ring put in coin purse, it changes into key, ring now on hook in key caseRelated toAlso published here 60
David Acer Split Three Ways flip-over cutsInspired by 65
David Acer The Running Control hindu shuffle, drop jogInspired byAlso published here 67
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle 68
David Acer The Overload coin loaded under card as tabled card is turned over 70
David Acer The Trinary Cut Inspired byAlso published here 72
Barry Julien B.J.'s Honey Cut 74
Charlier The Charlier Cut 75
David Acer The Kick Toss - Part I: the Toss
- Part II: The Return
David Acer Double Header one double-headed and one double-tailed quarter shown, they fuse into one regular coin, then changes into half dollar 78
David Acer Hot Hands copper and silver coins shown on both sides, they fuse into a copper/silver coin which is openly shown 80
David Acer The Camera Never Lies deck used as camera, FISM Flash, previously indifferent card changes into selectionVariations 81
Richard Sanders A New Development blank card changes into selection, deck used as cameraInspired by 84
Ron Bell Spinner flourish to remove outjogged card from deck 84
Simon Lovell Polaroid deck used as camera, selection kind of rises out of deck polaroid style 85
David Acer S.S.T. "Straightforward Stand-Up Triumph" 87
Unknown Half Pass 89
Unknown Faro Shuffle brief 90
David Acer Mini Fusion deck shrinks to mini deck before selection (Six of Hearts) is replaced, Two and Four of Hearts found in mini deck and fused into poker sized Six, blendoInspired by 92
David Acer Flying Colors deck changes color except selection, another selection signed, it changes back color 95
Unknown The Strip Cut HaLo like 96
Unknown Side Steal 98
David Acer Initially Yours spectator's initials on one card, another card chosen and tabled, initials jump to another card twice, finally onto tabled cardAlso published here 99
Unknown The Turnover Move 100
David Acer Writing Twice getting duplicate of initialed card 100
Unknown The Swing Cut 102
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo The K.M. Move 103
David Acer Emotional Bonding spectator writes positive emotion on face of card, another spectator on the back of another card, the fuseAlso published here
  • Genii, July 1991
Richard Sanders Richie's Double Bill Switch bill changes twice and then backInspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • Genii, July 1991
Roger Klause The Basic Bill Switch 115
David Acer Around the World in 80 Dollars Inspired byAlso published here 117
David Acer Money for Nothing photo of performer holding a dollar bill is shown, $20 bill changes into a $1 bill, bill on photograph has changed into $20Also published here 118
David Acer The President's Message bill rubber banded to card case is shown and initial, name of selection appears written on itAlso published here 123
David Acer Deckromancy one card chosen from normal deck and one from miniature deck, they match 128
David Acer Airing with Miniature Cards 130
David Acer Swiss Pack many holes appear in chosen card, then the deck has a big hole through itAlso published here 133
Unknown The Brush Change 138
Richard Sanders, David Acer The Body Swap two persons hold up a big sheet of cloth and things travel from one face to the other, eventually the persons transposeAlso published here 141
David Acer Hyperventilate air in lungs transposes with air in balloon, proven with smoke that is suddenly in balloonInspired byAlso published here 143