Written by Bruce Cervon

Work of Various

409 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Bruce Cervon.
Language: English

(77 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bruce Cervon Cut Control after peek with charlier cut 7
Edward Marlo Marlo Aces like Marlo Estimation Aces 7
Bruce Cervon 2 Card Control Control two cards to top with incomplete faro 7
Unknown Add to A-2-3 Effect Switch for Al Leech Effect 9
Bruce Cervon Trap Door Control Peek Control with One Handed Cut 10
Bruce Cervon Triumph Specail - Special triumph + poker demoRelated to 10
Bruce Cervon Face Up Count card found by counting face up indicator card, incomplete faro control 11
Dai Vernon, Bruce Cervon A-2-3-4 in Reverse ace to four first shown as ace to four and then four to aceRelated to 12
Bruce Cervon A-2-3 Effect Ace, Two, Three change into three selectionsRelated to 12
Bruce Cervon King Kut Related to 13
Bruce Cervon A Tinge of Color cut aces face-upRelated to 14
Bruce Cervon confused incomplete deck spread in IF ConditionRelated to 15
Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings Face-up Count Handling Related to 15
Unknown Angle Wise Change 16
Bruce Cervon Double Incomplete control and mini effect 17
Bruce Cervon Trapped by the Bullets Related to 18
Bruce Cervon everywhere nowhere 19
Bruce Cervon Turnabout is Faro Play selected card only face down between face-upRelated to 20
Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings Add to Faro Play 20
Unknown Simon though Vernon 21
Dai Vernon Vernon Fooler 1 22
Dai Vernon Vernon Fooler 2 22
Dai Vernon Vernon Fooler 3 with two crimps and secret counting to selected card 22
Bruce Cervon sucker red glases, apparently marked card, every card is marked with "fool" 23
Dai Vernon Flip up! 23
Dai Vernon Face Up Card second card from the top 23
Unknown Revelment 24
Bruce Cervon Block Transfer Pushover cull riffle shuffle with block transfer, push through 25
Bruce Cervon Cull Riffle 26
Jay Ose Cheating Blackjack for named number of players, wining hand at first and second player 27
Jay Ose On Table Riffle Cut false cut with jog 27
Jay Ose False Cut 27
Bruce Cervon Card at any Number with riffle shuffle and block transfer 28
Dai Vernon Dr. Daley Effect card jumps from between the kings into pocket 29
Bruce Cervon Cutting the Aces shuffle aces into pack and cut to them 30
Unknown ReStacking Setup 31
Alex Elmsley, Dai Vernon card at any number called card with faros to number between one and twenty 32
Dai Vernon Vernon Fooler key card 32
Bruce Cervon Faro Fooler from NDO to NDO with two faros, double index cards 32
S. W. Erdnase, Bruce Cervon Acrobatic Jacks or Travelling Aces aces jump from top to middle and vice versa 33
Unknown Notes on the Pass top card cover pass 34
Dai Vernon Black's stack four aces, kings and queens stacked for 6 hands, with faros 35
Dai Vernon Vernon's False Cut 35
Dai Vernon 18 - 35 Faro 36
Bruce Cervon 18 up side down 36
Bruce Cervon Faro Finder peek with incomplete faro 37
Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon Face up Add Method 2 37
Unknown Off Center Finder 38
Dai Vernon You lied! interesting peek 38
Alex Elmsley Spell it automatic placement 39
Jay Ose False cut 39
Bruce Cervon odd combination automatic placement 40
Alex Elmsley, Dai Vernon Queen Jump 41
Dai Vernon Ultimate Spell Out building stack in front of spectator 42
Larry Jennings phoney faro 43
Dai Vernon False Shuffle similar to Erdnase 44
Dai Vernon The Weight Guesser Magician knows position of spectators card, estimation 45
Del Ray, Dai Vernon Aces found a little improvisation 46
Tony Giorgio Shuffle Stack two hands, faro 48
Tony Giorgio Stock Marker plastic dott as a crimp 48
Dai Vernon Vernon Side Jog left side diagonal insertion 49
Dai Vernon Find a Card Spread 49
Dai Vernon to show the deck square after Vernon jog Related to 50
Unknown one card transfer cut Top card cover pass as a kind of slip false cut 51
Unknown card transfer "cut" in hands 51
Dai Vernon 4 card you do as I do Also published here 51
Edward Marlo Aces face up! three aces turn face up in the middle of the deck when the last ace is cut into the deck 52
Bruce Cervon Aces face uo as Marlo Effect, with Larreverse 52
Bruce Cervon My King Trick 53
Bruce Cervon false shuffle and block transfer strip out with block transfer 53
Joe Berg Mental Miracle esoteric, apparently Moe Seidenstein'sRelated to
  • William Miesel's "Moe and his Miracles with Cards", 1986 p. 50
Joe Berg Find it! spectator thinks of a card, estimation and sprectator reaction 55
Joe Berg Estimate behind the back estimate thickness of packet behind back 55
Unknown Ha! estimation and improvisation 55
Edward Marlo 18 - 35 56
Dai Vernon Name a card Magician can name cards behind the back, punched 56
Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings 5 Card Miracle one way principle 57