Written by Jack Avis, John Derris

Work of Jack Avis

155 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

(77 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Peter Warlock Introduction 8
Jack Avis Foreword 9
Jack Avis Christmas Coin Vanish Christmas party cracker as coin holder or coin clip 11
Jack Avis Movie Coin Vanish 13
John Derris, Jack Avis Namreg Coin Box Routine four coins appear at once in Boston con box that was shown empty 15
Jack Avis Salute to Ramsay metal cap (Oktio box without lid) with four coins, one penetrates hand 18
Jack Avis, Gus Davenport Gus 'N Jack Coin Trick four coins produced from silk one by one 21
Gus Davenport Thread Vanish sucked into mouth 21
Jack Avis Two for the Flight of One borrowed coin and bill transpose, using Bill Tube and Oktio Box 24
Jack Avis Avis Turnover as Boston Box is picked up from table 26
Jack Avis Dribble Top Palm Related to 28
Jack Avis Swing Cut Bottom Palm into cop, HaLo Cut type action 30
Jack Avis Double Undercut Bottom Palm into right hand 32
Jack Avis Thumb Clip Steal - As a Color Change
- as part of an Ambitious Card Routine
Related to 34
Jack Avis Center Double Lift credit information
- First Handling (pulled out the back)
- Second Handling (top half pulled over with right fingers and card in center flipped over)
Jack Avis Bonnie and Glide four spectators each name a small number and that many cards are counted in front of each from bottom of deck, Ace on each 40
Jack Avis Multiple Glide multiple glide from end grip 40
Jack Avis Siva Hindu Force force card dragged out with left fingers 42
Jack Avis Waterfall False Shuffle faro, then unweave noice sold as waterfall, also to get into Vernon's "No Sleight Triumph"Related to 44
Unknown Hugh's Cut no last name given, three-packet version of Charlier Pass 46
Jack Avis Avis Fan Switch with routine in which a card is wrongly located and changes into selection 48
Jack Avis Center to Top Reverse one-handed behind back, bold 48
Jack Avis Siva Count five as four, credit information 51
Jack Avis Ambitious Siva Takes the Count Ace to FourInspired by 52
Jack Avis Alaskan Poker five times the spectator and magician cut the deck in turn and remove the top card, performer ends up with Royal Flush 54
Unknown Breather Crimp credit information 54
Jack Avis Auto Deck performer deals himself Aces, then spectators remember one card in their hand, performer shuffles and deals again, everyone has a Straight Flush and performer the memorized cards, extra Aces and duplicatesAlso published here
  • marketed in 1953
Gus Davenport Flipping Swindle five cards laid out in cross formation, cards have to be dropped onto the formation so that it is eventually covered completely, with gags 58
Jack Avis, Dr. James William Elliott Mystery of Elliott's Last Legacy interpretation of the Dr. Elliott runup systemInspired by
  • "Elliott's Last Legacy", p. 318
Also published here
Unknown Dr. Elliott 60
Jack Avis Variations on Scarne's Runup System three variationsAlso published here 64
Jack Avis Nu Way Shell Game props changed to four white cards with colored spotsInspired by 66
Jack Avis Pinochle Caper four cards change several timesAlso published here 69
Jack Avis Weight Lifter number of cards in packet correctly estimated, breather crimpInspired by
  • "Weight Guess Plus" (Bob King)
Related to
Jack Avis Chosen Ace Through the Table 72
Unknown Longitudinal Tenkai Palm Steal from small packet 73
Jack Avis Hofzinser Ace Trick VariationsAlso published here 75
Jack Avis Flash Ace Production deck split into four packets, Ace on top of each 78
Jack Avis Siva's Ace Cut 80
Unknown Draw Shift 81
Jack Avis Change in Handling spectator removes a couple of number cards to represent his phone number, performer arranges them instantly so they spell out in right orderInspired by 83
Jack Avis Sport Detector four blank cards shown, any sport thought of by performer, an image that represents a sexy girl appears and vanishesAlso published here 84
Jack Avis Folding Numbers paper with numbers in a 4x4 grid is folded into small square, edges cut off, sum of one orientation predicted, parityInspired by 86
Jack Avis, Al Koran Poker Chip Psi four chips of different colors, one chosen is predicted via a card with that colorAlso published here
  • marketed item
Jack Avis Chance in Four four red-backed cards with number 5, 10, 15 and 20, one number chosen and card at that position matches the red-backed card with that number and others don'tVariations 91
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move 92
Jack Avis Impromptu Auto Cue deck shuffled face-up/face-down, three face-down cards put on table, spectator exchanges two and remembers the third one, all replaced, Triumph effectInspired by
  • "Auto Cue" (Roy Walton, Genii, July 1991)
Jack Avis Spirit Detection drinks and countries are divinedAlso published here 95
Jack Avis Spooky Time clock face with suits and values on it, two plastic hands held onto it and the move by themselves to indicate selectionInspired by 98
Jack Avis All Fair Predict-O-Matic spectator reverses card behind deck in deck, predicted 100
Jack Avis Spread Display Switch as reversed card is shown 101
Jack Avis Queen Tells All bottom cards of piles divinedInspired by 102
Jack Avis Avis Deal Switch kind of one-handed second deal with breakAlso published here
  • Swindle Sheet #10
Jack Avis Tupax Into One involving piles made and dealt through in unisonInspired by
  • "Tupax" (Stewart James, Top, Nov. 1940)
Related to
Jack Avis Predicted Stopping Place two cards predicted, Gemini Twins, credit informationInspired by 106
Jack Avis Three to Die die used to select two numbers, three chosen cards match the numbers 108
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change 108
Jack Avis Magical Sucuba 4x4 matrix, some number coincidences occur 110
Jack Avis, Al Koran Cards of Pegasus initialed Joker in sealed in envelope, five cards chosen and initialed, one card is chosen, transposes with the Joker, chosen card is now in envelopeRelated toAlso published here 112
Jack Avis Slate of Hand card of selection appears on one of two miniature slates in chosen chalk color 115
Jack Avis Hole in the Table copper and silver coins under paper-covered glass, chosen coin penetrates table, then glass itself 118
Jack Avis Rara Avis Card Stab knife stabbed into top of deck so that a small block is stuck to tip of knife, bottom card is selection 123
Al Koran Miracle Card Stab exact center 123
Jack Avis Wishing Envelope small envelope with one corner cut off, card inserted, a "corner shell" simulates another card being in it, followed by three applicationsAlso published here 127
Jack Avis The Wishing Envelope two cards chosen, indifferent card put in envelope that has a corner cut off, it changes into one selection, then into the other 129
Jack Avis The Dissected Joker card put into envelope that has a corner cut off, card and envelope cut into quarters, it transposes with another card, using "Wishing Envelope" 129
Jack Avis Transposed Marlo Reverse card turns over in envelope that has a corner cut off, changes into selection, using "Wishing Envelope" 130
Jack Avis, Billy O'Connor O'Connor Caper two cards predicted and mates via count-back force (10-20 force), credit informationInspired by
  • Billy O'Connor trick in The Magic Wand
Jack Avis Hotel '81 Inspired by 133
Jack Avis So Fair Card/Cigarette Transpo torn card changes place with tobacco of cigarette 135
Jack Avis The Switch Force Deck force deck with cut-out section in half the deck to switch cigarette 135
Jack Avis Useful Jokers chosen card appears between two JokersInspired by 137
Jack Avis Safety Cut linked safety pins put into paper cover, cover cut in two pieces, held together again and pins still linkedInspired by 140
Jack Avis Cuball green sponge ball, scissors waved around hand, pieces fall off, now two sponge cubes 143
Jack Avis Houdini Ring Related to 145
Jack Avis Escape from Ellis ellis ring off cord 148
Jack Avis Loops Entwined under handkerchiefAlso published here 151