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181 pages (Hardcover), published by Developmental Productions Press
Illustrated with photographs.
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Chuck Hickok Acknowledgements iii
Chuck Hickok Dedication v
Lee Earle Foreword 1
Chuck Hickok Introduction - Mentalism, Incorporated: Volume Two 3
Chuck Hickok An Update for Owners of Mentalism, Incorporated Related to 7
Chuck Hickok Forces for the Serious Mentalist chapter intro 9
Chuck Hickok Guidelines for Using Forces as a Mentalist six guidelines 11
Chuck Hickok Questions for Planning a Routine That Uses a Force 24
Chuck Hickok 25 Forces for the Serious Mentalis - Verbal / Manipulative Forces
- Mechanical Forces
Chuck Hickok Application Idea #1: My Favorite Approach to Equivoque Related to 35
Michael Sibbernsen Application Idea #2: AAA Book Test forcing page from a book, riffle force 41
Chuck Hickok Application Idea #3: Newspaper Switch Helper forcing a piece of a newspaper 45
Chuck Hickok Essays for the Serious Mentalist chapter intro, most are expanded essays from "Vibrations" 51
Chuck Hickok "It's Not the Bike..." 53
Chuck Hickok Essay #1: My Approach to Mentalism 57
Chuck Hickok Essay #2: A Clever Out 60
Chuck Hickok Essay #3: Believability and Mentalism 62
Chuck Hickok Essay #4: Creating Entertaining Mentalism Demonstrations Related to 65
Chuck Hickok Essay #5: Thoughts on Multiple Moments of Amazement 69
Chuck Hickok Essay #6: I Don't Do Book Tests on the structure of book tests 72
Chuck Hickok Essay #7: Should Mentalists Present Prediction Routines? 77
Chuck Hickok Essay #8: Exposure and Success as a Mentalist 81
Chuck Hickok Essay #9: The Visual Aspect of Mentalism 84
Chuck Hickok Essay #10: The Verbal Aspect of Mentalism 88
Chuck Hickok Essay #11: Thoughts on Branching Anagrams 92
Chuck Hickok Essay #12: Performing Mentalism is a Risky Business! on audience management 97
Chuck Hickok Essay #13: Creating Suspense 103
Chuck Hickok Essay #14: What Does It Take To Be a More Successful Mentalist? 107
Chuck Hickok Routines for the Serious Mentalist chapter intro 113
Chuck Hickok Routine One: Testing Your Intuition pasteboards with different colors in envelops, colors are divined 115
Chuck Hickok Suggestions for "Dollar Divination" presentational points on the Richardson routineInspired by 125
Chuck Hickok Routine Two: Fore-Closer envelopes with letters and printed sides of dice, multiple prediction, scrabble themedInspired by 129
Chuck Hickok Routine Three: Postcard Memory Demonstration postcards with US states, divination of selected cards 151
Chuck Hickok A Final Thought 171
Chuck Hickok Appendix - Questions for the Serious Mentalist
- My Overall Approach to Mentalism
- My Development
- The Structure of My Act
- Presentational Excellence
- Visual Aids
- Helpers from the Audience
- Performing a Routine that Uses a Force
- Resources Mentioned in This Book
- Tools for the Serious Mentalist