Written by Jack Avis, Anthony Brahams

Work of Jack Avis

220 pages (Hardcover), published by The Cairn Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

(175 entries)


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Roy Walton Preface 13
John Derris Jack Avis 14
Anthony Brahams Introduction 15
Anthony Brahams Acknowledgments 16
Jack Avis Ace Routine Handling routine with fake indices 18
Jack Avis Jack Avis Notes on All Red 2&2, handling variationInspired by 20
Jack Avis Another Call - from Another Place bottom dealing instead of secondsRelated to 22
Jack Avis Random Notes using rulerInspired by
  • "Three Card Trick" (G. Boyce, Mahatma, Vol. 7 No. 6, 1903)
Jack Avis Blind Choice performer reverses two cards in blue-backed deck, spectator reverses two cards behind back in red-backed deck, they match, two red/blue double backersRelated to
  • Jack Avis' "Blind Choice" (GEN June 1964)
Jack Avis, Bob Haines A Bridge Hand four packets made, top cards taken until bridge hand is formed, all cards divined 29
Jack Avis Calculating Cards 30
Jack Avis The Card Between while showing that card is not on top or bottomRelated to 32
Howard Lyons Faro Credit faro reference, "An-Adept" (1850) 32
Jack Avis Cards to Blanks with Signatures packet trick with name of spectator on blank cards 33
Jack Avis Tip for Use with a Stacked Deck diagonal pencil line on edgeRelated to 34
Jack Avis A Change of Identity (Identity Crisis) four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with themInspired byRelated to 35
Jack Avis Lipstick on Pen Point to detect what was written or crossed out first 36
Jack Avis Coincidence - Again 37
Jack Avis Thoughts on Vernon's Handling of the Ten Card Trick using odd-backed prediction card, perhaps red/blue double backerRelated to
  • Row of Ten Cards in Revelations (Dai Vernon)
Jack Avis Colour Match ten-card sequence of spectator matches cards dealt out by performer from bottom of deck in its red-black sequenceRelated to 39
Jack Avis A Contrived Location selection made in unusual way from incomplete faro condition, also handlings with multiple out prediction and partial stack 40
Jack Avis Court Card Spell named court card spelled from packet of picture cardsAlso published here 42
Jack Avis A Little Extra with the Multi Spell optional card to wallet/pocket additionInspired byAlso published here 44
Jack Avis Diamond Cut Diamond - Variation 45
Jack Avis A Variation on the Diary Trick red/blue double backer 46
Jack Avis Divination of Though one of six 47
Jack Avis A Dotty Location location with four distributed marked key cards 48
Jack Avis Double Cross (Cut) Count Down value of a cut-to card used to count to selection 49
Jack Avis Riffle One-Hand Fan Selection and Return to control a card to any small numberRelated to 49
Jack Avis Double Cross Transpo black Aces placed aside, red Aces catch two cards, they are the black Aces and apparent Aces are selectionsInspired by 50
Jack Avis Turn and Take Bottom - a use for this very simple count-down applicationInspired by 52
Jack Avis Envelope Prediction "This uses my Double Side Deal"
envelope with prediction stuck into deck, next to predicted card
Jack Avis Double Side Deal top card apparently retained in left hand while balance of packet is tabled, bottom card is retainedRelated to 53
Jack Avis Exchanged "A Bit of Handling for the Ace Switch at the Start of an Ace Routine" 54
Jack Avis Fake Memory Routine - Avis Handling position of selection named, very simple 55
Jack Avis A Few Steps Further On two cards chosen from incomplete Riffle Shuffle position, Fulves's Riffle Shuffle ControlInspired by 56
Jack Avis Flight Fantastique Aces through newspaper one by one, they change into Kings and Aces are in deckInspired by
  • Roy Walton version of Sympathetic Aces
Related to
Jack Avis Folded Card in Box (Kaps) - An Idea having back signed and card in box folded face-outwards 63
Jack Avis Follow the Leader short routine 64
Jack Avis Siva Follows his Leader 65
Jack Avis Follow the Leader - Again! 67
Jack Avis The French Reverse 68
Jack Avis The Fulves Problem Universal Card Plot, odd-backed, red-blue double backer 70
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 1. paper wallet for switching, Hindu Paper Coin Vanish Set 73
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 2. overhand shuffle stop force, hindu force type bluff 73
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 3. half deck jumbo and normal index for divided deck location 73
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 4. spectator thinks only jumbo index card 73
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 5. having a wide jumbo index card in a deck, no application 73
Jack Avis Jack Avis Ideas - 6. 73
Jack Avis Imp Bottle Idea 74
Jack Avis Hidden Power card magically moved to named position 75
Jack Avis The Hot Hand Test Ace through Five of Spades, unfinished fragment 76
Jack Avis The Houdini Card deck sealed with crossed rubber bands, yet selection extracted underneath handkerchiefAlso published here 77
Jack Avis Houdini's Unfinished Trick prediction with numbers, using DeMarco's pocket calculator forceInspired by
  • Michael de Marco item in Linking Ring, May 2001
Jack Avis An Inside Straight four cards selected, prediction card completes straight 81
Jack Avis Isaac's Law - Avis Handling for Fulves favorite hour and least favorite hour used to make selection, found at one of those hours, milk build placement under tableInspired by
  • "Isaac's Law" (Karl Fulves, Magic and Spells Quarterly)
Jack Avis The Magic of Jack and Jill spelling location with ten-card packetInspired by
  • "Jack and Jill" (Roger Crosthwaite, Father Roger Takes It Easy, Sept. 2000)
Jack Avis The Jumping Aces Inspired by 85
Jack Avis The Jumping Thought card peeked at, deck shuffled by spectator, card divined and it comes to top 86
Jack Avis I Knew that Hacker card chosen from seven-card packet, located again, reverse-faros and down-under dealInspired by
  • "Basicdu" (Howard Adams, Mindspa)
Jack Avis Lie or Tell the Truth Also published here 88
Jack Avis Routine to Locate the Aces Aces are lost and found 90
Jack Avis Locate Four - Locate the One four cards found that are same suit as selection and its total matches selection, or the four card can indicate color, suit, value etc 92
Jack Avis Tell Me a Lie - Truth will Out "Using my Double Side Deal" 92
Jack Avis Magic Bullet Effect incomplete-faro shoot-out with odd-backed cardInspired by 93
Jack Avis "Throw-In" Presentation card is supposed to be thrown next to selection, but it is the selection 94
Jack Avis The Magic Card spelling location with ten-card packet 95
Jack Avis Mental Control - Avis Routine prediction written on face of another card, double-faced deckInspired by
  • "Mental Control" (Vernon Cook, Larsen & Wrights Mental Mysteries with Cards & Genii)
Jack Avis 5x5 Mental Routine, A Handling 97
Jack Avis M. S. Poker Deal "Mechanical Second", Aces dealt to performer, placed together in center and immediately dealt out again 98
Jack Avis Mechanical Second Elevator Aces 99
Jack Avis A Multiple Matching four mates are found by spectator via stabbing a card in deck 100
Jack Avis The Mystery of X (Ten) a Ten spot and cards that add up to ten show up, number ten is predicted 101
Jack Avis The Not So Friendly Giant slop shuffle triumph, Aces are reversed, Aces put in sleeve where they transform, four double facers 103
Jack Avis Oil and Water Again - Agai - Aga - Ag - A 4&4 105
Jack Avis An Oil and Water Move 4&4, using bottom deals and Elmsley Count 106
Jack Avis Outside In red Queens between black Aces, they transpose two timesInspired by 107
Jack Avis Perverse Card to Wallet Routine deck put in case, then deck travels to wallet except selection 109
Jack Avis Tips 110
Jack Avis Card Splitting Tips 110
Jack Avis The Old Q Card Trick back-count force, card vanishes and appears in wallet, duplicate 111
Jack Avis The "Professional" Cuts the Aces 112
Frank Lane Wide and Long Card out of celluloidRelated to
  • Here's How, 1934, p. 31
Jack Avis Right Card - Wrong Colour card chosen, wrong color proclaimed by magician, cards separated in reds and blacks, black selection found in red pile, red and black piles change placeInspired by 113
Jack Avis Avis Handling for Jennings' "Royal Triumph" four Aces reversed at the endInspired by 117
Jack Avis Seven and Eleven Transpo four Aces and three Sevens, when Ace is put with Sevens the other three cards transpose 118
Jack Avis Shuffled Deck Poker Deal good hand dealt after a spectator's overhand shuffleInspired by
  • Ricky Jay television performance
Jack Avis Poker Demonstration re-deal stackInspired by
  • Daley Notebooks, No. 89
Jack Avis Simultwins two handlings, optional faro 120
Jack Avis Siva's Aces 122
Jack Avis The Avis Multiple Glide 124
Jack Avis "Skullo" Handling chosen card left in jaws of plastic skull 125
Jack Avis Table Reverse Location two selections, one reversed in deck, it is used to count to second selection 126
Jack Avis The Tabled Reverse - Again spectator names number up to ten, that value reverses itself in deck and is used to count to selection 127
Jack Avis Thought Card Transposition spectator remembers card and its number, performer also in different section, the cards are counted to and they transpose 128
Jack Avis Tunnel Change card kind of pushed through deck, but not perpendicular 129
Jack Avis 2-4-6-8-Find performer and spectator chose a card, spectator names number, distance between the two selections is that numberRelated to 130
Jack Avis Undercover Assembly Inspired by 132
Jack Avis Who Wants Another Collectors? Inspired by 134
Jack Avis No Fake Card in Balloon 135
Jack Avis Will the Cards Match? Variation backs match instead of faces 136
Jack Avis Idea on C. Miller's "Top Spin Out" center spin out 136
Jack Avis Meeting Jack Birnman 137
Unknown Packet Trick Revelation marketed, shown by Jack Birnman, questions on cards lead to card and backs form giant version of selection when puzzled together 138
Jack Avis An Idea for Adding a Card to the Top of the Deck using an envelope 140
Jack Avis Notes on the Bizarre Twist Inspired by 141
Jack Avis A One Hand Twist Inspired byRelated to 141
Jack Avis The Diagonal Twist Inspired by 142
Jack Avis To Control a Card to a Known Position using one-hand fanRelated to 143
Jack Avis Centre Packet Switch as deck also changes hand, original packet to bottom, center packet stripped out and switched in 144
Jack Avis Centre Double Lift Variation 145
Jack Avis A Control a bit unclear, decoy card left outjogged and cover pass made somehow 146
Jack Avis Ideas with a "Cutaway Deck" x-ray deck ideas 147
Jack Avis Demo Deal two hands with one riffle 148
Jack Avis Double Flip Change two-phase transformation with snap-over change 149
Jack Avis Magician vs. Gambler routine outline, using snap-over change 150
Jack Avis A Move with the Double Undercut face-up key card openly put next to selection and cut into deck 151
Jack Avis The Finger Clip Cull 152
Jack Avis Flip-Up Put Back Count - A Utility Move every card angled up with the left thump
- First, the Method of Counting
- To Count Less
- As a Force
- The Double Deal Double Lift
- Double Deal
Jack Avis A Discourse on a Force Procedure lift shuffle force 158
Jack Avis A Routine using the Avis Double Knife Force incomplete 159
Jack Avis Thoughts on my Hindu Force Variation forcing multiple cards 161
Jack Avis Ideas for Forcing glide with force card that has a cut-out 162
Jack Avis A Method for the Cut and Stop Force timing cut force 162
Jack Avis Another Force counting down to a named number 163
Jack Avis The Magician Magazine notes on its content, Will Goldston magazine 164
Jack Avis Illogical False Cut à la Vernon 167
Jack Avis Use of Key Card with Dribble Selection 168
Jack Avis A False Cut Scoop Up Table Pass 168
Jack Avis Lace Through False Shuffle and Cut 169
Jack Avis Left Side Double Deal top card apparently retained in left hand while balance of packet is tabled, bottom card is retained, with Directed Verdict applicationRelated to 170
Jack Avis Avis Handling for the Leipzig Pass for a reversed card effectInspired by
  • Leipzig Pass in Sphinx magazine
Jack Avis Technique for a Multiple Slip Cut with two applications 172
Jack Avis Some Thoughts on Old Card Routines tearing off corner of card to peek it, card located under handkerchief 173
Jack Avis A Little Extra with the Multi-Spelling optional card to wallet/pocket additionInspired byAlso published here 173
Jack Avis A Placement Idea with the Master Move 174
Jack Avis Plot Idea for a Card Trick pips of selection sewn into blank cardsInspired by
  • "Houdini's Card Trick" (Lu Brent, Linking Ring, Oct. 1945)
Jack Avis Patter Lines 176
Jack Avis A Presentation 177
Jack Avis Spectator learns a Trick patter intro for a trick 177
Jack Avis A Punch Deal that Isn't partial roughing instead of punching, with notes by Peter DuffieRelated to 178
Jack Avis Double Location 179
Jack Avis Riffle Shuffle Control - St. Regis Sleight card selected from incomplete riffle shuffleInspired by 180
Jack Avis Siva's Switch - The Action (Reverse KM Move variation/Illogical Double Lift)
- Ambitious Routine based on Jay switch and KM move
Jack Avis A Stack mathematical 182
Jack Avis A Switch Move 183
Jack Avis The Weave and Waterfall Bottom Palm "A Simple Action Palm" 184
Jack Avis Table Edge Palm tabled spread, very brief 184
Jack Avis Zarrow Shuffle Thoughts with cutting sequence 185
Jack Avis A Zarrow Shuffle Setting-up Technique Zarrow stacking 186
Jack Avis A Zarrow Shuffle Tip 187
Jack Avis Historical Items and Magical Facts one-way pointers and more 188
Jack Avis Count Dracula presentation idea for bank not penetration in envelope 190
Jack Avis The Last Straw cut and restored straw 191
Jack Avis The Magnetic Straw "A Table Trick"
straw becomes apparently magnetic
Jack Avis Interesting Cut and Restored Rope Move only reference givenRelated to
  • "Hindu Rope Restoration" & "Bluey-Bluey's Method", Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Vol. 1
Jack Avis Message from Hades card and colored counter selected, package has many paper pieces, all burn in a flash except one with the correct prediction 193
Jack Avis Name that Tune half forcing deck with songs 196
Jack Avis The Ghost Pen using invisible ink pen 196
Jack Avis A Tale of Two Slates two miniature slates have writing with two colors, chosen color changes into name of selectionInspired by 197
Jack Avis Scarab without a Brainwave "A way of using Jaks' Brainwave Presentation"
card selected, odd-backed card as prediction in another deck, red-blue double backer
Inspired by 199
Jack Avis My List of Best Trouble-Free "Workers" 200
Jack Avis Black Art Reference Mahatma, Vol. 1 No. 3 200
Jack Avis Migratory Coins the "All Fair" Way with three cardsInspired byAlso published here 201
Jack Avis Four Coins under Cards - Opening Steal 203
Jack Avis No Pockets Stand-Up Routine for Silver-Copper-Brass Transpo 204
Jack Avis Coin Box Idea short ideas 206
Jack Avis Triple Coin Penetration coin through handkerchief, again, then through glass 207
Jack Avis Strip of Paper Torn in Half 210
Jack Avis Three Pellet Routine "Two in Hand, One in Pocket" 211
Jack Avis Three Shell Game "Siva's Master Move"
with sticky tape
Jack Avis Finger Ring Release (Harvey Rosenthal) Inspired by 213
Jack Avis Ribbon and Ring - Avis Notes Inspired by
  • Warren Stephens item in Precursor
Jack Avis Torn and Restored Banknote Inspired by
  • Jack Chanin, Genii, 1993
Jack Avis (reviewer) Mike Skinner Lecture by Michael Skinner
notes and lists, no details