Written by Floyd D. Brown

Work of Floyd D. Brown

17 pages (Stapled), published by U. F. Grant
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Floyd D. Brown Foreword
Unknown The "Plant" Switch stooge goes in corner to select a card which is divined by performer 1
Unknown The Hat Switch deck dropped in hat and dropped out again 1
Unknown The Black-Out Switch forced card found with lights out, stuck to spectator's forehead 2
Howard Thurston The Thurston Switch deck switch with assistant, here in context of rising card trick 3
Unknown The Half-Deck Switch deck switched one half at a time, with back turned towards audience 4
Unknown The Egg-Bag Switch no motivation given 5
Unknown The Chinese Switch with tray and assistant 6
Unknown Brooks' Card Trick Herbert Brooks?, several cards selected and they travel into pocket after spectators shuffled them in themselves, narrow deck 6
Unknown A Handkerchief Switch as deck is set down and handkerchief picked up 8
Unknown Another Handkerchief Switch as handkerchief is removed from pocket 9
Unknown The Side Coat-Pocket Switch deck put in pocket and selection removed by sense of touch, deck switch 9
Unknown The Paper Switch with a pile of paper sheets as cover 10
Unknown "One More Trick" Switch 11
Unknown The Hip-Pocket Switch deck placed behind back for some reason 11
Unknown Combination Coat and Vest-Pocket Switch when turned to the side a bit 12
Unknown Rising-Card-Box Switch switch after rising card effect 12
Unknown Change-Bag Switch no motivation given 12
Unknown An Easy Box Switch as some large box is moved from one place of the table to another 13
Unknown Another Box Switch as some large box is moved away, box has secret opening at back 13
Unknown Black-Art Switch using servante in table 14
Unknown The Card Servante servante behind chair, as chair is moved around 14
Unknown The Vest-Pocket Switch as spectator shows chosen card around and back is turned 15
Unknown Another Vest-Pocket Switch deck apparently placed from hand to hand while turned to side 15
Unknown Standard Card-Tray Switch tray secretly turned over 16
Unknown The Writing-Tablet Switch under cover of writing something with a writing pad 16