Written by Michael P. Hades

Work of Michael P. Hades

83 pages (Spiralbound), published by Abraxas
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Jasperson.
Language: English

(67 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael P. Hades Foreword 3
Charlier The Charlier Pass 10
Unknown The Double Charlier Pass three packets 11
Unknown The Double Flip Cut 12
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase One Hand Shift Also published here 13
Unknown The French Cut 14
Unknown The Imperial Cut 15
Unknown The Imperial Twist Cut 16
Unknown The Top-Twist Cut 17
Unknown The Twentieth Century Cut 18
Unknown The Twentieth Century Imperial Cut 19
Unknown The Bottom Turn-Over Cut 20
Bill Allstrand, Bruce Dunn The Genii Cut Inspired by
  • Bill Allstrand cut in Genii, March 1948, Vol. 12 No. 7
Unknown The Deceptive Flourish false 22
Unknown The Grand Cut 23
Unknown The Invincible Cut 24
Unknown The Noble Cut 25
Unknown The Majestic Cut 26
Unknown The Open Book Cut 27
Unknown The Regal Cut 28
Unknown The Round-The-Corner Cut 29
Robin Robertson A Revolutionary Cut Also published here
  • Hade-E-Gram Magizette, June 1964
T. Page Wright The Page Pass 31
Gordon M. Howatt A Practical One-Hand Pass Also published here
  • "The Travelling Ghost", Ireland Magic Company
Unknown A Single-Handed Pass Also published here 33
Unknown Variation of the Charlier Pass three packetsAlso published here 34
P. H. Cannon The P. H. Cannon One-Hand Pass Also published here
  • "Lessons in Magic" (Cannon, Sphinx, Dec. 1921)
P. H. Cannon The P. H. Cannon One-Hand Pass Variation 36
Unknown The Three-Cut Shuffle Also published here 36
Unknown The Five Cut Shuffle Also published here 38
Unknown The Multiple Cut Also published here 39
Hans E. Trixer The Triple Pass 40
Unknown The T. S. Fancy One-Hand Cut three packets 42
Charlie Levett One-Hand Triple Cut With Full Twist 43
Will Goldston The W. G. Single-Handed Pass Also published here
  • The Best Magical Monthly, Feb. 1916
Billy O'Connor The Flip Flop Cut Also published here
  • "But Not To Play" (Wilfred Jonson)
Neal Elias One Hand Center Cut Also published here 46
Jack Miller A One-Hand Pass with Jumbo Cards Also published here
  • The Sphinx, May 1925
J. H. Humphries One-Hand Cut Short-Cut 48
Unknown The Knuckle Cut Also published here
  • "Now You See It" (Bill Tarr)
Howard de Courcy Howard De Courcy's One-Hand Riffle Shuffle Also published here 52
Charles Kalish One-Hand Overhand Shuffle Also published here 53
Joe Berg The Joe Berg One-Hand Shuffle Related to 55
Barry Stevenson Left Hand Fan Production cards bent in left hand thumb crotchAlso published here
  • Room 365 column, Abracadabra
R. L. Bell Twist Reversal Also published here
  • Linking Ring, Oct. 1972
Howard Gower Double Single-Handed Fan Also published here
  • Abracadabra
Unknown One Hand Fan Also published here
  • "Now You See It" (Bill Tarr)
Unknown One Hand Card Control 62
Unknown One Hand Reverse Fan Also published here
  • "Now You See It" (Bill Tarr)
Neal Elias Card From Center Also published here 65
Unknown One Hand Card Production 66
Percy Le Barrow One Hand Count cards counted singly from the top to the bottom one-handedAlso published here
  • Abracadabra
Maurice Bruce Bottom Card Control bottom card stays in place during Charlie passAlso published here
  • Linking Ring Parade
C. A. George Newmann, Frank E. Blaisdell Slip 'N Lift one-handed opening, selection placed inside, card moved to top with one handAlso published here
  • Newman, Linking Ring, May 1949
  • Original Magic (Frank Blaisdell)
Frank E. Blaisdell The Turnover one-handedAlso published here
  • Original Magic (Frank Blaisdell)
Charles Eastman Triple Cut With Both Hands Simultaneously Also published here
  • in 1929
Jerry Andrus One Handed Flourish Cut with a fanAlso published here
  • "Andrus Deals You In"
Jerry Andrus One Hand Riffle Cut Also published here
  • "Andrus Deals You In"
Hiroshi Sawa Sawa Single Hand Shuffle riffle shuffle, similar to Howard de Courcy's shuffleAlso published here
  • "Spill Bar and Grill" (Steve Spillman, 1980)
Baffles Brush A One Hand Card Shuffle triple cutAlso published here
  • The Sphinx, Vol. 20 No. 12, Feb. 1922
Edward G. Love Bread and Cheese Cut three packetsAlso published here 80
Edward G. Love Turnover Cut Also published here 81
Edward G. Love Sandwich Cut Also published here 81
Edward G. Love Multiple Cut Also published here 81
Edward G. Love The Triple Cut Also published here 82
Edward G. Love The Double Cut Also published here 83
Edward G. Love The Continuous Cut Also published here 83