Written by Ted Lesley

Work of Ted Lesley

30 pages (Stapled), published by Wonder Workshop Berlin
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Ted Lesley Introduction 1
Ted Lesley Getting to Know You thought of card vanishes and appears in pocket 2
Ted Lesley What......? No Wallet? thought of card is found in outside pocket which is locked with zipper and padlock, prediction 4
Unknown Do As I Do - Experiment old sucker puzzle, inverting two of three glasses 6
Ted Lesley Ultimate Water Suspension hydrostatic glass routine 7
Ted Lesley Shop of Horrors cutting in thumb, after blood is washed no injury can be seen 11
Tooru Suzuki Anklet Card - The Card Impaled on the Glass hole is burnt in playing card, card then penetrates stem of glass 12
Ted Lesley, Eckhard Böttcher Light Bulb Spectacular card and other objects travel inside light bulb, card, bill, liquid etc 15
Neil Tobin, Larry Becker, Ted Lesley The Big Game bill is located among several envelopes and serial number is divined, using the Teleport EnvelopeInspired by 23
Ted Lesley The Card in the Orange card is torn and put in envelope, all but one piece vanish and restored card is found in orange, Teleport Envelope 25
Bill Palmer The Paring Knife of Doom tip for bill in lemon, special knife for spectator to cut lemon safely 26
Ted Lesley, Alan Wakeling Alan Wakeling's Liquid Sands with different colored liquids, similar to sand of dessert 27