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31 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

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Piet Forton Einige Impulsgedanken zum Close-Up Bereich vor allem zum "Table-Hopping" und zur Party-Zauberei thoughts on close-up magic and performing 1
Piet Forton Mehrfacher Gypsy Thread repeated gypsy threadAlso published here 2
Piet Forton Cutting the Aces Vernon's Cutting the Aces, without losing Aces, Royal Flush kicker (same idea published by Bob Hamilton)Inspired byRelated to 8
Dai Vernon One-Handed Slip Cut brief 9
Peter Warlock PW Slip Cut brief 9
Piet Forton Die überraschenden Stop Asse three Aces are produced while doing a Hindu shuffle, then random card with different back is produced, card changes into las Ace, and backs of other Aces change tooAlso published here
  • "Surprise Stop Aces" in "Magic Circle Magic" p. 89. 1963.
Piet Forton Der Drop-Out-Move face-up production of cards while doing a hindu shuffle 13
Piet Forton Drop-Out-Move Double double lay down, variation on the drop out move 14
Piet Forton Aeroplane Trick oder Die Fallschirmspringer airplane is built with cards, aces are produced with drop-out-move 15
Piet Forton Die Piet-Forton-Palmage different applications and also credit information on p. 21 18
Piet Forton As-Treffpunkt using the LTP 21
Piet Forton 2te Anwendung LTP to classic palm transfer, vanish after Elmsley count, card to wallet 23
Piet Forton Münzen durch den Tisch three coins through table, with glass 25
Piet Forton Swiss Torpedo ideas with torpedo magnets 29