Written by Alan Shaxon

Work of Alan Shaxon

40 pages (Stapled), published by the magic hands editions
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

(16 entries)


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Alan Shaxon Vorwort 1
Alan Shaxon Eine professionelle "Kartenwanderung in die Tasche" five cards travel to pocket, then they shrink and appear as jumbo cards in the pocketAlso published here 2
Alan Shaxon Die unsichtbare Karte und Umschläge An invisible though of card is put in an invisible envelope and sealed in an empty visible envelope. Envelope and correct card appear.Also published here 6
Alan Shaxon Mikrofon-Hals-Klammer holder on neck for microphone, cable 10
Alan Shaxon, Tom Sellers Magazin-Mysterium nach Tom Sellers cover of magazine is torn, vanishes under handkerchief and appears again attached to magazine, held by spectator 11
Alan Shaxon Der grosse Telefonbuch-Test Also published here 14
Alan Shaxon Index Pen window in pen, can be turned to see other information 16
Alan Shaxon Eine neue Räucher-Blech-Routine two baking trays are blackened with soot, a coin is placed in between and suddenly date of coin appears written in soot 17
Alan Shaxon Und wieder wandern drei Karten with handkerchiefAlso published here 20
Alan Shaxon Lebendes Kaninchen aus dem Huz rabbit production from a hat 23
Jack Paul, Alan Shaxon Stellaporation credit card in envelope is placed inside a book, other book is shown with an envelope at same position, then credit card travels inside other envelope 26
Alan Shaxon, Oswald Rae Dies ist ein Überfall! ring, watch and bill disappear from handkerchief and reappear at finger, arm and in walletAlso published here 30
Alan Shaxon Milton Asse Aces are placed in the deck and everything inside a wine glass, Aces appear one by one under cover of a handkerchief, variation of Herbert Milton trick 32
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change card in glass, without credit 33
Alan Shaxon Versiegeltes Glück different colored cups, bag with silks, children get candies in the remaining cup is money 35
Alan Shaxon, Robert Harbin Die Spielkarte in der Flasche card travels inside empty whiskey bottle which is inside cigar boxVariations 37