Written by Fantasio

Work of Fantasio

28 pages (Stapled), published by the magic hands editions
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

(11 entries)


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Manfred Thumm Vorwort 1
Fantasio "Magischer Kassettenrekorder" electrical socket is drawn on pad and real cable plugged in, radio starts to play 3
Fantasio Das Challenger Gimmick method for locking a vanishing cane or candle without extra props 6
Fantasio Der Challenger Stock cane to handkerchief, with challenger preparation 9
Fantasio Die Challenger Kerze vanishing candle, with challenger preparation 11
Fantasio Farbwechsel ohne Klebeband color changing cane, without sticky tape 13
Fantasio Akrobatischer, farbwechselnder Stock silk on cane jumps into a hat, cane changes color and then transforms into silk 15
Fantasio Verbesserter Zick-Zack-Kartentrick with frame 18
Fantasio Flammende Daumenspitze building a thumb tip flame, removing flame from lighter 21
Fantasio "Todsicheres" Produzieren eines brennenden Streichholzes out when produced match is not burning, match changes to lighter 25
Fantasio Ein grosszügiger Zauberer three ropes hold in hand, on one end is a bill attached, two spectators can select a rope and they will not win the money 27