Written by Aldo Colombini

Work of Aldo Colombini

16 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Aldo Colombini Introduction 1
Aldo Colombini Tip Top cards with clowns with different colored noses, one color is selected and performer appears to wear the same colored clown nose 2
Temple Patton Re-Deal Force 2
Aldo Colombini Poppy knot in rope slides from one end to the other, changes color, slides again and when opened it is found to be part of the ropeRelated to
  • Pavel's "Acrobatic Knot"
Aldo Colombini Hit false knot handling 4
Aldo Colombini Slip knot sliding along rope and finally jumps off the rope 6
Aldo Colombini Trio handling for professor's nightmare, rope is cut into three pieces and becomes one again, different approach 8
Aldo Colombini Quarters jumbo card as prediction, quarters of cut jumbo cards are selected, prediction match even though one corner does not fit the cardInspired by 10
Aldo Colombini Gimmick matrix with backfire, special gimmick 12
Aldo Colombini Jumbo airplane is formed with cards, selection is found and four Aces produced as kickerInspired by
  • Ken de Courcy's "Airplane"
Aldo Colombini Twist child selects card with animal, performer divines it by twisting balloon behind back 15
Aldo Colombini How to Make a Dog 15
Aldo Colombini Blow four balloons tied on rope, one balloon is selected by drawing a silk from a clear bag, matching balloon flies awayInspired by 16