Written by Richard Bartram, Jr.

Work of Richard Bartram, Jr.

182 pages (Hardcover), published by Magic Methods
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr..
Language: English

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Steve Beam Foreword iii
Richard Bartram, Jr. Introduction 1
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Genuine Acrobatic Cards two cards are folded into quarters and one card propelled into the air with the aid of the other one, card changes into selection 5
Matt Grover Let Me Dust Off a Spot For You To Sit Your Ace three wrong cards change into selection and back, selection appears on performer's foreheadInspired by 7
David Williamson The Spread Top Change 8
Richard Bartram, Jr. Bankshot hidden card shot from tenkai palmRelated to 9
Richard Bartram, Jr. Bankshot Transposition two signed cards, one on the table and one in the deck change places 10
John Cornelius Fan Steal 10
Richard Bartram, Jr. Low Maintenance Transposition two card transposition, four phases 12
Dr. Jacob Daley, Richard Bartram, Jr. Daley's Delight Switch with both cards face up variation 13
Richard Bartram, Jr. Uniwild joker changes into three selections, then all four card become duplicates of each other, in the end selections are normal again and Joker is blank 14
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Coun brief 14
Unknown Four-Way Display 14
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count 14
Richard Bartram, Jr. Queen's Sore Ear four cards travel under Jumbo cardInspired by 15
Richard Bartram, Jr. Session A humorous article 18
Richard Bartram, Jr. Drawing a Blank ambitious card with signed card from a double blank deck, named card appears on back of selectionInspired by 23
Pete Ottaviano Back to the West four Three of Diamonds are cut to in a deck, then their backs change color as well as the backs of the rest of the deckInspired by
  • Larry West's "Backgambit" in "Lecture 2"
Related to
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 26
Paul LePaul Hindu Shuffle Display 26
Paul Harris Tilt Convincer 27
Richard Bartram, Jr. Problem Child same suit Ace changes to selection and back to Ace, divided in suits 29
Unknown Gambler's Cop 29
Unknown Jinx Switch 30
Unknown Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 31
Richard Bartram, Jr. Andrelius Change Inspired by 35
Gordon Boyd White Knuckled Reversal card reversalInspired by 37
Steve Saunders The B.R.P. glimpsing card while doing a Braue reversal 38
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Illusive Snapping Pasteboard in the hand production of a card, without deck 39
Richard Bartram, Jr. Suspended Change card is suspended on fingers then it changes to selection 40
Richard Bartram, Jr. Session D humorous article 43
Richard Bartram, Jr. Four on the Floor coins vanish one by one and appear under paper cone, then they all return to hand 47
Richard Himber Himber Vanish 48
Richard Bartram, Jr. Drop Vanish coin is dropped behind arm 50
Eddie Ganim Jumbo Drop Change jumbo coin changes into normal coin when dropped into other hand 51
Richard Bartram, Jr. Enigmatic Purse and Coin coins are produced and vanished with purse frame, jumbo coin shrinks to normal coin 52
Evert Chapman The Grassy Knoll Inspired by
  • John Kennedy's "Visible Coins Across"
Dai Vernon Coin Vanish from Vernon Chronicles 57
Matt Grover Switchipu multi-phase routine, with coin purseInspired by
  • Doug Conn's "Cipper Solver" in "Magic" October, 1995. P. 56.
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Congregation pictures of four coins on four cards travel on one card à la matrix, then coins become realRelated to 60
Unknown Wild Card Switch 60
Evert Chapman TNT Coins two copper and two silver coins transposition / spellbound routineInspired by 62
David Roth Scoopaddition Scoop Addunder 62
Richard Bartram, Jr. Scotchman's Dilemma coin vanish, sticky tape on arm 64
Richard Bartram, Jr. Matrix Treatment 64
Richard Bartram, Jr. Okito Treatment with sticky tape on arm 65
Richard Bartram, Jr. Transposition Treatment 65
Richard Bartram, Jr. Tarot Treatment miniature card transformation 66
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 67
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Princess' New Clothes deck is cut several times and spectator thinks of one of top cards, process is repeated several times and all cards are divined 71
Richard Bartram, Jr. Group Session several spectators think a card in a spread deck, all are divined 72
Richard Bartram, Jr. Short Changed Thoughts thought of cards in deck vanish, selected from spread display 74
Richard Bartram, Jr. Compressed Thoughts deck shrinks, and mental selections turn over 76
Richard Bartram, Jr. Two-Faced Switch billet on playing card attached with paper clip is switched 78
Richard Bartram, Jr. Forethunk prediction of a card, billet attached with paper clip 79
Richard Bartram, Jr. Avery Which Way But Loose signed sticker is placed on random card, turns out to be back of freely named card 80
Richard Bartram, Jr. Crackflasher firecracker is lit in hand but does not detonate, suddenly it flashes and fire cracker disappears, FISM flash 85
Richard Bartram, Jr. Elashtick when stretched message on rubber band can be readRelated to 86
David Tolley Give 'em the Finger removing thumb gag, bone can be seen 88
Richard Bartram, Jr. Finger 2 removing thumb gag, skin is stretched and visibly tears 89
Richard Bartram, Jr. Keep It Clean gag, making a towelette look like a condom packet 89
Richard Bartram, Jr. Knuckle Buster finger under handkerchief is beaten with a hammer 90
John Alley, Richard Bartram, Jr. Severed Ties gag, rope penetrates spectator's finger, finger false off 91
John Alley, Richard Bartram, Jr. In Wind In the Canyon lighting a fart on fire, spurts of flame, two ways to gimmick lighter 93
Richard Bartram, Jr. Zits Incredible gag, apparently squeezing pimple 95
Chris Sutton Instant Hofzinser Inspired by 99
Pete Ottaviano, Richard Bartram, Jr. Brainstorm Intruder red/blue double backer, unknown odd-backed card is found with open prediction procedure from faceInspired by 100
John Alley Deck Enlarger miniature deck grows into normal deck, with magnifying glass 101
Chris Sutton Shrivel card visibly shrinks 102
Richard Bartram, Jr. Albatross Card two cards travel to wallet, then hole travels from one card to the other 105
Gary Plants Twisted Revelation twisting the Aces, then one Ace changes to selection 107
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 109
Richard Bartram, Jr. Burning a Big One after burnt match appears back in matchbook, matchbook bursts into flames 113
Richard Bartram, Jr. A Kick in the Bag entire bag filled with eggs as climax 114
Richard Bartram, Jr. Rocky's Last Hairah rocky raccoon turns into raccoon cap 116
Richard Bartram, Jr. A Tribute to Hoffman miniature flag on cigarette paper is burnt and restored 116
Richard Bartram, Jr., Dr. Stanley Jaks One Handed Billet Switch pellet on needle 118
Chris Sutton A Fist Full of Olives olives appear on miniature plastic sword, penetration of hand presentation 120
Michael Fesenmeier Sphere, Cone and Stone ball and cone routine, with big stone as surprise 121
Paul Swinford Without a Prayer routine for Hindu Prayer Chain 124
Richard Bartram, Jr. Kill the Messenger voodoo effect, picture is pierced and performer bleeds at same place 127
Richard Bartram, Jr. Deep Fried Himber Rings rings on a ribbon 129
Earl Nelson Earl's Ring Move 131
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 132
Richard Bartram, Jr. Book Test prediction in envelope of chosen page and passage 135
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Kevorkian Challenge Taste Test with tubes of water, one with acid 137
Richard Bartram, Jr. Bulldog Switch bulldog clip with billet attached to jacket 139
Rusty Cook Infamentalism six jars with different colored sand, one is secretly shaken and later divined by performer 139
Richard Bartram, Jr. Key Card R Ection presentation for Key R Rect 140
Richard Bartram, Jr. Mullica Peek with Mullica Wallet 141
Richard Bartram, Jr. Slated small slates, non-locking 143
Richard Bartram, Jr. Stupor Market Shopper sum prediction of several prices of items 144
Richard Bartram, Jr. Brainstorm Mates reversed card in the deck turns out to be mate of cut to card 146
Richard Bartram, Jr. Mind Gamebit prediction of chess moveInspired by 147
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 149
Richard Bartram, Jr. Session M2 humorous article 150
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 151
Richard Bartram, Jr. Twice Removed reversed card in spread changes when spread is flipped over 155
Unknown Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out 155
Richard Bartram, Jr. Fantasy Change reversed card in fan changes, when fan is closed and opened again 157
Richard Bartram, Jr. Ribbon Spread Control to the bottom 158
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Braue Sandwich 160
Richard Bartram, Jr. Shrink Rap a card changes into correct card but in miniature size, then it changes to normal 161
Richard Bartram, Jr., Edward Marlo Snap Change Variation to miniature card 162
Richard Bartram, Jr. Orapgami card is folded quickly, as an effect, snap change variation 163
Richard Bartram, Jr. Tearable card snapped is torn into pieces, as an effect, snap change variation 164
Richard Bartram, Jr. Cash Rap card changes to bill, snap change variation 164
Richard Bartram, Jr. Multiple Shift - A Screenplay humorous article 164
Richard Bartram, Jr. Silver Mirrorcle pocket mirror, coin is produced and mirror becomes glass, with deck of playing cards 171
Richard Bartram, Jr. Into the Void card vanishes in mirror, and returns again, strange effect 173
Richard Bartram, Jr. Revelation from the Void selection appears in mirror and is then produced from it 176
Richard Bartram, Jr. Double Decker Sandwich black Aces vanish from between red Aces and return face up in center of the deck with selection, selection travels to other Aces, special flap card 177
Richard Bartram, Jr. Philbrook State Hospital humorous article 180
Richard Bartram, Jr. Acknowledgments, Apologies, etc. 182