Written by Richard Kaufman, Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

434 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

(94 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown The Dark Seance at the Table things with tambourine, bell, and the like happen in the dark 22
Unknown The Dark Circle everybody sits in a circle and hold everybody's hand, but performer gets one hand free 28
Unknown The Touch of Mysterious Fingers fingers are felt below the table even though all hands are above the table 30
Robert Gysel Gysel's Method ringing bells wit feet in shoes under table 32
Unknown The Cabinet Seance spirit cabinet 33
Unknown The Throw-Away Coat Tie hands tied, yet coat is removed under cover 38
Anna Eva Fay Anna Eva Fay's Spirit Tie spirit cabinet 39
Harlan Tarbell Spirit Collar metal collar around neck, locked to chair, for spirit cabinet 41
Unknown Wine and Water chemical liquid transformation 45
Harlan Tarbell Anytime Cake in the Hat 49
Unknown The Enchanted Cane floating cane, thread 52
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The L.W. Bewitched Handkerchief and Glass handkerchief disappears and reappears in covered glass 56
Unknown Loop Ball gimmick to vanish handkerchief 58
R. J. Reynolds A Topsy-Turvy Word word on cigarette pack turns upside down 59
Unknown The Mysterious Cross mark appears on spectator's hand, with match 61
Unknown Solid Through Solid String piece of candy (?) is threaded on string and penetrates 62
Unknown Come-Back Bread Crumb two in hand, one away, it returns, repeat 64
Unknown The Cloudburst Coin water is pressed from coin 65
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Production Hat 67
Unknown A Derby and Silk Routine 20th Century Silks variation 70
Harlan Tarbell Potato and Die large die and potato transpose with hat 72
Harlan Tarbell First Torn Paper Routine 74
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Oranges cups and balls routine with flower pots 76
Unknown Classic Water Bowl Production 78
Unknown Slippery Aces 83
Unknown The Mystic Aces 86
Unknown The Kick-Back Card Discovery flourish shoot-back cut 87
Unknown A Good Card Trick marked key card 89
Unknown The Rising Cards from Envelope two methods, hole in envelope 90
Unknown The Rising Cards from Book hole through book 94
Unknown Switching Decks handkerchief cover 96
Unknown The Phantom Cut-Out Card number and suit are cut out of previously blank paper 97
F. E. Cole Any Card Called For Rising Card unpractical 100
Harlan Tarbell Any Card Rising Card assistent 101
Harlan Tarbell Elusive Cannon Crackers different colored cannon crackers change places, several effect variations 103
Unknown The Hindu Climbing Balls balls threaded on string, supported on stick, balls climb up 110
Unknown The Hindu Jar of Grain grain disappears from jar 112
Unknown The Hindu Disappearing Grain grain disappears from can 113
Percy Abbott Chinese Color-Changing Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colorsRelated to 115
Unknown The Chinese Sticks 121
Unknown The Chinese Production Box 127
Unknown Loading a Hat 130
Unknown Mystery of the Paper Ball, Egg, Frog, & Baby Chicken paper ball under a bowl transforms in the things from the title 131
Unknown Blindfold Card Reading some cards are chosen from one half and shuffled in other half, found by blindfolded magician, pegged/punched card 137
Unknown The Devil's Deck edge marked deck, freely removed cards are named 140
Harlan Tarbell Bank Night Revisited 144
Dr. Milton Bridges Dr. Bridges' Though Projection number is sealed in envelope, other spectator names a number, coincidence 146
Unknown The Chess Knight's Tour 148
Harlan Tarbell The Tarbell Rapid Memory Act 153
Harlan Tarbell A Word About Magic With Ropes 159
Harlan Tarbell How to Tie a Square Knot 160
Harlan Tarbell "Basik" Rope Mystery 161
Unknown The Lazy Man Reformed 164
Henry Holava Rope From Hand Release 166
Unknown Block of Wood Release 168
Unknown The Priest's Pearls through neck 170
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell's Rope Mystery gaffed with connections, five methodsRelated to 172
Harlan Tarbell The Basics of Quick Sketching crash course in this skill 187
Unknown The Vanishing Line big drawing board, drawn line vanishes 204
Unknown A Stylish Gentleman big drawing board, drawn pocket handkerchief appears on drawing 206
Unknown Have a Banana real banana is taken from drawing 207
Unknown A Lemon While You Wait lemon is drawn and removed from drawing, it is real 209
Unknown The Rising Cards big drawing board, cardiographic, drawn card rises out of drawn deck 211
Unknown The Honorable Mr. Donkey drawn donkey, eye and tail moves 213
Unknown The Pirat's Chest 215
Unknown A Drink to Order keg of beer is drawn, spigot inserted in drawing, beer comes out 220
Unknown The Rabbit in the Hat 222
Unknown An Easy Way to Make Money money from drawn bag of money 223
Unknown The Siberian Chain Escape wrists are locked with chain 225
Unknown The Mysterious Self-Filling Lota 228
Ching Ling Foo Magic Water Can different design for lota type bowl 231
Harlan Tarbell Ball and Vase Routine shell gimmick 232
Harlan Tarbell Orange Vase Combination orange as ball 234
Unknown The Bran Vase confetti changes to candy in a Bran Vase, then other stuff is produced from it 237
Unknown The Dove Pan 241
Unknown The Welsh Rarebit guinea pig is produced with spectator's hat and a production prop 243
Bert Douglas The Magic Chocolates mirror glass 246
Unknown The Wandering Glass and Bottle Passe-Passe Bottles, refill 250
Unknown Comedy Version of the Wandering Glass and Bottle Passe-Passe Bottles, refill 255
Unknown Bottle, Bottle, Where's The Bottle? Passe-Passe Bottle variation with 3 tubes, monte type routine 258
Harlan Tarbell "Society Special" Black Art Table 262
Unknown Super Vanish of Doves box 271
Unknown The Vice Versa Rabbit Mystery two boxes, rabbit travels 283
Unknown The Lie Detector coin jumps up and down in vase, then vase crashes 285
Unknown The Traveling Coins comedy coins across from one table to the other 288
Unknown The Chameleon Socks color chaning socks 291
Unknown Mind Reading Deluxe comedy 295
Unknown A Hypnotic Vanishing comedy 300
Unknown An Unexpected Vanishing comedy vanish of person 303
Unknown A Comedy Levitation secret is seen 305
Unknown The Phantom of the Circus "pantomime illusion", acted as a little play with people vanishing and travelling in boxes 311
Unknown The Chinaman, the Ghost, and the Cat "pantomime illusion", acted as a little play with people vanishing and travelling in boxes 329
Unknown The Mystery of the Three Ghosts "pantomime illusion", acted as a little play, man standing in cabinet holding large cloth, something appears inside, repeated 345
Unknown The Mystery of the Dancing Girls "pantomime illusion", acted as a little play with dancing girls appearing 348