Written by Victor Farelli

Work of John Ramsay

101 pages (Hardcover), published by A "Magic Wand" Publication
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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John Ramsay Preface 9
Victor Farelli Introduction - History of the Cups and Balls 10
John Ramsay John Ramsay's Cups and Balls with two cups, large balls and paper streamer as climax 37
Unknown Thumb Palm of ball, brief 41
John Ramsay Passing the Wand Through the Cups 44
John Ramsay Loading a Small Ball under the Left Cup 54
John Ramsay Secret Introduction of a Large Ball Under Left Cup 58
John Ramsay Secret Introduction of a Tomato under that Cup 63
John Ramsay "Vanish" of a Large Ball in the Air 65
John Ramsay The Drop 71
Victor Farelli The Magicians' Magician synopsis of opinions of John Ramsay, by Annemann, Dhotel, Downs etc 89
Victor Farelli Bibliography of the Cups and Balls 91