Written by Martin Gardner

Work of Martin Gardner

34 pages (Stapled), published by Montandon Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Martin Gardner.
Language: English

(81 entries)


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Martin Gardner Introduction
Unknown Cube Levitation two sugar cubes stick together 1
Unknown Steady Hands puzzle / bar bet with sugar cubes 1
Unknown Five Cube Pick-Up bar bet with sugar cubes, lifting five cubes with one finger 1
Unknown, Dorny, Chuck Sanders Mysterious Initials initial written on sugar cube, sugar is dissolved in coffee and initial appears on spectator's hand 2
Larry Arcuri Sugar Penetration sugar penetrates wrapper and hand 3
Unknown Hand to Hand sugar cube travels to other hand, lapping 3
Unknown Cubes, Papers, and Coin bar bet, three cubes are stacked on a coin and with piece of paper in between, slips and coins must be removed without touching the sugar 3
Unknown Tender and Private gag, folding a Dollar bill to form other words 4
Unknown Strike Match on Bill igniting match with Dollar bill 4
Unknown Vanishing Creamer creamer vanishes from tube formed with a bill 4
Samuel Berland Berland's Vanishing Bill bill folded to simulate two bills 5
Unknown Mushroom, Key, and States folding Dollar bill to make picture of a mushroom 6
Dorny Valuable Paper Wad bill is folded to white little packet, curiosity 6
Unknown Indestructible Bill bill soaked in whiskey burns without damage 6
Milbourne Christopher Paper to Bill newspaper ball changes to bill 6
Unknown Balancing Knife and Spoon no trick 7
Walter Price Catching the Salt salt on knife 7
Unknown Cross of Knives special way to hold two knives, bar bet 7
Unknown Rotating Knife knife and fork as spinning wheel on the table, to find selection 8
Abril Lamarque, Bert Easley Diver in the Spoon making figures with the reflection of a spoon 8
Unknown Floating Match burning match, behind fingers 9
Unknown Grasshopper Matches jumping match 10
Unknown Happy Birthday practical joke with matches 11
Unknown Have a Light match balanced on finger and strike match behind ear 11
Unknown Kiddie Kar practical joke with matches 11
Unknown Rocket Matches match zooms across the room, gag 12
Unknown Match Penetration - 1 classic 12
Unknown Match Penetration - 2 with paper matches, visual 13
Unknown, Jerry Lukins Mike and Ike matches in bottle with water sink and come back up again 13
Unknown The Three Bears joke with matches 13
Dr. Boris Zola Doc Zola's Magnet Routine matches penetrate card, with matchbook 13
Unknown The Hobo's Prayer penny changes into dime, with prepared matchbook 15
Fred Peterson Match Head Amputation in spectator's hand 16
Seymour Davis Phantom Napkin knife through handkerchiefRelated to 16
Bert Kalmar Spooky Monkey Business gag with handkerchief 17
Unknown Saucy and Lady making impromptu puppet of old lady with handkerchief and cigarette 18
Unknown Stretching the Napkin 18
Unknown Lemon Bug napkin moves eerie over tableAlso published here 18
Edwin Tabor Pull Apart Napkins two silks are tied together in center and come apartAlso published here 18
Unknown Rising Cigar Wrapper 19
Unknown Jumping Cigar Band from finger to finger 20
Unknown Indian Gift cigar gag, apparently placing it into pocket of spectator 20
Unknown Cigar Antics classic gags with cigarettes 20
Unknown Sixteen Coin Puzzle 21
Unknown Three Stunts with a Dime bets and gags with coins 21
Johnny Paul Spinning the Half Dollar spinning a coin on its edge without touching it 22
Unknown Sucker Bet gag with coins 22
Unknown Penny Puzzle how many letters on coin, puzzle 22
Unknown Try this on Your Ham Sandwich coin travels into sandwich 22
Unknown I. Q. Test for Waitresses practical joke, filled glass is inverted on table 23
Unknown Brim to Brim two filled glassed placed mouth to mouth, puzzles 23
Unknown Problem of the Six Glasses puzzle with three empty and three filled glasses 23
Unknown The Pyramid removing napkins between glasses 24
Unknown Penny Game puzzle with cigarettes, glass, coin and paper, set-up for joke with flash paper 24
Johnny Jones Cross of Pepper pepper on water, making a cross with match 24
Unknown Match, Nickel, and Glass match balanced on edge of coin is moved, under glass 25
Unknown Glass and Check removing check under glass, with coin balancing on rim 25
Unknown Fireproof Fingers holding burning cigarette between two fingers 25
Unknown Ear Inhale gag, inhaling smoke with ear and exhaling it from mouth 25
Unknown Cigarette Pack Gags 26
Unknown Jugglery cigarette jugglery with lips 26
Unknown Smoke Rings hole in cellophane of cigarette packet to form smoke rings 27
Unknown Vanishing Smoke removing smoke from empty whisky bottle 27
Unknown Jumping and Rising Cigarette from cigarette packet 27
Unknown Buck Teeth gag with cigarettes 27
Unknown Handkerchief Escape with fingers 28
Unknown Stirring Stick Movies figure is drawn on stirring stick, to make easy optical animation 28
Unknown Catching the Check catching check / bill between fingers 29
Unknown Swizzle Stick Gags reading sentences through swizzle stick fro different meaning, gag 29
Unknown Knuckle Popping with gimmick, gag 30
Matt Schulien The Fifty Sponge Balls 30
Unknown Up the Scale making different sounds with straw, gag 31
Unknown Financial Spectacles glasses with Dollar signs, gag 31
Unknown Mental Prediction three psychological forces, 37 31
Val Evans Crazy Crackers chinese compass with crackersAlso published here
  • "Optogramma" Lloyd Jones' "The Bat" 1948.
"Chic" Schoke Schoke's Wise Cracker gag, bar bet with cracker 33
Stanley Collins Thumb Tip Quickie catching thumb gag 33
Unknown Sailor and the Doughnut gag puzzle 33
Unknown Ring Vanish with handkerchief 34
Unknown Between the Teeth gag with toothpick 34