Written by Robert Albo

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366 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
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Robert Albo, William Doerflinger Foreword poll about 39 best magic books and bibliography by William Doerflinger
(foreword from 1978, even though 1976 and 1977 are also given on copyright and title pages)
Robert Albo Rising Card overview over various methods with apparatus
- Apparatus
- Mechanical Decks
- Box Rising Cards
- Stands
- Hidden Motor Card Rises
- Rising Cards in the Hand with Apparatus
- Rising Card on the Wand
- Houlette on the Bottle Rising Card
- Trays
Unknown Turn Around Card rising card turns over, brief construction of cardRelated to 3
Unknown Changing Pip Card 3
Albert Goshman Devano Rising Cards entire Goshman routine explainedAlso published here 5
Unknown Swinging Houlette two methods, houlette hanging on ribbont / string 25
Unknown The Rising Card on a Plate several cards on plate, one slowly stands up, produced by Martinka and first shown by Al Flosso's father-in law 28
Unknown Any Card Called for Rising Card with houlette and special apparatus, brief explanation 29
Unknown Davenport Card Rise produced by Davenport, stand with houlette, electronics 30
Unknown The Jumbo Rising Card Houlette three cards 32
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster The Multiple Card Rise stand with five houlettes, wind-up spring mechanism 32
Unknown Rising Card Pillar rising card apparatus 35
Unknown The Absconding Queen card with hole, handkerchief is pulled through it and face of card is transferred on handkerchief, with apparatus 37
Unknown Card and Target deck in houlette in front of a target, performer shots selection at target with pellet gun 38
Robert Albo Card Changing Trays tree types
- Willman
- Himber
- Thayer
Unknown Card Tripod stand with lid, to change / restore card, single and double change tripod 41
Robert Albo Card Boxes various models 42
Jack Hughes Attaboy to force cards 46
Joe Berg Berg Card Vanish Stand to vanish a deck or card, in frame under handkerchief 47
Unknown Improbability frame with hole, tube and handkerchief pushed through it, then jumbo card with hole is pushed into frame and penetrates tube and silk, produced by National Magic 48
Unknown Cosmovision (Gammatration and Cosmovision), frame with slits, card is placed inside and pierced with pencils etc. eventually comes out unharmed 50
Joe Berg Berg's Sucker Card Vanish jumbo card in frame vanishes, with die box elements 52
Unknown Find the Lady (Cherchez La Femme), three cards in houlettes, explanation of different sizes 53
Richard Himber Himber's Fifth Dimension torn pieces of a card appear in card frame one by one where the card is found restoredRelated to 54
Unknown The Gathering of the Aces (Ulta-Four Ace Effect) Aces in card stand, apparatus 56
Unknown Card Production Pillar (Lantern of Diogenes) card appears in lantern 58
Unknown Jumping Card deck in wooden box, selection jumps out 60
Unknown, Len Sewell The Card Changing Frame prediction of card placed in frame, similar to Thayer's Devil's Mailbox 60
Unknown The Electric Handkerchief and Cards Kings in apparatus change places with handkerchief in performer's hand 62
Unknown The Card and Watch Frame selection and pocket watch appear in metal frame 64
Unknown The Card Ladder three selection in houlette travel down a glass-enclosed ladder 66
Unknown Card Production Between Plates of Glass television card frame, several versions 68
Unknown The Demon's Head (The Saytr's Head), head rolls eyes and moves mouth, deck put in mouth, chosen cards fly out of mouth and appear between horns or in mouth, different methodsRelated to 70
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Unknown The Pillar of the Magi apparatus, figure on stand catches selections flying out of a box, different methods 74
Unknown Card in Balloon balloon on stand bursts and selection appears, several models by Hathaway, Thayer, Burtini, Wandman, Holden, Conradi, Davenport etc. 76
Unknown Card in the Candle card appears on top of a candle, two versions 83
Unknown Card Guns card placed on barrel of gun vanishes, several versions 85
Unknown Glass and Card Penetration card placed on frame, glass is penetrated, different designs 87
J. F. Orrin Spiderweb Card apparatus, spider spins web and selection appears 90
Unknown Card Star chosen cards appear at the ends of a star, various designsRelated to 92
Unknown Appearing Card in the Houlette 94
Unknown Card in the Houlette card appears in houlette 96
Unknown Card in the Bottle collapsing card 98
Unknown The Deck of Cards to Handkerchief Effect inside wooden box 100
Unknown The One Day Fly Effect hands on a watch stop on wanted cards 101
Unknown Snake in the Basket fake snake in basket finds selection, several methods 104
Unknown The Card Plate cards appear on or on side of a plate 107
Unknown The Marvelous Prediction produced by Janos Bartl, three cards placed in stand are predicted 109
Unknown Card Sword various models 110
Unknown Deck Vanish with hook, deck attached on body 112
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The Miracle Frame sand frame 112
Unknown The Presto Card Frame card appears in frame 114
Unknown The Hartz Card Frame cards penetrate glass of frame 115
Unknown Card on the Bottle card appears on borrowed bottle 116
Unknown The Card to Flowers inside a basket 117
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Card to Canary Box 119
Unknown Coins in the Glass coins vanish ans appear audible in glass which is covered by other glass and handkerchief, several versions including Kline's Copenetro 123
Unknown The Coin Star five coins appear on ends of star 126
Unknown The Coins in the Crystal Casket coins travel visibly and audibly to glass casket, various designs 128
Unknown Traveling Coins (Passe Passe Coins), two piles of four coins are covered with nickel-plated covers, coins travel one by one, two shells 132
Unknown Nickle to Penny to Dime coin changes when briefly covered, magnetic shell 133
Unknown Coin Vanishing Box small wooden box 134
Unknown Enchanted Coin Vase (Dream Coin Vase), coin vanishes and returns from small vase 134
Unknown The Rattle Box also briefly explained for coins across 134
Unknown Nickles to Dimes stack of Nickles change into Dimes, covered with brass container, made popular by Brema 136
Unknown The Mysterious Glass Jar and Flying Coins (Crystal Coin Vase), coins travel audibly and visibly into closed glass jar 137
Unknown Coins in the Bottle coins travel one by one into corked bottle 138
Billy McComb Coin to Bottle with folding coin index 138
Unknown Marked Coin in a Ball of wool different methods, ball of wool in wooden boxes 139
Unknown Blue Glass Coin Trick gaffed blue glass to make coins disappear and reappear 142
Unknown Coin Trays various designs 144
Unknown The Enchanted Coin Pedestal (Rising Florin), "A Florin made to climb up the face of a small Wooden Pillar, into a Box at top", mechanicalRelated to 144
Unknown The Miraculous Box Effect four coins in small box held by spectator vanish one by one 148
Unknown Miser's Dream various methods and bucket designs 152
Unknown Coin Ladders different designs, Thayer, Abbott-Hughes, Brema 155
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Coin Production Frame four coins appear inside a frame 162
Unknown Marked Coin in the Box of Beans coin inside a bag which is inside boy of beans 164
Unknown Stands for Vanishing Coins different designs 166
Unknown, T. Nelson Downs Coin Wands different methods 168
Unknown Maggie's Nite Out die box with coin, marked coin appears in wooden slide 169
Unknown Coin Boxes - Okito
- Boston
- Germain
Paul Chosse Turnover Move 171
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Original Okito Instruction several turnovers
- The One-Handed Reverse
Also published here
  • Robert Parrish's "An Okito Classic - the Coin Box"
Unknown Nest of Boxes detailed overview, watch or ring to nest of boxes
- No-Assistant Nest of Boxes (9 methods, Okito, John Pomeroy, Hughes, Himber)
- Assistant Nest of Boxes (2 mehods, Martinka,
- The Tabaret Loading Table
Unknown Classic Change Bags various models and designs, Purse, Willmann, Bartl, P&L, Conradi, Abbot 197
Unknown Card Ladle on a stick, to change cardRelated to 200
Servais LeRoy Change Tray flap 202
Unknown Fire Globe "Caracelli Vase", object is burnt in small vase and returns unharmed 204
Unknown Exchange Cannister two types, tube and box 205
Unknown Transposition Blocks big die in stand is covered with handkerchief travels to other stand 211
Unknown Block to Flowers big die changes into flowers, two designs 214
Unknown Block to Cage and Canary die transforms into bird cage inside boxRelated to 214
Unknown Dove Vanishing Cages different models, Owen, Nielsen, Cassini, Pomeroy etc. 217
Unknown Visible Block Vanish inside box on pedestal 224
Cyril Yettmah Catching Birds in the Air with a net, various methods, Conradi, Dell O'Dell 224
Unknown Magic Looking Glass magician shoots at mirror and in the glass shatters the spectator's watch is discoveredRelated to 228
Unknown Magic Incubator Improved made for Richard Himber, production of silks and cagesRelated to 228
Unknown The Visible Circular Block Penetration with tubes, plate and hat 230
E. Lloyd Enochs Guinea Pig Box guinea pig vanishes from wrapped cage 232
Unknown Japanese Drawer Box (See Thru Drawer Box) 234
Jack Gwynne Ming Box (Exchange Drawer Box) 235
Donald Holmes The Tea Chests of Wang Foo handkerchiefs vanish and appear inside candle, then placed inside one of three chests, covered with a tube and handkerchiefs travel from chest to chest 235
Unknown Die Boxes various models and methods, which did not appear in Vol. II, with playing cards and cages etc.Related to 237
Unknown The Blackboard to Cage 242
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Miraculous Ball Vanish balls placed in tube vanish, loop ball 247
Unknown Coffee and Milk Cups "The Kellar Cups", cups poured with confetti change into coffee and milk 248
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Okito Confetti to Goldfish in Water uses the Substitution Principle 250
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito Living and Dead with buddha and globe that starts to light 252
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Tha Canary Production Cage 253
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Canary Effect egg transforms into canary inside temple-like box 254
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito Leg Chopper 256
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito's Confetti to Silks and Livestock tube filled with confetti, confetti changes into silks 258
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito Sawing an Arm in Half inside a box 260
Mario Carrandi Jr. Magic Posters reprint of posters, Thurston, Kellar, Houdini, Brindamour, Germain,Alexander, Rouclere, LeRoy, Talma, Bosco, Chung Ling Soo, Levante, Chang, Chefalo, Carter, Okito 265