Written by Hen Fetsch

Work of Hen Fetsch

35 pages (Stapled), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Walt Kaeber.
Language: English

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Milbourne Christopher Introduction 3
Hen Fetsch Forword written in 1946 4
Hen Fetsch General Information About the "Pitcher" - Its Care
- Type of Liquids
- Presentation
- Milk Marker
- Showmanly Spills
- A Blackstone Tip
- Personal Preference
- The Paper Cone
- Opening the Cone
- Loading the Cone
- Handling the Cone
- Water-Proof Cone
Hen Fetsch Rice Silks or Beer milk is poured in bottle changes into rice silks or beer 8
Hen Fetsch Liquid Flowers milk poured in cup turns into bouquet of flowers 8
Hen Fetsch Flower Silk milk poured in cup turns into bouquet of flowers, then cup changes into silk 9
Hen Fetsch Rice Silk cup is filled with milk and from the liquid a silk is produced, then milk changes into confetti 9
Hen Fetsch Bowl and Pitcher milk pitcher combined with the rice bowls 10
Hen Fetsch Snow Time milk poured in paper cone changes to confetti, with fan 10
Hen Fetsch Flower Flash liquid poured in pot and flowers appear in a flash 10
Hen Fetsch Bunko Beans bean seeds change into beans, in a pot 11
Hen Fetsch Garden Hat carrots and cabbage are produced from hat 11
Hen Fetsch Milk Go milk vanishes from glass, in a flash 12
Hen Fetsch Milko Twist in combination with "Milko", glass vanish in tube 12
Hen Fetsch Can It milk poured in can changes into paper streamer and flowers 12
Hen Fetsch Bouquet Beauty seeds placed in paper cone turn into flowers 13
Hen Fetsch Curtain to Finale milk poured in cone changes into silk with two flower bouquets 14
Hen Fetsch Blooming Beauty milk poured in cone changes into silk with two flower bouquets, blooming type 14
Hen Fetsch Fire Flowers paper cone is filled with milk and ignited, changes to flowers 14
Hen Fetsch Coffee Cream milk poured in cone changes to small cream bottle 15
Hen Fetsch Condenso entire content of milk pitcher is poured into small cream pitcher 15
Hen Fetsch Milk Stream milk changes into streamer, in combination with the "Confetti Streamer Bowls" 15
Hen Fetsch Mr. Bunny milk poured in paper bag changes into rabbit 15
Hen Fetsch Juggling Joker gag, bowl filled with milk is balanced on a pole then apparently thrown into audience, liquid transforms into rice or confetti 16
Hen Fetsch Joker Juggling gag, filled cups are balanced and apparently fall into audience 16
Hen Fetsch Dove Flash milk poured into paper cone, cone is ignited and changes into dove 17
Hen Fetsch Cream Conjuring milk poured in cup, child shall hold it over head and turn it over, changes into ice cream 17
Hen Fetsch Milk Bag Fun milk poured in a paper bag vanishes, gag 17
Hen Fetsch Bunny Making "flat" bunny is placed inside hat and milk is poured on top, transformation into real rabbit 17
Hen Fetsch Combo combination with "Effective Liquid Appear", penetration of liquid 18
Hen Fetsch Comedy Combo combination with "Abbott's Comedy Glass", milk disappears in cone and glass is stretched to make room for milk to reappear 18
Hen Fetsch Cow Cutie sucker trick, liquid vanish 18
Hen Fetsch My Best Club Laugh beer vanishes in paper cone and glass shrinks, comedy routine, using "Abbott's Comedy Beer Mug" 19
Hen Fetsch My Best Flash Opening milk transforms into dove, with flower bouquet and paper cone 19
Hen Fetsch Bouncing Milk milk transforms into ball, inside paper cone 20
Hen Fetsch Liquid Snake gag, milk changes into fake snake, Adam Snake C 20
Hen Fetsch Soft Soap washing theme, handkerchief of spectator is soiled and cleaned again, with a box 21
Hen Fetsch Undercover Soaft Soap idea, washing routine with panties and handkerchiefs 22
Hen Fetsch The Christmas Tree liquid poured into paper cone changes into christmas tree, paper tree with decoration 22
Hen Fetsch Vanishing Cow milk vanishes in paper cone, with moo-ing can gag 23
Hen Fetsch Pump Presto "human pump" routine with milk pitcher instead of Foo Can 24
Hen Fetsch Confusing with "Liquid Appear" glass, liquid poured in hat without harm then appears in glass 24
Hen Fetsch The Spirit Drinks sympathetic glasses, two glasses filled with liquid, performer drinks one and other one is empty as well 25
Hen Fetsch Triple Mystery milk vanishes in a hat and rabbit appears 25
Hen Fetsch Pants Pour gag, penny dropped in funnel which is in pockets, milk is poured inside funnel 25
Hen Fetsch On Head milk changes into rice, over spectator's head, comedy routine 26
Hen Fetsch School Day Magic milk vanish as kicker, cup covered with paper is turned over as premise 26
Hen Fetsch Airplane Gag milk vanishes in paper cone, then cone is torn into pieces and changes into paper plane 26
Hen Fetsch Your Move red and black liquid change into checkers, inside paper cone 27
Hen Fetsch Sucker Sorcery cocktail shaker and liquid vanish from paper cone 27
Hen Fetsch Back Again liquid vanishes in paper cone and appears back in cup 28
Hen Fetsch Circus Conjuring lemonade poured in bag changes into peanuts 28
Hen Fetsch Happy Birthday milk and other invisible ingredients are placed inside cone, they change to cookies and message appears on cone 28
Hen Fetsch Mandy Andy picture is formed to cone, milk vanishes inside and picture transforms 29
Hen Fetsch Unity milk, rice and a handkerchief change places, with funnel and "Genii Tube" 29
Hen Fetsch New Uses for the "Pitcher" - As a Loading Device
- As a Means of Exchange
- As a Visible Vanish
- As a Trap
- As a Chemical Prop
- As a Load Chamber