Written by R. D. Merrill

Work of R. D. Merrill

64 pages (Paperback), published by Lee Jacobs Productions
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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R. D. Merrill Preface 3
Tommy Windsor Introduction to Mr. R.D. Merrill 4
Lee Jacobs Publisher's Apology 6
R. D. Merrill Basic Paddle or Knife Moves 8
R. D. Merrill The Push-Through Color Change 9
R. D. Merrill The Turn-Around Color Change 13
R. D. Merrill The Switch of knives 16
R. D. Merrill Silks and the Knife knife shown with different color on each side, silk is rubbed on one side and knife has same color on both side, repeated with other silk and other color 17
R. D. Merrill, Gib Richards Advanced Routines for "Silks and the Knife" including a version for stage 19
R. D. Merrill The Visible Color-Change Knife with 3/4 colored knife 22
R. D. Merrill Advanced Move for the Merrill Visible Color-Change Knife with 3/4 colored knife 24
R. D. Merrill Advanced Routines for Two Identical Knives 26
R. D. Merrill An Original Routine for Four Knives 30
R. D. Merrill The Snap Change also to switch knives 32
R. D. Merrill Advanced Effects for Working with Two Identical Knives 35
R. D. Merrill Bits and Pieces various methods, rolling the knife on the hand, subtleties and a vanish 40
R. D. Merrill Perception theory of the perception of various knife moves 47
R. D. Merrill What You Need to Do the Effects Taught in This Book 51
R. D. Merrill Conclusion 52
R. D. Merrill Check List 53
Al Cohen The Shrinking Knife optical illusion of shrinking knife 55
R. D. Merrill Bibliography - The Color Changing Knives 56