Written by Owen Griffiths, Fred Kaps

Work of Fred Kaps

26 pages (Stapled), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Martin Breese Introduction transcribed from Magic Circle Lecture from 1965, audio recording available 3
Fred Kaps It's So Simple 4
Fred Kaps Coin and Glass Routine 5
Fred Kaps, T. Nelson Downs On the Downs Palm using smooth coins 5
Fred Kaps Coins and Cup coins tossed into cup vanish, secret small cup behind to produce soundAlso published here 9
Fred Kaps The Topit Vanisher thoughts on the topit 10
Fred Kaps Palming Coins on palming and a false transfer (Jack Chanin Drop Vanish) 11
Fred Kaps Cigarette to Coin 12
Fred Kaps The Hoo Coin hook coin hangs on flesh instead of cloth 13
Fred Kaps The Tie-Topit slit in striped tie design 14
Fred Kaps Secret Pockets 14
Fred Kaps What's New? 15
Fred Kaps Sail Through a Crisis handling mistakes 16
Fred Kaps The Princess Card Trick with four Queens, using quartet gimmick 17
Fred Kaps Supersonic Variation stop trick prediction, card displayed in cupInspired by
  • Supersonic Card Prediction, Stanley Jaks
Fred Kaps The Three Jokers Also published here 20
Fred Kaps Chinese Bowl & Chopstick Move idea for Benson Bowl routine with chopsticksRelated to
  • The Gen, Oct. 1955
Fred Kaps Ring Through Silk with key ring 22
Fred Kaps Ring off String extra ring, also method with extra piece of rope where ring and middle of the rope is behind book 22
Fred Kaps Encore lit cigarette through silk, hole in silk 24
Unknown On Fred Kaps 25