Written by Martin Gardner

Work of Martin Gardner

23 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Paul Rosini Introduction 1
Martin Gardner Preface 3
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase In-Jog Shuffle top stock control, also as control of one selection 3
Martin Gardner Improved Topsy-Turvy Deck up to three selections, with slop shuffle followed by a riffle shuffleRelated to 4
John Snyder Reversed Hindu Shuffle "shown to my by John Snyder", cards controlled to bottom, dragged by friction of fourth finger 4
Martin Gardner Face to Face Fantasy halves placed face-to-face right itself except selection, repeat with second selection 7
Martin Gardner Pad Spread Principle spreading deck lightly with reversed cards so they don't show, then with more force so they appearRelated to 7
Unknown Optical Revolve Tenkai Reverse, no credit 9
Martin Gardner Double Climax Speller performer spells to wrong card which is there, then spectator to right card which is reversedRelated to 10
Martin Gardner Double Lift Reverse straightforward 11
Martin Gardner Never-Miss Stop Effect two-pile-stop trick with Tens/Jacks alternating set-upRelated to 12
Martin Gardner Big Casino Count Down one of nine cards thought of, Ten-spot stabbed reversed in deck by performer, it locates selection 13
Martin Gardner Six of Spades Count Down one of seventeen cards thought of, Six-spot stabbed reversed in deck by performer, it locates selection 14
Martin Gardner Two Piles and Subtract spectator remembers a card and its position, two piles made and card eventually foundInspired by 15
Martin Gardner Do As I Do two selections match with top card of each other's deckAlso published here 17
Unknown False Cut bottom half stripped out in hindu shuffle grip and tabled 17
Martin Gardner Eye-Pop Routine two selections reverse in the center, then travel back to top, pseudo duplicates 18
Martin Gardner Sympathetic Decks unknown card sandwiched in red-backed deck with red Aces, red Aces also placed together reversed in blue deck, duplicate appears between Aces in blue deck 19
Martin Gardner Plunger Glimpse sandwiched card secretly pushed out at the back via plunger principle 19
Martin Gardner Sandwiched Card Glimpse with center card outjogged 20
Martin Gardner Simple Sandwich Load with a double lift 20
Martin Gardner Vanishing and Reappearing Card spectator cuts deck and remembers card, halves placed face-to-face, selection vanishes (cards shown one by one) and reappears 20
Martin Gardner Improved Lie Speller with two cardsInspired by
  • Martin Gardner's version in "Here's More Magic" (Joe Berg)