Written by Ben Harris

Work of Ben Harris

44 pages (Stapled), published by Ben Harris Magic Publications
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Ben Harris Dedication 2
Woody Meltcher Introduction 3
Ben Harris Author's Note 5
Ben Harris Elevated Thought thought-of (peeked or riffle-thought-of-forced) card appears on top of deck 8
Ben Harris Backwards Center Deal Switch card injogged and held onto instead of top card as deck is moved forward 9
Ben Harris Super Slice case has open slit in it, card put in and another card as blade used to push through it, card inside shown folded in half, blade then transposes with card inside 11
Ben Harris Simplified Matrix card torn in quarters, they assemble in matrix fashion, then card is restoredInspired by 15
Ben Harris Coin Fantasy four coins produced from between two cardsInspired by 20
Ben Harris Coin Bullet Inspired by 25
Ben Harris Coin Slide-off Vanish coin slid off deck, dropped onto injogged cards in lapping fashion 26
Ben Harris Ribbon-Spread Turnover with Coin coin hidden between cardsRelated to 28
Ben Harris Incision deck in case, selection penetrates case and is apparently removed through a slit which then heals again 30
Ben Harris Slip Locators sandwich cards find selection and then change into selections 33
Ben Harris Slip Change Bilis Switch, bottom card of sandwich switched as center card is dragged out 33
Ben Harris Blendsation card blendo between sandwich cardsInspired by 38
Unknown Description of the Three as Four Elmsley 43
Ben Harris Final Words 44