Written by Simon Lovell

Work of Simon Lovell

242 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Hannah Ammar.
Language: English

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Simon Lovell Dedication v
Simon Lovell Thanks to... vi
Randy Wakeman The Totally Official Foreword x
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian Says... xi
Scotty York Scotty York Says... xii
Simon Lovell, Walt Lees Who Is This Lovell Guy Anyway? xiii
Simon Lovell Introduction xv
Simon Lovell What Is Close-Up Magic? 3
Simon Lovell Approach, Opening, Time Served and the Closing Cheer! - The Table-Hopping Opener
- The Walk-Around Opener
- Lucky You - They've Requested to See You!
- Time Served
- The Closing Cheer
Simon Lovell Comfort Zones - What Are Comfort Zones?
- Invading Comfort Zones
Simon Lovell Routining and Resetting 13
Simon Lovell Top Tip or Not To Tip? 16
Simon Lovell Flukes! 17
Simon Lovell Entertainment and Sleight-Of-Hand! 18
Simon Lovell First Things First... chapter intro 21
Simon Lovell Fingered Number Three wrong card under spectator's finger, same card shows up reversed in deck and selection is now under fingerInspired byRelated to 22
Unknown Diagonal Insertion 22
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 24
Simon Lovell Fingered Number Four card to wallet additionRelated to 25
Simon Lovell PalmThinks top card is levered up with left thumb into right hand 25
Simon Lovell Packed Wallet card to wallet, second phase 51 cards to wallet
- Fingered Packed Wallet (as finale to Fingered Number Four)
Related toAlso published here 28
Unknown The World's Easiest Riffle Force roll-over, discrepant 28
Unknown Deck Cop 29
Simon Lovell Another Departed Point two duplicatesAlso published here 33
Simon Lovell Optician's Delight card to behind glasses 37
Simon Lovell Vernonesque Three Way packet stop force with outs 41
Simon Lovell The Gambler's Move Kings and Aces, repeated 43
Simon Lovell Hold The Mayo red Kings in deck, selection appears between them, repeat, then Kings split and then find selection
- Stage One - Butter the Bread!
- Stage Two - Add the Ham
- Stage Three - Hold the Mayo!
Variations 47
Charles Nyquist Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out 48
Simon Lovell Give Me The Mayo cleaner handling with double backerInspired by 53
Simon Lovell Ambitious Everywhere and Nowhere Also published here 55
Simon Lovell Fanforcethinks 55
Simon Lovell TopChangethinks 57
Simon Lovell HinduShufflethinks as all alike display 59
Simon Lovell Afterthinks addition in which selection is torn and put in case, then it is chosen again and torn card turn out to be Joker 60
Simon Aronson, John Bannon ExtraChicagothinks idea to incorporate "spectator sits on card" 60
Simon Lovell Business Card Giveaway business cards stapled to top indifferent card which is placed in center, it comes back to top and is now selection 62
Unknown Forming a Little-finger Break Under Multiple Cards one-handed, push-off 64
Unknown Push-In Change 64
Simon Lovell SloMo Pass Variations 65
Simon Lovell Capped SloMo Pass bottom cover passInspired by 67
Simon Lovell Challenge Reverse! multiple cards selected and replaced, they all reverse 68
Simon Lovell Gesture Rightening top card of deck secretly reversed, rightened in up-and-down movement 69
Simon Lovell Sleight Of Mouth - Effect Number One card unfolded with tongue in mouth à la Tom Mullica 71
Simon Lovell Super Quick Simey Fold into fourth at deckInspired by 71
Simon Lovell Sleight Of Mouth - Effect Number Two Joker folded up with mouth alone, then unfolded with mouth and it changed into selection
- The Simey Sloppy Card Fold
Simon Lovell Bonus Fold Effect spectator cuts and folded selection happens to be where he cuts 78
Simon Lovell Card In Bottle handkerchief put over deck, bottle appears underneath with signed selection in it 79
Simon Lovell Who Killed Lilly Longlegs? 83
Simon Lovell The Switch deck switch during a non-card trick in pocket 83
Simon Lovell Pushthroughriffleshufflethinks 86
Simon Lovell Outfold indifferent card folded into fourth face outward, changed into back-outward and then into selection, two methods 91
Simon Lovell Sitting Deck Vanish oker changes to selected card, deck vanishes from caseAlso published here 94
Simon Lovell Curryturnoverthinks 96
Simon Lovell Oily Snobs 4&4
- Phase One - Mix and Separate
- Phase Two - Try Harder, Tramps!!
- Phase Three - The Solo Tramps Goes For It!
Related to 98
Simon Lovell The Lemming Ace Exchange four jumbo Aces, suit that matches selection is turned-over and when turned over the jumbo card became the selection and the selection became the AceInspired by 103
Simon Lovell The Squelmsley Count with jumbo cards 103
Simon Lovell Two-Step Top Change card put on deck for a moment 105
Simon Lovell Vanishing Moustache moustache on printing of one of the four Kings vanishes 107
Simon Lovell Oooops! spectator receives four Aces and a Joker, performer has six Aces 109
Simon Lovell Gambler's Flat Palm Addition to top 109
Unknown Falsecutthinks simple tabled false cut 110
Simon Lovell Simple Double Deal 111
Simon Lovell Impossible Location! spectator stops anywhere and remembers card, later divinedRelated to 113
Simon Lovell Double Trouble two magicians perform in different parts of the room, one cannot find card and other magicians shouts out name, repeated 115
Morley Budden Pyramid Power spectators write secret fantasies on business cards, the performer know who wrote what 117
Simon Lovell Hyperpoke first finger penetrates deck of cards and stops at selection 123
Simon Lovell Predicted Bermuda three cards chosen behind back of spectator, same cards reversed in prediction deck, extra deck, ends cleanInspired byVariations 126
Simon Lovell, Michael Austin Blind Date Bermuda spectator pockets three cards behind his back, performer takes another deck and finds the matesInspired by 129
Unknown Deck Pocket Transfer deck put in breast pocket apparently, same deck removed from trouser pocket 130
Unknown Ermintrude - The Mind-Reading Joker! Joker first says "I've no idea", then hold mini card of selection 132
Unknown Peek Deck Forcing Pair tape at bottom 132
Simon Lovell Kicked! two card placed in deck during deal, next to matching cards, rest of deck turns out blankInspired by
  • "The Kick" (Harry Baron)
Jim Zachary Simplicity Outdone card chosen in fair manner, spectator deals and stops at selection 138
Jim Zachary Jimbo's Sneaky Shuffle Action divided deck overhand shuffle with one half short 138
Simon Lovell Heartless whole deck has a large whole in the centerRelated toAlso published here 141
Unknown The Tilt Move (or Depth Illusion) 142
Unknown The Snap-Over Color Change 142
Simon Lovell Heartlebox hole also appears in caseRelated to 147
Simon Lovell The World's Only Blue-Backed Double-Faced Card! gag
- Bonus Magicians-Only Gag Number One
- Bonus Magicians-Only Gag Number Two
Simon Lovell Flashburn 2! card lost, coin wrapped in flash paper and put on deck and burned, paper circle under coin has name of selection, selection is torchedInspired by
  • "Meltdown" (Harry Baron & Simon Lovell)
Edward Marlo Pinky Pull Down 152
Simon Lovell Three Card Pop three cards appear on three piles à la Jennings RevelationInspired by 157
Simon Lovell The Non-Panoramic Shift straight to bottom in straddle type action 157
Unknown The Flat Palm off the tabled deck, transfer to other hand 160
Simon Lovell Simon Takes On Le Paul Inspired by 162
Simon Lovell The Turn-Up Multiple Top Change packet turned over on deck, Talazac typeVariations 162
Simon Lovell The Table Spread Multiple Top Change table spread as cover after switchInspired by 166
Simon Lovell Sambitious Card 168
Simon Lovell FLOOP "Finger Loop Double Lift"
double card spun out of center with top half in right-hand end grip
Variations 168
Al Leech, Edward Victor Paintbrush Change 171
Simon Lovell, Ben Harris Super Flip Variation turnover at end of dribbleInspired by 172
Simon Lovell Bonus FLOOP Color Change double held away from half in left hand with left finger and thumb, other half fanned over it 174
Simon Lovell Spinnup! outjogged card spun around fingers, Jerry Andrus Twirl 176
Simon Lovell Cheats' Honesty Test Aces produced, then they change into Royal FlushInspired by
  • "Radical Aces" (Bill Malone, MUM, Vol. 82 No. 11, Apr. 1993)
Simon Lovell Razahtab Inspired by
  • Baltazar Fuentes Change (see Malone's "Radical Aces", MUM, Vol. 82 No. 11, Apr. 1993)
Piet Forton Forton Pop-Out 180
Simon Lovell The Bottom Deal Related to 181
Simon Lovell Frank's Fave number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection at chosen number within this packetRelated to 185
Paul LePaul Throw-Jog top half dropped onto lower half 186
Simon Lovell Elmsley Cut Elmsley Ace to King shown and lost, number card chosen, top cards dealt, they form the straight again and card at value of spectator's card is selectionRelated to 190
Simon Lovell The Push-Off Second Deal detailed
- The Side Sweep Stud Push Off
Simon Lovell Double Coincidence two cards end up in same position in two piles
- Bonus Method Number One
- Bonus Method Number Two
Also published here 198
Simon Lovell The One-Handed Push-Off Second Deal 198
Simon Lovell Mini All Backs all backs with deck and small backedInspired by 202
Simon Lovell Countthinks on the Flushtration Count 203
Unknown Countthinks 203
Simon Lovell Coin From Pack large coin appears from between two cards 208
Simon Lovell The Coin-Eating Pack coin put on deck of cards, it vanishesInspired by 212
Simon Lovell Whoops! The Bonus Reproduction coin appears again 213
Simon Lovell Number 1 - Instant Tosheroon coin vanishes from deck and reappears next to selection 214
Simon Lovell Number 2 - Finger Ring Fun finger ring penetrates deck and reappears on finger 214
Simon Lovell Pen Through Tongue fake tongueRelated to 219
Simon Lovell Tongue of War fake tongue flies into audience from mouth 221
Simon Lovell Self-Writing Pen pen writes/moves by itself 222
Simon Lovell Sebastian the Mind-Reading Chicken gag with drawing of chicken and a part that is apparently about to vanish 224
Simon Lovell, Ken Brooke Any Dog Called For! any dog apparently appears under a glass, "puddle" gag 226
Simon Lovell The Nightmare Deck apparently only spectator with special glasses can see large marks on the back 228
Simon Lovell Anyway I Could Know Your Card? (X 2) gag, card is not found
- Anyway Number One
- Anyway Number Two
Simon Lovell Anticadge cigarette removed from cigarette case, case is then restored againInspired by 231
Simon Lovell Cointear coin is torn 234
Simon Lovell The Infamous Submarine Card gag routine in which glass of beer is spilled all over the place as a deck of cards is put inside 236
Unknown Harry's Page typed by Lovell's cat 239
Simon Lovell Final Simey Words 240
Terry Seabrooke End Words 241
Simon Lovell One Last Piece Of Advice... 242