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80 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Charles Aste Jr..
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Estimation credit information and definitions 1
Edward Marlo The Comparison Method comparing two packets, cited as Mechanical Estimation, but it's rather visual 2
Edward Marlo The Automatic Gauge Method on hard surface 3
Edward Marlo Variation of Automatic Gauge deck in longitudinal configuration 4
Louis Zingone, Edward Marlo The Nail Gauge 6
Edward Marlo Nail Gauge Variation 7
Edward Marlo Marlo's Favorite finding out how many cards a spectator cut off by cutting remainder in half and counting those 8
Edward Marlo The Faro Check 9
Edward Marlo Mechanical Estimation Effects as a location or spelling effect 10
Edward Marlo The Magic Card a Four-spot is used to find selection, estimationRelated to 11
Edward Marlo "Think I'll Stop Here" using Vernon's ending procedure from OOSOOM as a multiple out for estimation locationRelated to 12
Edward Marlo "Chosen Card Count Down" value of free selection is used to find fair selection, estimation 13
Edward Marlo The Tipoff spectator cuts off a packet, performer names number of cards cut off 14
Edward Marlo Reversed Card Out multiple out for estimation location 15
Edward Marlo Natural Estimation comments 15
Edward Marlo Side Riffle Estimation left thumb riffles down to same spotRelated to 16
Edward Marlo Side Riffle Estimation Effect card is thrown next to selection 16
Edward Marlo Pull Down Estimation left thumb pulls down to same spot 17
Edward Marlo Pull Down Estimation Effect magician's card is placed next to selection 17
Edward Marlo Back End Riffle Estimation also on the table, tossed-next-to-selection effectRelated to 18
Edward Marlo The Cut Estimate cutting off the same number of card, tabled or in-the-hands, ace cutting application 19
Edward Marlo Center Glimpse 19
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Estimate estimating visual size instead of number 20
Edward Marlo Fingertip Riffle Peek Estimation "Forced Estimation"Related toVariations 20
Edward Marlo The Sudden Stop fingertip peek control, "Forced Estimation" 21
Edward Marlo The Fan Spread Estimate spread count estimation between the hands 22
Edward Marlo Estimation Demonstration or Practice several packets, number of cards is estimated 23
Edward Marlo Packet Estimation performer announces position of card, estimation 24
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation:
First Method
Second Method
Third Method
combining estimation with a distant key 24
Edward Marlo Fourth Method two card location, estimation and key card 28
Unknown, Edward Marlo Fifth Method spectator's shuffle likely retains top/bottom cards, key card 29
Edward Marlo Sixth Method out-of-hand key card placement 30
Edward Marlo Seventh Method crimp with estimation-out 30
Edward Marlo Eigth Method
Ninth Method
"natural air pocket" principle 31
Unknown Natural Air Pocket Principle squared deck is often cut at the same spot because of natural air pocketsRelated to 31
Edward Marlo Tenth Method real overhand shuffle after fingertip peek estimation 32
Laurie Ireland, Theodore Annemann Red/Black Shuffle for Key retaining a key at twenty-six, credit information by MarloRelated to 32
Edward Marlo Eleventh Method real riffle shuffle in lieu of a faro after estimated fingertip peek 33
Edward Marlo Twelfth Method based on principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffleVariations 33
John S. Frazee The Shuffle Force spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle, see Linking Ring, Vol. 26 No. 2, April 1946, page 56 33
Edward Marlo Estimation and the Glimpse concept: selection glimpsed, position estimated 34
Edward Marlo Color Eliminator color reflects on back of other card or nail polish on fingertipRelated to 35
Edward Marlo Color Eliminator Effect no question asked, estimation 36
Edward Marlo Marlo's Order Cull culling four cards in order 38
Edward Marlo Five Card Order Cull culling five cards in order 40
Edward Marlo Fingertip Location fingertip peeked at card is located, estimation and key 42
Edward Marlo Triple Estimation Peek two methods (three key cards and one key card) 42
Unknown Smith's Myth in multiple challenge location 44
Edward Marlo Miracle Estimation Peek psychological stop trick and estimation 45
Ernando Veneri Veneri Turn bluff method for "card at any number" 45
Edward Marlo A Three Locator set-up and multiple out, estimation 46
Edward Marlo 15-K-11 Speller fingertip peeked at card is spelled to, estimation and key card 47
Edward Marlo Mental Spell is this Paul Rosini's? Fingertip peeked at card is spelled to, progressive spelling set-up 49
Edward Marlo 7-5-2 values of three cards are used to count down to fingertip peeked at card 50
Edward Marlo X-Ray Spelling estimated cut and spellingRelated to 51
Edward Marlo Fingertip Face Up Locator face up card next to selection 51
Edward Marlo Double Peek Face Up Locators two selections next to face up card 52
Edward Marlo Spin Cut Stunner deck cuts itself at fingertip peeked at card 53
Neal Elias Self Cutting Pack top portion jumps off to table 53
Edward Marlo Sudden Stop Effect cards riffled, spectator stops, there is selection, four methods 54
Edward Marlo Mental Stab performer places spot card next to thought-of card 55
Edward Marlo Stab Force 56
Edward Marlo Super Mental Stab thought-of card is always above a face up indicator 57
Unknown Cull Load loading spread-culled card next to reversed card 58
Edward Marlo Miracle Card Stab Location estimation 59
Edward Marlo Marlo's Favorite Out Inspired by 60
Edward Marlo Sensitive Fingers card located apparently by sense of touch 62
Edward Marlo Push Down Glimpse multiple cards at bottom of packet/deck 62
Edward Marlo Jog Glimpse multiple cards on top 63
Edward Marlo A Marlo Miracle card vanishes via double push-off deal 64
Edward Marlo, Bert Allerton Marlo Miracle "Stop" Stab deck wrapped in paper, estimation 65
Edward Marlo Miracle Coincidence Toss odd-backed card tossed in deck to find mate 69
Edward Marlo The Magic Throw #1 challenge conditions 70
Edward Marlo The Magic Throw #2 challenge conditions 71
Edward Marlo The Magic Throw #3 no selection, performer names card next to locator 72
Carmen D'Amico Face Up Finder card tossed in deck with force (no riffling), bottom slip force 73
Edward Marlo Sure Throw #1 bridge 74
Edward Marlo Sure Throw #2 and #3 long and short card 75
Edward Marlo Sure Throw #4 jog 75
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Latest Method cut at crimpRelated toAlso published here 76
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Marlo's Suggestion Inspired by 77
Edward Marlo The Dribble Stop spectator stops dribbling next to selection, crimp 78
Edward Marlo The Dribbling Spectator spectator dribbles cards, performer tosses card in next to selection 79