Written by Joaquín Matas

Work of Joaquín Matas

300 pages (Paperback), published by Mystica
Illustrated with drawings by Ricardo Sánchez.
Language: Spanish

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Joaquín Matas Antes de Empezar... dedication 7
Gabi Pareras ¡Ya Está! 11
Joaquín Matas Introducción 15
Joaquín Matas Parte 1: La Sesión Formal chapter intro, on formal close-up shows 23
Joaquín Matas Intimagia thorough analysis of his close-up show "Intimagia", thoughts on selection of material and credits, construction an tips on routines 27
Joaquín Matas, Juan Manuel Marcos, Jorge Blass El Hilo Roto y Recompuesto tips on the Hindu Thread, with thicker thread 32
Joaquín Matas, Ricardo Vizcarra Biddle Trick 34
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 35
Unknown Primer Cambio de Baraja while getting a glass 39
Juan Esteban Varela, Joaquín Matas La Predicción de la Camiseta with prediction on T-Shirt 44
Joaquín Matas Cuarteto Hipnótico selection in pocket, four cards change into selection one by one and back, then quartet transpose with selection, last phase is repeated 55
Unknown Drag Addition outjogged cards pulled out, top card loaded on its back 57
Joaquín Matas Fan Display hiding surface of one card 58
Joaquín Matas Double Twirl twirling a double as one card 62
Pablo Domenèch Volteo de Doble Retención small packet 65
Michael Weber Pirouette Flourish whirl flourish 66
Dai Vernon Through The Fist Flourish 67
Joaquín Matas Multiple Lift Sequence with duplicate 67
Unknown Bottom Palm from small packet 70
Joaquín Matas Asymetric Transposition with card caseInspired by 74
Joaquín Matas Doble Triunfo cards with same value found reversed of first selection, deck is squared and ordered suit reversed & distributed of second selectionInspired by 77
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass brief 80
Charles Nyquist Ribbon Spread Hideout 88
Joaquín Matas Ases Lentos A La Copa with a glass, O. Henry finish 93
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio's In-Transit Count 99
Joaquín Matas Spread Display Ascanio Spread turnover in the hands to hide surface 100
Joaquín Matas Asas Matas-Donalds Mac Donalds routineInspired by 111
Edward Marlo Olram brief 124
Joaquín Matas Mi Suit Apparition suit transforms into other suit as kicker 129
Unknown Jump Cut bottom part is thrown into other hand 132
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 139
Unknown, Gabi Pareras Two-Card Catch Variation with double boomerand 141
Gabi Pareras Packet Switch similar to Carney's Versa Switch 144
Juan Tamariz La Mezcla que no Mezcla from Anti-faro condition 150
Joaquín Matas Combinando los McDonalds con el Suit Apparition combination of McDonalds and Suit Apparition, essay on how to stack the deck so one leads into the otherRelated to 157
Joaquín Matas La Ranita Inspired by 169
Joaquín Matas Parte 2: De Magias con los Amigos chapter intro 191
Joaquín Matas Los Sietes-Dieces cards dealt until spectator calls stop, then four cards chosen, numbers match the amount of dealt cards, other card is chosen and other three cards change to same value, number in dealt pile matches tooInspired by 193
Joaquín Matas Ases Rápidos under postcardInspired by 205
Jean Hugard Hugard Top Palm 211
Joaquín Matas Desemplame por Frotis adding palmed card to small packet, while cards are spread 214
Joaquín Matas Los Ases de Mi Examen Aces appear face-up in different parts of the deckInspired byRelated to 215
Joaquín Matas, Miguel Ajo Ascanio Spread Display diagonal display 221
Arturo de Ascanio, Gabi Pareras Paintbrush Change el Pincel, with small packet 222
Arturo de Ascanio The Rub-Away La Frotadita 226
Joaquín Matas Bolas a la Caja de Cartón (Rutina Tricolor) three sponge balls with different colors vanish one by one and appear together in a small box, written up by Gabriel Pareras 233
Joaquín Matas ¿Dónde Está la Carta de...? with name of spectator in spelling, arrowInspired by 241
Steve Draun, David Solomon S-D Control 242
Joaquín Matas Parte 3: El Final de la Sesión Formal chapter intro 251
Joaquín Matas Los Cubiletes de Vernon "Tuneados" with three cups, one chop cupInspired by 253
Dai Vernon, Silent Mora El "Wand Spin" 265