Written by Matthew Field, Tom Gagnon

Work of Tom Gagnon

215 pages (Hardcover), published by avanT-Garde Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

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Tom Gagnon Acknowledgements iii
Tom Gagnon Preface v
Steve Beam Foreword vi
Matthew Field Introduction vii
Tom Gagnon Very Versatile Spread Control chapter intro xi
Tom Gagnon Very Versatile Spread Control Also published here 1
Tom Gagnon Bottop Spread Switch as tabled spread is scooped upInspired by 5
Tom Gagnon Inverse Spread Switch card is reversed or odd-backed in center of tabled spread, top portion scooped up and card switched
- Face-Up Variant
Inspired by 8
Tom Gagnon Dunbury Illusion selection apparently discarded, using ribbon spread techniques 11
Tom Gagnon Gagnon-Biddle Card Vanish handling of Biddle steal 13
Tom Gagnon Dual Miracle Spread combined with Versatile Spread Control, as force or stab in tabled spreadInspired by
  • "Miracle Spread" (Ed Marlo, Ibidem #20)
Tom Gagnon Invisible Fingertip Switch sandwich used to scoop up tabled spread, sandwiched card switched for card under spread 17
Tom Gagnon Invisible Fingertip Sandwich Jokers placed aside, odd-backed card signed and put in deck, it travels between sandwich 20
Tom Gagnon Invisible Fingertip Transpo Jacks placed aside, named Jack transposes with selection which is reversed in center of deck 24
Edward Marlo ATFUS 24
Tom Gagnon Invisible Fingertip Load as spread is scooped up with sandwich cards 26
Tom Gagnon Pad Revelation cards spread on close-up pad, pad folded over spread and unfolded, selection now face-up on spreadVariations 29
Tom Gagnon Hidden Agenda cards spread on pad, covered with handkerchief, , pad folded over spread and unfolded, selection is now on top of handkerchiefInspired by 31
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Strip-out Addition cards out-jogged in tabled spread, spread scooped up and cards stripped out 33
Tom Gagnon Sliding Jinx Switch gathering up a tabled spread as cover for packet switch
- Variation One
- Variation Two
Inspired by 36
Tom Gagnon Contemporary Spread Controls chapter intro 40
Tom Gagnon Impossible Sandwich card travels between sandwich, sandwich cards separate from deck, clean handling 40
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Spread Control briefAlso published here 41
Tom Gagnon Double Doodle Steal loading a card onto a card that is used to scoop up a tabled spread to make it a double, briefAlso published here 42
Tom Gagnon Pluck Revelation card starts on topAlso published here
  • The Blueprint, Vol. 6 No. 8, Feb. 1980
Tom Gagnon Somersault Reverse tabled spread flipped over and a card appears face-up on it 46
Tom Gagnon Tidal Wave Revelation tabled spread flipped over and a card appears face-up on it 49
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Cut deck openly cut during flipping over a tabled spread, right at an Ace 51
Tom Gagnon Ribbon Spread Glimpse deck spread with side-jogged card, glimpse after gathering cards up 53
Tom Gagnon Kosky-Gagnon Switch using tabled Gagnon Spread Control 56
Tom Gagnon One Card Ribbon Spread Pass front-and-back ribbon spread used to slide card from center to top
- Control to the Bottom
Inspired by 58
Tom Gagnon Slippery Sandwich black on top and bottom, card peeked at, deck cut, selection sandwiched 62
Tom Gagnon One-Hand Ribbon Spread Switch odd-backed card in center of deck is switched during tabled ribbon spread action as it is slid outVariations 65
Tom Gagnon Spread-Cut-Pass deck ribbon spread back to front, gathered half-way and cut, face-card is original top card 68
Tom Gagnon Undercover Lap as tabled spread is gathered 71
Tom Gagnon More Spread Control Delights chapter intro 74
Tom Gagnon Mechanical Spread Control card inserted in tabled back-to-front spread, controlled as cards are gathered
- One Card Control to the Top
- One Card Control to the Bottom
- Two Card Control to the Top
Inspired byRelated toVariations 74
Tom Gagnon Open-Faced Sandwich back-to-front tabled spread, black Kings placed on ends of spread and a selection inserted in center, spread gathered, Kings sandwiching selection on top 79
Tom Gagnon Open Mechanical Spread Control Related to 80
Tom Gagnon Sandwich Spread card peeked, spectator shuffles, black Kings removed and put on tabled spread, spread gathered and sandwich with selection ends up on topAlso published here 83
Eddie Fechter Fan Glimpse post-peek glimpse 83
Edward Marlo Marlo's Two Card Throw three cards tabled as two, one-handedAlso published here 85
Tom Gagnon Mechanical Multiple Control tabled spread control with multiple cardsInspired by 87
Tom Gagnon TCC Mechanical Spread Control Top Card Cover variant, to second from topInspired by 90
Tom Gagnon MCC Mechanical Spread Control Middle Card Cover variant, face-up card inserted into spread, controlled to second from top with cover card 92
Tom Gagnon Dominoing Switch card held in hand, switched for top card as tabled spread is flipped over 95
Tom Gagnon Slider card pulled out of ribbon spread is selection or Ace 98
Tom Gagnon Sliding Cut ribbon spread separated/cut exactly at an Ace or a selectionVariations 100
Tom Gagnon Sliding Cut Variant ribbon spread separated/cut exactly at an Ace or a selectionInspired by 102
Tom Gagnon A Pass, A Si, A Slug, & More chapter intro 104
Tom Gagnon By-Pass Herrmann bottom card cover pass, on cover card 104
Tom Gagnon Electrostatic Recall card pivots outwards from incomplete faro condition, pin through close-up mat as gimmickInspired by
  • "The Shooting Joker" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 20 No. 8)
Also published here
Tom Gagnon Si of Relief calculating position of cards in Si StebbinsAlso published here 111
Tom Gagnon Lessinout Culls Stebbins culling a four-of-a-kind from a stack 112
Tom Gagnon Open Predicament with named card
- Stand-up Version
Also published here
  • Cyber Sessions, p. 25
Unknown Turnover of Packet wrist turn around packet 114
Tom Gagnon Double Lift Retention Turndown Tamariz/Bruce, independent invention, credit information 117
Tom Gagnon DD Double Lift Variant stud, with breakInspired by 117
Tom Gagnon Flexible Turnover Move printing applicationInspired by 121
Tom Gagnon Makeshift Double using stickiness of card case seal 123
Tom Gagnon Cancelled Deck Card Stab whole deck has whole through middle, sprung into air, selection caught with finger through hole 124
Tom Gagnon Miracle Flush cutting to straight flush 128
Bobby Bernard False Swing Cut with tap 128
Tom Gagnon Miracle Spread Coincidence using tabled spreadsInspired by 133
Tom Gagnon Miracle Spread Handling card slid to new position as part of tabled spread is gatheredInspired by
  • "Miracle Spread" (Ed Marlo, Ibidem #20)
Tom Gagnon One-Handed Flushtration Count Related toVariations 136
Tom Gagnon Slug-O-Matic Deck wide/narrow combination, allows riffle shuffle stock control
- Spectator Shuffles
Tom Gagnon Shuffling Monkey spectator riffle shuffles deck with selection and two face-up Jokers in it, afterwards the Jokers sandwich selection, Slug-O-Matic DeckInspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman, marketed)
Tom Gagnon Z-Box flat object switched while pushing it away with card case 144
Tom Gagnon Coins for Connoisseurs chapter intro 150
Tom Gagnon Ultimate Coin Assembly four quarters, one-handed performanceInspired by 150
Ross Bertram Slide Move with backs of fingers 151
Tom Gagnon Pickup and Displacement Move one-handed pick-up and transfer into Tenkai PinchAlso published here 152
Tom Gagnon Phantom Coin Load from Tenkai PinchRelated to 155
Tom Gagnon Coin Assembly for Connoisseurs four quarters covered with Kings, assembly, then Kings change to Aces 158
Larry West Mirage Count 158
Tom Gagnon Gagnon's Sympathetic Coins coins penetrate upwards through pad to join coin under card, extra coinInspired by 164
Unknown Table Top Click Maneuver coin audibly placed on coin under some cover but put in Tenkai Pinch instead 166
Tom Gagnon Forty-One Cent Assembly international coin assembly, dime-and-penny gaffInspired by
  • "The Dingle Coin Mystery" (Derek Dingle, marketed 1970)
Tom Gagnon Just for Tenkai 178
Tom Gagnon Esoteric Coin Maneuver loading coin under card as it is snapped off table 181
Tom Gagnon Scoop Assembly Inspired by 183
Tom Gagnon Scoop Steal coin stolen between two cards as another is slid apparently on it 184
Tom Gagnon Pumpkin Seed Split half dollar split into two half dollarsInspired by 188
Tom Gagnon Toeing the Mark handling for han ping chien move for last coin in coins through table with glass 190
Tom Gagnon Radical Rebound chapter intro 192
Tom Gagnon Radical Rebound penny in fist, half dollar on table brushed with playing card changes to penny and half dollar is in pocket, then transposition phases and pocket penetrationAlso published here 192
Tom Gagnon, Edward Marlo Scoop-Up Move Variation coin slides from card into handInspired by 193
Unknown Card Revolve turning card over while hiding coin 194
Stewart Judah Slide-Back Display showing both sides of card while hiding coin 195
Tom Gagnon Retroflex Switch visual switch of tabled coin with aid of playing card, tabled spellbound 195
Tom Gagnon Offspring Han Ping Chien coin added from underneath card as coin(s) from other hand are thrown on table 205
Tom Gagnon Cups, Balls, Smoke, Bands, Ding chapter intro 208
Tom Gagnon Empty Cup Move display sequence for cupsAlso published here
  • The Blueprint, Vol. 5 No. 6
Tom Gagnon Smoke Screen match goes out by itself when performer inhales into opposite sleeve, then smoke is exhaledInspired by
  • "The Human Volcano" (Jules Dhotel, Magic with Small Apparatus)
  • "Matchless Matches" (John Scarne's Magic Tricks, p. 222)
Tom Gagnon Wristy Penetration Inspired byAlso published here
  • Mojo, Vol. 1 No. 6
Tom Gagnon How to Repair a Bent Shell 214