Written by Joaquín Navajas, Carlos Vinuesa

Work of Joaquín Navajas

184 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial El Caballo del Malo
Illustrated with drawings by Joaquín Navajas, Irene López.
Language: Spanish

(68 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Carlos Vinuesa Prefacio on Joaquin Navajas and Monedas Personales vii
Arturo de Ascanio Prólogo Also published here 3
Joaquín Navajas Introducción Also published here 5
Joaquín Navajas Prólogos de Aparición Also published here 7
Joaquín Navajas En la Punta de los Dedos four coin production with one handAlso published here 7
Joaquín Navajas La Dejada - Caida coin switchRelated toAlso published here 8
Joaquín Navajas Cambiando de Posición hands are moved over the table and one by one four coins appearAlso published here 10
Joaquín Navajas Moneda a través de un Vaso coin through bottom of glassInspired byAlso published here 13
Joaquín Navajas Cobre, Plata, China y... Climax copper coin vanishes and appears again, then it changes into a silver and into a chinese coin, finally the coin becomes a jumbo coinAlso published here 17
Joaquín Navajas Throwing Coin from one Hand to the Other showing same sideAlso published here 18
Unknown Coin Transformation 18
Joaquín Navajas Transfromación de la Moneda Gigante visual transformation of a coin into a jumbo coin, coin grows in closed fistAlso published here 19
Joaquín Navajas La Caverna coin switch on tableAlso published here 23
Joaquín Navajas Transposición Cobre-Plata two coin transposition, using La Caverna moveAlso published here 25
Joaquín Navajas Otras Aplicaciones al Pase de la Caverna Also published here 26
Joaquín Navajas "Pasa-Pasa" de Monedas four coins travel from hand to handAlso published here 27
Joaquín Navajas Wild Coins four coinsAlso published here 33
Joaquín Navajas Coin Change 34
Joaquín Navajas Cambio de color "Caverna" visual transformation, using La Caverna move 38
Joaquín Navajas Cambio de color "Pases Mágicos" visual transformation with coin on table 39
Joaquín Navajas JK Desaparición complete coin vanish, to top pocket of shirt or jacketAlso published here 41
Joaquín Navajas Apertura Matrix four coins appear under four cardsAlso published here 45
Joaquín Navajas Okito Final four coinsAlso published here 49
Joaquín Navajas Kick Move Variation 51
Joaquín Navajas Wiped Clean Vanish Inspired byAlso published here 51
Joaquín Navajas Refuerzo FD convincers for coin vanishes, pretending the coin is in the hand
Numero Uno: "Por Saltitos"
Numero Dos: Por empuje del Pulgar
Also published here 53
Joaquín Navajas La Catapulta coin is shot out of fistAlso published here 55
Joaquín Navajas Aplicaciones para el Pase "La Catapulta" using the Catapult for sleeving, lapping and the Topit
1. Enmangue
2. Descarga en el Regazo
3. Descarga al "Topit"
Also published here 60
Joaquín Navajas Pasaje Mágico four coins using the catapult, different ending variationsAlso published here 63
Joaquín Navajas Vuelo Metálico four coins, one by oneAlso published here 69
Joaquín Navajas Interior Okito four coins, with the catapultAlso published here 73
Edward Marlo Spider Vanish 75
David Roth Shuttle Pass 76
Joaquín Navajas Okito Box Load with the catapult 80
Joaquín Navajas Monedas Canguro four coins through table, into glassAlso published here 83
Joaquín Navajas La Tiza Fantasma writing or symbol appears on hand, special inkAlso published here
  • Joaquin Navajas' "La tiza fantasma" and "The Phantom Chalk", both in 1988.
Joaquín Navajas, Miguel Gomez, Camilo Vázquez Forzaje ESP three methods to force an ESP card 96
Joaquín Navajas Trans ESP spectator selects an ESP card and draws symbol on the back of performer's hand, symbol appears inside the hand 98
Joaquín Navajas Telequinesp chalk on hand starts to move and draws chosen symbol 100
Joaquín Navajas Reloj Fantasma circle is drawn on wirst of performer and wrist held by spectator, time is selected and hands appear inside circle to match chosen time, two methods 102
Joaquín Navajas Cigarillo a Través de la Moneda cigarette through coin 109
Joaquín Navajas Las Monedas Colgantes coins vanish and reappearInspired by 114
Michael Ammar, Joaquín Navajas Variante del Pase Wiped Clean showing both hands empty while hiding a coinInspired by 120
Joaquín Navajas Chink-a-Chink 123
Joaquín Navajas JK Reverse Matrix 131
Al Schneider Pick-Up Move 133
Joaquín Navajas Un Clásico de la China three coins from one hand travel to three coins in other hand 137
Joaquín Navajas Catapulta Múltiple a la Mesa catapult move with several coins 138
Joaquín Navajas Catapulta Múltiple al Regazo catapult move to lap several coins 139
Joaquín Navajas Monedas a Través de las Mangas from hand to hand, through sleeve presentationInspired by 141
John Benzais Benzais Friction Palm 142
Fred Kaps Another Click Pass 143
Joaquín Navajas Abrazo magician stands behind seated spectator with hands in front of him, four coins travel from hand to handInspired by 145
Joaquín Navajas Latta-Cobre-China Catapultado using the catapultRelated to 149
Joaquín Navajas, Jean-Phillippe Pradel Falso Volteo en Mesa de una Moneda apparently showing both sides of a coin shell, example of turning four coins over on the tableAlso published here 151
Joaquín Navajas Misterio Chino four coins in each handRelated to 155
Joaquín Navajas Moneda a Llave key changes into coin 157
Joaquín Navajas Transferencia de "Catapulta" a Clásico 159
Joaquín Navajas Trasposición a la Slydini 161
Joaquín Navajas Moneda en la Boca coin produced from mouth 163
Joaquín Navajas Manejo del Pase de Lanzadera shuttle pass variation 165
Joaquín Navajas Pinzamiento Dorsal en Mesa production of a coin from deep back clip, using a table 167
Joaquín Navajas Transferencia Clásico-Clásico odd method to transfer coin from classic palm of one hand to classic palm of other hand 169
Joaquín Navajas Cigarrillos ideas with cigarettes, cigarette through hand 171
Joaquín Navajas Carta al Zapato signed card to shoe 173
Joaquín Navajas La Carta que se Mantiene en Pie convincing handling for Gaeton Bloom's Standing CardInspired by 175
Carlos Vinuesa Manolo Navajas on Joaquin Navajas' brother and some of his ideas, close-up mat with slit to use kick-move 177
Carlos Vinuesa Epílogo 181