Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Various

198 pages (Paperback), published by Spade and Archer
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer Prologue 4
Jack Parker Foreword 5
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction credit information on the Twenty-One Card Trick 7
Jon Racherbaumer How to Read this Book 12
Unknown The Old Gray Model standard method
- Spelling Ending
- Elaborate Ending (equivoque to let spectator locate his selection in layout)
Jon Racherbaumer Distribution of Cards in the 21-Card Trick explanation of principle 16
Jon Racherbaumer Obvious Avenues to Take 18
Jon Racherbaumer Streamliners chapter intro 19
Bert Allerton Streamliner with eighteen cardsAlso published here 19
Edward Marlo 21 Card Trick Streamlined Also published here 20
Edward Marlo 21 Plus Subtlety Also published here 23
Steve Draun Swindle 21-Card Trick Also published here 25
Bruce Cervon Streamliner II - An Extra IdeaInspired by 26
Jon Racherbaumer Fast Company Foolers chapter heading 28
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Post-Graduate 21 Card Trick Inspired by 28
Edward Marlo Cut Placement with explanation by Tomas Blomberg 29
Jack Parker Invisible 21 card vanishes from packet of twenty-one cards, and reappears in packetAlso published here 31
Jack Parker Sunken 21 Also published here 37
Jason Alford Alford's Mess Up idea 41
Simon Aronson Tongue-in-Cheek 21-Card Trick 41
Edward Marlo Colorful 21-Card Trick selection changes back color 42
William Goldman Club 21 46
Jon Racherbaumer Casting Spells chapter heading 48
Martin Sunshine The 21 Card Spelling Trick Related toAlso published here
  • Scarne on Card Tricks (1950)
Peter Duffie The 18 Card Trick 49
Philip T. Goldstein Van John Also published here 50
Michael Powers The 7-Card 21 Card Trick with spelling
- Telephone Method
James Swain The 21 Card Trick optional spellingAlso published here 56
Edward Marlo Flash Speller 58
Gene Castillon Random 21 Spell Related to 59
Steve Bryant The World's Most Obscene 21-Card Trick filthy spellingInspired by 63
Jay Ose Ose Cut 64
Jon Racherbaumer Wired 21 chapter heading 67
Ramón Riobóo Millennial 21-card Trick 67
David Stahl An Old Card Trick Made New Also published here
  • Don't Stall, Stahl! (1978, p. 15)
Chris Kenner Must Be 21 to Enter Also published here 71
Jon Racherbaumer Hybrids chapter heading 73
Ramón Riobóo 21-Card Salute 73
Jon Racherbaumer Clubbed 21 Inspired by 75
Jon Racherbaumer Out of Sorts chapter heading 77
Edward Marlo, Lee Freed Lost 21 Card Trick reverse farosAlso published here 77
Bruce Cervon Mental Streamliner Inspired by 79
Paul Gordon When I Was 21 82
Jon Racherbaumer Off the Beaten Track chapter heading 84
Lewis Jones Son of the 21 Card Trick 84
Steve Beam Turning 21 - Two Selection Version
- Infusion
Also published here 86
Steve Beam Count Forward Force packet is cut and value of card indicates how many more cards are added 91
Steve Beam Pile Driver card is found by spellingAlso published here 92
Steve Beam The Of-Age Card Trick Also published here 95
David (Foote) Drake Twist on the 21 Card Trick card vanishes and travels somewhereAlso published here
  • The Linking Ring (July 1984)
Brent Braun Princess 21 Card Trick card to pocket ending 99
Jon Racherbaumer Moe's 21 move-a-card with twenty-one cards 100
Jon Racherbaumer X-Rated 21 Card Trick selection has X on its back at the end 101
Jon Racherbaumer More by Jack Parker chapter intro 106
Jack Parker Fake 21 106
Jack Parker Invisible 21 card vanishes and reappearsAlso published here 110
Jack Parker Open 21 spectator finds his card again via Open Prediction theme 114
Jack Parker Royal 21 selection vanishes 118
Jack Parker Victor 21 with Eleven-Card-Trick phase, Queens appear at end 120
Jack Parker Discarded 21 123
Jon Racherbaumer Imaginary 21 Card Tricks chapter heading 130
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magicianAlso published here 130
Doug Conn Impossible 21 Card Trick Also published here 133
Gene Castillon Castillon Dissertation - Introduction 138
Gene Castillon "Odd Chance" 21 Card Trick two selectionsInspired by 140
Gene Castillon Random Spell & Odd Chance 21 Card Trick two selectionsRelated to 143
Gene Castillon Triple Odd Chance 21 Card Trick three selectionsVariations 145
Gene Castillon Colorful Triple Odd Chance 21 Card Trick three selections, one changes back colorInspired by 150
Gene Castillon Dishonest 21 Card Trick using a secret extra card, four selections 152
Gene Castillon Random Spell Revelation 157
Gene Castillon Impromptu Amazing Spell 159
Gene Castillon Magic Spelling Program 160
Roger Crosthwaite A Personal View 162
Roger Crosthwaite Intuition II Related to 165
Justin Higham A Brief Analysis of the 21 Card Trick and Related Effects - Introduction 168
Justin Higham The 16 Card Trick 168
Justin Higham The 25 Card Trick "Mental Poker" 169
Justin Higham Mutus Nomen Cocis Dedit 172
Justin Higham The 21 Card Trick 174
Justin Higham 50 Card Trick Plus Sandwich 178
Justin Higham Justified 21 Card Trick 179
Justin Higham Pseudo 15 Card Trick Inspired by
  • "Direct 15-Card Trick" (Collected Card Notes, 1999, p. 77)
Justin Higham Conclusion 183
Justin Higham End Notes 184
Ali R. Amir-Moez Limit of a Function and a Card Trick mathematical article with connection to Twenty-One Card TrickAlso published here
  • Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 38 No. 4, Sep. 1965
Jon Racherbaumer Select Bibliography 191
Jon Racherbaumer About the Author "He has written more unread works than read ones" 198