Written by Charly Miret, Reinhard Müller, Camilo Vázquez

Work of Camilo Vázquez

20 pages (Spiralbound), published by Rudolf Braunmüller
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: German

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Camilo Vázquez Introducción - Ein Wort zuvor... 2
Camilo Vázquez Jetons square casino chips, two red and two black change places and transform 3
Camilo Vázquez Square Casino Chip Switch Wild Card move 4
Camilo Vázquez Transformation of Jeton similar to Ross Bertram's Rubdown, as a transformation of to square casino chips 5
Camilo Vázquez Whisky-Würfel-Routine dice travel from hand to hand, are stacked with a cup, penetrate a table top and as a climax a filled glass of Whisky appears 6
Fred Kaps Another Click Pass with dice 6
Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien with dice 7
Camilo Vázquez Das Erscheinen eines Glases mit Whisky production of filled glass of Whisky 8
Camilo Vázquez Camilos Münzenroutine coin transforms into chinese coin, then coins travel from hand to handInspired by 10
Camilo Vázquez Coin Transformation one-handed, using the Goshman Pinch 11
Camilo Vázquez Sympathetic Coins Variation using a credit card, coins change in the endInspired by 16
Camilo Vázquez Hindumischen mit Abziehen von unten Hindu Force variation
- Das Verbesserte Hindu-Forcieren mit Erläuterung des Abziehens von unten
- Das Forcieren mehrerer Karten mit Hilfe von Visitenkarten
- Variante mit signierten Karten
- Asse-Finden
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