Written by Jim Steinmeyer

Work of Jim Steinmeyer

134 pages (Hardcover), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings by Jim Steinmeyer.
Language: English

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Jim Steinmeyer Acknowledgements 5
Jim Steinmeyer About the Author 7
Jim Steinmeyer Introduction 9
Jim Steinmeyer Houdini's Rope walking through a rope with a stand apparatus 13
Jim Steinmeyer Plot vs. Effect 13
Jim Steinmeyer Neon girl penetrates barrier of lit neon light tubes 21
Jim Steinmeyer Perforation girl in box penetrated by multiple long knifes 31
Jim Steinmeyer The Artist's Daydream person appears in black cabinet with easel lookInspired by
  • "The Artist's Dream"
Jim Steinmeyer India Rubber both hands of woman go through a large cloth, they move further apart than seems possible 53
Jim Steinmeyer Though a One-Inch Hole rope around woman's waist, other end of rope through wall of box, under cover she moves mysteriously inside box 61
Jim Steinmeyer Small Packages die grows in stages inside cardboard carton, then woman appears insideInspired by
  • Buatier de Kolta's Growing Die Illusion
Jim Steinmeyer Hot Air girl lies on three upright modelling balloon, two are popped and she "floats" on one balloon 81
Jim Steinmeyer The Lady in the Puzzle person trapped in puzzle box which is taken apart and reassembled 93
Jim Steinmeyer Six Routines chapter intro 107
Jim Steinmeyer The Two-Sided Triangle two "thought-of" playing cards vanish from packet held by performer and appear in envelope hanging from a ribbon 107
Jim Steinmeyer Knot Unexpected loop in back of knife 109
Jim Steinmeyer Black Confetti black confetti poured in glass and covered with black silk, white confetti in another glass changes into black and black confetti changed to white under silk 112
Jim Steinmeyer Needles magnet on wine bottle 116
Jim Steinmeyer San Fernando Monte jumbo cards that are openly folded in half 119
Jim Steinmeyer Smoke and Fire signed bill to cigar 123
Jim Steinmeyer In Conclusion giving ten rules for creating magic 131