Written by Obie O'Brien

Work of Various

330 pages (Hardcover), published by H&R Magic Books
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

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Charlie Randall Foreword 9
Phil Willmarth, Steve Beam, Gene Anderson, Dick Cook, Tim Ellis, Antony Gerard Prologue various anecdotes on 4F, the Forks Hotel and Eddie Fechter
- I Remember the Forks (Dick Cook)
- A Few FFFF Pranks & Flops (Steve Beam)
- Garnack vs. Obie's New Table (Gene Anderson)
- The Toast (Antony Gerard)
- Chicken Legs (Steve Beam)
- A Special FFFF (Phil Willmarth)
- Door #2 (Steve Beam)
- Cleaning Out My Cardcase (Tim Ellis)
Carl Andrews, Jr. A Card Stab deck encircled with rubber band is placed inside a paper bag, spectator holds a knife and bag is pushed down, signed selection is impaled on the blade of the knife 25
Steve Beam The Layover always when deck is turned-over Ace appearsAlso published here
  • "The Layover" in Steve Beam's " Hand-Picked Card Tricks" 2001.
Jerry Andrus, Steve Beam Back Jog Turnover Variation Inspired by 30
Steve Beam 'Walt on the Beach' Variation The Layover, using double facer cards 32
Rey Ben Cap in Bottle with removable gimmick inside bottle, multiple phasesInspired by 34
Glenn Brown One-Finger Vanish 41
Harrison Carroll Transporter structure for cards across, psychology so people remember which card is where, as Harry J. Carroll 43
Steve Cohen Too Puzzling pieces of puzzle assemble magically and form image of chosen animal 45
Unknown Han Ping Chien 47
Dick Cook Manchurian Candidate follow the leader with coinsInspired by
  • "Following the Leader" in Horace Bennett's "The Bennett Touch"
Del Copley Flexible Ring Flight without reel 57
Tom Craven All Backs Routine small packet All Backs, cards change to Royal Flush 61
Unknown Five-As-Five Count Elmsley Count dynamics 61
Shigeo Takagi The Japanese Blanks Count Takagi Turnover Count 63
Eric T. Dockery Triple Decker Sandwich three phasesInspired by 65
Eric T. Dockery One-Card Tilt Finesse Also published here
  • Precursor XIII, 1986.
David (Foote) Drake The Steel Balls three steel balls diminish in number but increase in size, large ball remains 71
Steve Dusheck Hybrid Coin one coin imitating two coins in a stackAlso published here 75
Doc Eason Crystal Ball Delight instant stooge, spectator reads card in crystal ballInspired byRelated to 79
Ed Eckl Mes Seau Rouge comedy prop, bucket with object for visual puns 85
Tony Econ Triple Coincidence card reversed in a deck, card selected in other deck, same card found at same position, cards found to be of the other decks 89
Neal Elias Plunger Rising Cards two methods 93
Neal Elias Double Card Rise 96
Rudy Saxon, Harry G. Franke The Saxon Card Rise behind fan 97
Dan Garrett The Pinch Switch Related to 101
Paul Gertner Unshuffled Also published here 105
William Goldman Karate Match Karate Koin using a matchbook 109
Philip T. Goldstein Spelling the Future think Stop, then card is spelled and leads to a card which performer has predicted 111
Joe Hammer Houdini Outdone signature of Houdini appears on card, then front of card changes to picture of Houdini 115
Pit Hartling Unforgettable three phase memory routine, faroAlso published here 117
Reg Holden No Sleight of Hand Knife Thru Handkerchief 125
Norman Houghton "A New Coin Fold" to fool magicians, not classic coin fold 127
Cap't Bill James An Advertising Piece paper cross that can be unfold, pictures of appearing silk, advertising 129
Jim Krenz Dracula Goes Wild as James Krenz, Wild Card with Dracula theme 131
Edward Marlo Card Case Load under spread 134
Gary Kurtz Signed, Sealed, Delivered in Advance signed card to nest of envelopesRelated toAlso published here 135
Gary Kurtz The Slothful Mentalist Signed, Sealed, Delivered in Advance as a prediction, with name and number written down 140
David Lederman Prefiguration Refigured Inspired by 143
Harry Lorayne Fastest Overhand Shuffle Stack Also published here 145
Sid Lorraine To Vanish a Card card in middle of faced deck, deck is twistet several times and card is no longer there 149
Sid Lorraine, Tom Bowyer Digging into the Past thought off cards are divined by placing them on table, duplicate 150
Dr. Dan McDonald An Arresting Opening for a Coin Routine four coins are produced while doing the coin roll 151
Michael McGivern P.T.E.B.O. multiple phases, removing ends and putting them back on 155
Ray Mertz R. M. Dice Stacking Routine done with a can, jumbo die gag and billiard ball load 161
Chuck Meyer Irish Poker deck shuffled face up face down, still good hands dealt, one hand with different backs (initials of cards) 165
Chuck Meyer Growing Penny odd transposition of two coins, then coin grows, glorpy 168
Unknown Gypsy Switch brief 168
David Williamson Striking Vanish brief 169
William P. Miesel My Early Memories of Eddie on Eddie Fechter 174
Eddie Fechter A Card Location card pushed inside case 176
Eddie Fechter A Card Control same as LePaul's "An Automatic Jog-Control" 180
Eddie Fechter Eddie's Dunbury 182
Eddie Fechter The Three Devils joke with cards 185
Eddie Fechter A Different Disclosure card change, while deck is turned over 186
Eddie Fechter Eddie's Homing Card 188
William P. Miesel A Clean Nudist first blank, then backs on both sides then normal deck, using two blank cardsInspired by
  • Bill Dunn's "The Non-Nudist Nudist Deck" in "The Close-Up Magic of Ray Mertz... and Friends"
Francis Carlyle Paddle Move with Deck 197
David Neighbors First Class Backfire four coins appear one by one under a card 199
Al Schneider Pop-Up Move 199
David Roth Kick Vanish 200
David Neighbors Friction Click Pass 201
David Neighbors Quick Shot coins to glass 205
Earle Oakes Ring Vanish ring knotted on rope vanishes 209
Obie O'Brien The Matching Color Mates spectator cuts to a card, performer finds mate 213
Mike O'Dowd Coins to Glass four coins to glass, wrists held by spectators 217
Tom Ogden What I Could Have Had tricks with ingredients from a salad, linking onion rings, tomatoes through table in glass, last one is smashed and in the glass tomato juice is found 221
Gary Plants A Card Control - Controlling Multiple Cards
- Selected Card to a Certain Position
- Spectator goes Past the Break
Also published here
  • "G .P. Card Control" in "Precursor" Nr. 36. 1992.
Joe Riding Floating Aces four Aces covered with three indifferent cards, Aces one by one change into selection, Aces return by spelling and counting, selection vanishes in the end 231
Mike Robinson The Mr. Aces Routine Aces are found by cutting, they change into Kings and Aces found face-up in the deck, with different backs 237
Dad Stevens Stevens Control brief 238
Rocco Silano Flash Coins Across coins across, gimmick with glued coins 239
Michael Skinner The Hay-Dai Stack mental speller, leads to Vernon Poker DemonstrationInspired by
  • Henry Hay's "The Mental Selection Speller" in "The Amateur Magician's Handbook", p. 120.
Related to
Allan Slaight Jacks are Better finding the four Jacks by spelling, storyInspired by 247
Roger Smith No Shoots - No Slides - No Slits. coin travels into laminated greeting card inside nest of envelopes 251
Warren Stephens Ring Hank Penetration large ring penetrates handkerchief 255
Mark Tams Two Card Backfire Matrix four coins 259
Mark Tams Topsy-Turvy Chameleon Card with odd-back climax 262
Peter W. Tappan Two Thimble Vanishes - The Speed Vanish
- Slow Motion Vanish
Scott Wells Heartburn paper heart is torn and pieces placed on stick, when ignited paper restores 269
Robert Wicks Double-Snap center double, from spectator peek position
- Snap-Switch
David Williamson Perverse Open Spelling spectator succeeds whereas magician failsInspired byAlso published here 279
Phil Willmarth "Hi!" Sign with names on each sideInspired by
  • Milbourne Christopher's "Highway Sign"
Frank Zak A Business Card Trick miniature of selection appears on business card 289
Frank Zak Another Business Card Trick signature travels from back of business card to other business card 290
Herb Zarrow Coincidentally Yours multiple phases, finding mates 291
Hal Zeve The Non-Invisible Pass controlling card to the top, strange double fan 297
Ronald Zollweg Immigrant sandwiches in halves of the deck 299
Ronald Zollweg, Rick Johnsson Empty KS Variation 300
Unknown Convention Attendees chart of 4F attendees from 1970-2011 305
Unknown Magic Degrees Awarded - Since 1978 323
Unknown Number of Times Attended chart 324
Unknown Attendance - First 41 Years chart 325