Written by R. Paul Wilson

Work of R. Paul Wilson

59 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by R. Paul Wilson.
Language: English

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Peter Duffie Foreword 1
R. Paul Wilson Chaos Theories 2
R. Paul Wilson Written Wrongs five cards chosen, one signed and lost, in prediction envelope the other four cards are predicted and the signed card is found as wellVariations 5
R. Paul Wilson Blackjack Players Blight four ten-values are on table, four selections turn out to be the four Aces to make four blackjacksInspired by 8
R. Paul Wilson Mark of the Gambler "marked cards" as a presentation, Aces turn over, are lost and come to top again, four Royal Flush cards turn over as wellAlso published here 10
R. Paul Wilson Open and Honest 13
R. Paul Wilson Your Card? card put on table, any card named, it says "Your Card" on the tabled card, named card in wallet, or card changes into named card 15
R. Paul Wilson Metalergy - Coin Techniques 17
R. Paul Wilson Titian Grip/Palm edge grip variation 17
R. Paul Wilson Fingertip Vanish one of two coins taken, or both taken one by one 18
R. Paul Wilson Missed in the Mist two coins appear and vanish, repeatInspired byAlso published here 20
R. Paul Wilson Penihook ungaffed, one behindInspired by 22
R. Paul Wilson Crowded Coins Also published here 26
R. Paul Wilson The Double Deal Turnover 29
R. Paul Wilson Hailstones (CD) spelling with repeatInspired byAlso published here 30
R. Paul Wilson Alias the Aces four cards shown as all being the selection, then change into Aces, Daley's Last, then Aces come from pocket and tabled card(s) is selection, traveling from red to black Aces 32
R. Paul Wilson All Alike Sequence with Double Deal Turnover 32
R. Paul Wilson Wild With The Ladies four Jokers change one by one into chosen card, then into Queens, ungaffedAlso published here 35
R. Paul Wilson Taurean Misfit card used to count to selection, original spot card changes to selectionInspired by 37
R. Paul Wilson Schrodinger's Cat number on bill predictedAlso published here 38
R. Paul Wilson Bill Switch with paper clip and card 39
R. Paul Wilson Lean Chop Also published here 41
R. Paul Wilson Overworked Poker faroInspired by 44
R. Paul Wilson Sticky Residue spectator deals out any number of poker hands, cut one hand and remembers top card, all assembled, performer divined number of hands and cardInspired byRelated to 46
R. Paul Wilson Challenge Aces 48
R. Paul Wilson All Backs Queens are printed as finale 50
R. Paul Wilson Randall Flagg calculation with three cards used to count to selectionAlso published here 53
R. Paul Wilson Justify Me transposed collectorsInspired by 55
R. Paul Wilson Strange Writings spectator choses card and with a pen squiggles some lines on the back of the card, prediction card is same card with the same squiggle on its odd backInspired by
  • Hartman trick from Card Craft (which is a variation of a Jay Sankey trick)