Written by Trevor Lewis, Phil Willmarth

Work of Trevor Lewis

188 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Phil Willmarth Introduction 1
Trevor Lewis Foreward 5
Trevor Lewis My Magic Life 7
Phil Willmarth Note on Reading this Book 22
Trevor Lewis A Good Deal four cards with letters, words are formed matching story 23
Trevor Lewis Another Card Trick performer has Twos and spectator Aces, Shuffling Lesson type 24
Trevor Lewis Arm Chopper presentation for the Arm Chopper 26
Trevor Lewis The Banana Routine humorous routine with two children, coin apparently travels to banana but boy eats it and coin is produced with wand from his mouth 29
Trevor Lewis Bathing Beauty presentation for "Bathing Beauty", rolled picture of a woman, clothes are removed 31
Trevor Lewis The Bell ring under bell travels inside locked box, spectator rings bell three times to find selected cards 33
Trevor Lewis Body Parts cards with names of body parts, selection matches prediction 38
Trevor Lewis Brainwave Pack 40
Trevor Lewis Brema Nut brema nut penetrates shoelace twice 42
Trevor Lewis Trevor's Card at Any Number with faced deckRelated to
  • Barrie Richardson's "Any Card At Any Number" in " Theater of the Mind"
Trevor Lewis Cards Across with handkerchiefsRelated to
  • "Cards Across" in Trevor Lewis' "Party Pieces"
Trevor Lewis Chinese Ring Routine 54
Trevor Lewis Commecial Chop Chup Routine routine, two large loads, eyeball 59
Trevor Lewis Commercial Egg Bag 62
Trevor Lewis Eleven Bill Routine with two spectators, jumbo Bills as finale gagInspired byRelated to 66
Fred Kaps Palming Bills 68
Fred Kaps, Trevor Lewis False Count with bills 69
Trevor Lewis The Eyes Have It using The Eye Chart, three phases, spectator divines and locates cards, then she selects cards which were predicted 73
Trevor Lewis Finger Chopper Presentation using a thimble 78
Trevor Lewis Guatemala Rope Trick Inspired by
  • Duke Stern's "Duke's Guatemala Rope Trick" in "AbraKFox"
Trevor Lewis Guilty / Not Guilty cards with faces on one side and letters on the other, one is selected and found, word guilty is spelt, murder theme 85
Trevor Lewis Gypsy Thread Related to 89
Trevor Lewis Birthday Button hindu thread presentation, using large button 92
Trevor Lewis Himber Ring Routine combination of ring on stick and Himber linking rings 95
Trevor Lewis Key Flight ring transforms to key in small purse, ring flight 100
Trevor Lewis Linking Rope Rings 102
Trevor Lewis The Medal medal vanishes and appears back in box, idea 104
Trevor Lewis Trevor's Monte Plus three ungaffed cards 105
Trevor Lewis Monte Move with several variations, outjogged and others 105
Trevor Lewis The Full Monte with gaffed cards, multi-phase routine 108
Trevor Lewis Newton's Nightmares presentation, ball falls through tube fast or slowly,Inspired by
  • William J. Schmeelk's "Newton's Nightmare"
Trevor Lewis Nudist Deck 115
Trevor Lewis With Thanks to Orrin cut and restored rope, using a box, reading instructions presentation 117
Trevor Lewis Pom-Pom Stick Inspired by
  • Louis S. Histed's "Papyrus" in "The Magic of Louis S. Histed", p. 55.
Trevor Lewis Professor's Nightmare Patter Variations - Barman's Routine
- Professor's Nightmare Patter for Senior Citizens
- Professor's Nightmare Patter for Car Launch
- Professor's Nightmare Patter for Golf
Trevor Lewis Rising Cards routine for Jumbo rising cards, three cards 126
Trevor Lewis The Scotch Bag Routine glass filed with scotch appears in bag and then travels from bag to pocket 131
Trevor Lewis Sidewalk Shuffle based on Martin Lewis' routine, three blank cards and an AceInspired by 135
Trevor Lewis Six-Card Repeat with Do as I Do presentationInspired by 141
Trevor Lewis Snake Basket Routine snake in basket finds selection 145
Trevor Lewis Sponge Ball Routine with sponge 4 finale, lots of jokes 147
Unknown Sawing Move splitting spongeball into two 148
Trevor Lewis Stiff Rope rigid rope / hindu rope, presentation idea 152
Trevor Lewis Sucker Silk color changing silk routine, with tube 153
Trevor Lewis Take Your Pick with Anverdi Key Box, money in box 156
Trevor Lewis Three Little Words knot and silk routine, humorous presentation 159
Trevor Lewis Time Will Tell time set by spectator matches time constructed with number cards 161
Trevor Lewis Ugly Old Lady Effect cards with beautiful people, spectator selects only ugly one 163
Trevor Lewis The Master of Ceremonies - Requirements and Advice
- Patter Fillers
- Novelty Introduction Aids
- Other MC Prop Bits
- Bits of Business to Use as MC or in Act
- MC Miscellaneous Lines
- Newspaper Lines
- Lines, Lines, Lines
- Martial Bliss Lines