Written by Lorenz Schär

Work of Lorenz Schär

164 pages (Hardcover), published by Beat & Roy Books
Illustrated with drawings by Florian Aeschlimann.
Language: English

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Pit Hartling, Denis Behr Lorenz Who? - An Adulation 9
Lorenz Schär Preface 15
Lorenz Schär Longitudinal Slide Shift - Covers for the Longitudinal Slide Shift
- The Longitudinal Slide Shift as a Stand-Up Control
Also published here 17
Lorenz Schär Longitudinal Slide Shift - As a Top-Cover Pass Also published here 28
Lorenz Schär Sinky brief, using the Longitudinal Slide Shift, outjogged card sinks downInspired by 30
Lorenz Schär Longitudinal Slide Shift - As a Bottom-Cover Pass 30
Lorenz Schär Longitudinal Slide Shift - As a Top- and Bottom-Cover Pass 32
Lorenz Schär Longitudinal Slide Shift - As a Color Change 32
Lorenz Schär Satisfriction chapter on jog controls using the Plunger Principle
- Satisfriction
- Second from Top/Bottom
- Satisfriction with two Cards
Lorenz Schär Satisfriction as a Multiple Shift Related to 44
Lorenz Schär Satisfriction in a Fan controlled to the top 46
Lorenz Schär Sidejogged Satisfriction on the Table 50
Lorenz Schär Satisfriction on the Table with several Cards Inspired by 52
Lorenz Schär The Merrow-Shuffle combination of the Zarrow and the Jack Merlin shuffle 57
Lorenz Schär Practical Concept 1: The Private Pocket 65
Lorenz Schär One for Mr. Mayhew Mayhew Poker Deal variation, selected suit is dealt from the deckInspired byRelated to 69
Lorenz Schär An Overhand Shuffle Variation delayed injog
- Bottom Stock Shuffle
- Top Stock Shuffle
Lorenz Schär Flipover Hideout hiding cards in ribbon spread 78
Lorenz Schär Go-Stop spectator deals through deck, psychological stopInspired by 87
Lorenz Schär Stabbing Force Variation 92
Lorenz Schär All Bags off-beat prediction written on a bag, 51 cards selected 97
Lorenz Schär Hide-and-seek hiding half the deck, while cards are pushed from hand to hand 100
Lorenz Schär Kool and the Gang 10x10 cards, with entire deck ending 109
Lorenz Schär Variation on Trueba's Bocadillo Invisible similar to switching cards using a cullInspired by 113
Giancarlo Scalia Delight Switch Variation Inspired by 118
Lorenz Schär Coincidencia Banal Total Coincidence routine using one deck, three phases, bluffInspired by 123
Lorenz Schär Practical Concept 2: The Close-Up Stage on using a special mat while table hopping, first paragraph on page 133 135
Lorenz Schär Roto-Knife transformation while knife is twirled on table 139
Lorenz Schär Clap-Lap two coins slapped together, one vanishes, also to switch coins with other objects 145
Lorenz Schär El Caracol coin from pen cap 151
Lorenz Schär Postface 157
Lorenz Schär Bibliography 158