Written by Peter Duffie

Work of Fred Robinson

286 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by Roy Johnson, Paul Griffin.
Language: English

(108 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Peter Duffie Acknowledgements 9
Dai Vernon Foreword 11
Roy Walton Introduction 12
Peter Duffie Introduction Contains biography of Fred Robinson 13
Walt Lees Fred Robinson: An Appreciation Some stories about Fred Robinson 28
Max Maven A Tribute from Max Maven 31
Simon Lovell Fred Robinson 32
Andrew Galloway Andrew Galloway on Fred Robinson 35
Gordon Bruce Gordon Bruce on Fred Robinson 37
Darwin Ortiz A Week with Fred Robinson 39
Jerry Sadowitz A Tribute 42
Dominic Twose Dominic Twose Remembers Lessons in Magic Talking about lessons learnt from Fred Robinson

- On Presentation
- On being prepared
- On Choice of Effect
- On Misdirection
- On Technique
- On Fooling Other Magicians
Barrie Richardson Fred Robinson 47
Bobby Bernard Fred Robinson (a very unusual man) 49
Patrick Page Fred Robinson 50
Fred Robinson The Riffle Pass 54
Fred Robinson The Undercover Riffle Pass 59
Fred Robinson, Edward Marlo, Dr. James William Elliott The Delayed Pass wrist turn 65
Fred Robinson Charlier Cut Swindle 70
Fred Robinson The Fred Robinson Bottom Deal from full grip 72
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's Middle Deal from full grip 80
Roy Walton By the Centre Inspired by 86
Fred Robinson Alternate Middles faro set-up 91
Fred Robinson Another Bottom Deal 95
Fred Robinson, Darwin Ortiz The Robinson Greek Bottom Deal described by Darwin Ortiz 100
Fred Robinson Second Deal from full grip 105
Fred Robinson Dealer Demonstration Inspired by 107
R. Paul Wilson The Fred Robinson Deals additional discussion and variations of Robinson's Deals from the same chapter 108
R. Paul Wilson The Rear Lift subtlety on the take 112
R. Paul Wilson Cheating... fake bottom deal demonstration 112
Fred Robinson On the Perfect Faro Shuffle various tips 114
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson Turnover Change 119
Fred Robinson Three Card Monte off-beat move 122
Fred Robinson Ultimate Force under-spread forceRelated to 125
Fred Robinson Overhand Run Technique shuffling off two, three or four cards as a unit at each take 128
Fred Robinson On the Double Lift thumb count 130
Unknown Thumb Count 131
Fred Robinson, Dai Vernon Multiple Shift Hindu Shuffle 135
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's Bottom Palm delayed 139
Fred Robinson Hit and Run Palm Technique bottom palm steal with top change type dynamics while right hand holds deck 140
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's False Count e.g. five as four on the table 144
Fred Robinson In the Hands False Count 148
Fred Robinson The Addition Addition four for 4, based on Braue's move 149
Fred Robinson Fred on the Top Palm single card 150
Fred Robinson, Adrian Plate, Henry Hatton Clip Control clip steal to bottom, credit information 151
Fred Robinson Snap Colour Change 156
Fred Robinson Face Palm Colour Change 159
Fred Robinson Tabled Colour Change 164
Fred Robinson The Turnover Pass as a Colour Change 168
Fred Robinson The Rising Cards à la Fred using wooden box and thread gimmick, described by Patrick Page 172
Fred Robinson Boxed Rise stripper deck 175
Fred Robinson Hanky Rise plunger method 176
Fred Robinson The Little Wiggle pinky rise 177
Fred Robinson How to Win at Cards poker, rummy, bridge, set-up 182
Fred Robinson Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) set-up 184
Fred Robinson Blackjack blackjack stack for heads-up game 186
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's High Card Cut method with table-edge holdout 187
Fred Robinson, Dr. Jacob Daley Table-Edge Hold-Out held by thumb, steal via riffle shuffle, see also Daley's Notebooks Nr. 558 187
Fred Robinson The Card Across three cards across 194
Fred Robinson Vibrations including second method as deck switch in pocket 196
Fred Robinson Stab-it spectator stabs for selection with card which turns out to be selection 198
Fred Robinson Up the Sleeve card appears in performer's sleeve 199
Fred Robinson Moisture Steal with back of hand 199
Fred Robinson Up Both Sleeves two selections to performer's sleeves, double facer 201
Fred Robinson, Tony Faro Spectator Magician Plus spectator divines card's suit and value via Double-Deal Force, does OOTW and finds performer's thought-of card, marked deckInspired byAlso published here 202
Fred Robinson Behavioural Bluff five duplicates 204
Fred Robinson Fred on Out of This World 205
Fred Robinson Mind Reading one of six 206
Fred Robinson Switch Count 206
Fred Robinson Passing Thought 209
Fred Robinson Double Denial two wrong cards change into selections, top change routine 210
Fred Robinson Top Change with misdirection 210
Fred Robinson Fred on Dunbury 214
Fred Robinson Double Lift Drop Switch stealing card(s) on pack while apparently picking one up 214
Fred Robinson Dunbury Drop Switch Vanish 216
Fred Robinson Dunbury Again 217
Fred Robinson, Ed Eckl Computation small packetInspired by 219
Fred Robinson Make Believe aces and royal flush version of Six Card Repeat, poker presentation 221
Fred Robinson Card Catch card thrown and caught next to selection 222
Fred Robinson The Astrological Stop Trick rough smooth forcing pack 224
Fred Robinson Mind Reading at the Marlborough combining stacked and marked deck 226
Fred Robinson The Psychic Spectator two out of 52 success rate 228
Fred Robinson Ambitious Card - Snap, Crackle and Pop four phases 230
Fred Robinson Do as I Do 233
Fred Robinson Daley's Last Trick 235
Fred Robinson I Know gag prediction involving a cigarette 238
Fred Robinson Card Production cards are handed to performer behind vicitm's ear à la Paperballs over the Head 239
Fred Robinson The Coin Con bar bet 240
Fred Robinson, Trevor Lewis Nut & Bolt Trick nut in one hand, bolt in other hand, travel together srewed 241
Fred Robinson Coin in Tie coin vanishes when folded into tie 244
Dr. E. M. Roberts Sleeving Method very brief 246
Fred Robinson Coins in the Tie (for Magicians Only) additional ideas and gags 248
Fred Robinson Coin in Note coin disappears when folded into bill 250
Fred Robinson Something and Nothing coin vanishes and disappears twice, then disappears completely 253
Fred Robinson Deep Back Clip Handlings 254
Fred Robinson Drop-it: Blow-it coin tossed in outer breast pocket, complete vanishRelated to 257
Fred Robinson Change-it one coin tossed in outer breast pocket 259
Fred Robinson Shake-it coin tossed in outer breast pocket, using handkerchief, complete vanish 260
Fred Robinson Cat's Paw two coins vanish with sucker presentation, coin tossed in outer breast pocket, sleeve, complete vanish 262
Fred Robinson Rebound complete vanish 264
Fred Robinson Pick-up Vanish 267
Fred Robinson The French Drop Swindle complete sucker vanish 271
Fred Robinson Blind Date divining date on borrowed coin 272
Fred Robinson Presentation for the Stack of Pence Trick 274
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson's C&R Rope 276
Fred Robinson Annabelle's Dye Tube 279
Fred Robinson Fred's Razor Blade Trick 283
Fred Robinson The Trick That Cannot Be Explained aka "Thimble-O" 284