Written by Kevin Kelly

Work of Don England

152 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(48 entries)


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Kevin Kelly Acknowledgements
Kevin Kelly Paradoxically Speaking...
David Solomon Kindred Spirits
Brother John Hamman To a friend reproduced letter
Don England The Town Fool coins transpose and grow, Jumbo Coin Climax, with variation by Kevin Kelly 2
Don England The Philosophers' Stone using Mirror, Twilight Variation 6
Don England thgiliwT using Mirror, Twilight Variation
- The Silver Phase
-The Copper Phase
Don England The Three Card Repeat 18
Don England The Cannibals Eight too Much! "or The UnfortunEights!" 21
Don England Phase 51 - Revisited and in Color card to pocket with 51 to pocket climax and C.C.Inspired by 26
Don England P-51, This Time the Cards are on the Table! with 51 through table ClimaxInspired by 31
Don England The 4's Card Trick using the 4sInspired by 34
Don England Repeat Inversion 37
Don England What if Six turned out to be Nines? two 9s transpose with one 6 39
Don England What if... Or vice versa! different colored backs 42
Don England A Get-ready for Piet Forton's Pop-Out Move 43
Don England Open Travellers plus One aces to queens kickerInspired by 46
Arthur Finley, Don England Tent Vanish 47
Don England We're Three Fourth There with Ace to 4 and Double indexed extra card 51
Don England A Micro-Macro for Jokers nice Joker Bit 57
Don England Micro Warp Card Warp with the Card shrinking 60
Don England Contrast! two Cards change, change size, back color.. 63
Don England The Eye Exam Card shrinks under magnifying lense 66
Don England The Optical Shrink Card shrinks and grows under magnifying lense 68
Don England The Shrink Joker shrinks and grows, than the deck shrinks 70
Don England A Shrink to Pocket Card to Pocket with shrinking Deck Climax 75
Don England The Little Big Card Card first visibly shrinks, then becomes Jumbo Card 78
Don England Christine II Ace to Four change Suit 82
Edward Marlo Marlo's Card Substitution Related to 84
Don England Warped and Single with bill and change of the card at the end 86
Don England The Geiger Gaff 90
Don England Double Crossed! 94
Don England Early P.O.D. Holy P.O.D. Versions 100
Don England Holy Tear! ala Chocolate Coin 104
Don England Kreskin, Eat your Heart out! sucker prediction with transparent Card 106
Edward Marlo Finessed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 106
Don England The Evolution Transposition double facer 108
Don England The Sympathy of Hearts under cover of a Jumbo Card 112
Don England The English Chunnel two Cards change 116
Don England d/Warp unfolded Card is pushed through the pack 119
Don England The Card Collection using four Aces with different backs, gaffed 122
Don England The Universal Card of Escorial three cards 125
Don England The Bag Lady through clear plastic bag 129
Don England P.H.aradox with 51 to pocket Climax 134
Paul Harris Constructing Harris Vanishing Deck 134
Don England Slick Oil and Clarified Water 4&4 140
Don England The Face-up Cards Through the Newspaper 145
Kevin Kelly Don England - Published and Marketed Effects (1978-2001) 150