Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

225 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Jerry Mentzer Note of Acknowledgement vi
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Michael Boden Marked packed trick with color changing deckRelated to 5
Mike Boden, Ed Smeal Marked! - Alternate Handling with lapping deck switch by Ed SmealInspired by 10
John Quine Ace-X-Ace using card with divided back 14
Jerry Mentzer Queens over Kings spectator selects card and cuts three piles, all are queens, two handlings 23
Tony Binarelli Double Prediction two cards predicted in billets 30
Eddie Fechter Packet to Packet 34
Jerry Mentzer Alternate Handling Number One Inspired by 37
Jerry Mentzer Alternate Handling Number Two Inspired by 38
Jerry Mentzer Three Card Surprise three card location with surprise transposition climax 38
Bill Okal Alternate Presentation Three Card Surprise three card location with surprise transposition climaxInspired by 44
Jerry Mentzer Swivel Switch related to Downs Change 45
Dr. Richard Cook Color Changing Deck all backs phase, then aces and faces appear, all backs change colors except aces 48
Paul Swinford Fifty-Fifty Aces either assembly or elevator routine depending on which aces spectator chooses (jukebox) 61
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 63
Paul Swinford, J. Stewart Smith Simplified Ace Assembly 65
Paul Swinford, Edward Marlo Advanced Ace Assembly based on Marlo's "Bluff Aces" 67
Paul Swinford Simplified Elevator Aces 73
Paul Swinford Advanced Elevator Aces 75
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread 76
James G. Thompson Jr. Highly Improbable matching cards with two decks under strict conditions, stacked and window case 83
Unknown Window Case 83
Ted Gillam Pairs stay stack 87
Michael Boden Deck Memorization OOTW with the performer dealing as a memory stunt, gilbreathAlso published here 90
Jerry Mentzer Notes on the Gilbreath Principle credit information 93
Jack Chanin True or False Also published here 99
Ian Baxter The "Shooting Star" Lapping Move 101
Jerry Mentzer Lapping Move using left hand cop 103
Jerry Mentzer Torn and Restored 107
Jerry Mentzer, Frederick Braue Concealed Reversal Braue Reversal variation 114
Jerry Mentzer Applications three selections 116
Peter Kane Jazz Aces Also published here 123
Peter Kane Jazz Aces Variation with four quarters of a jumbo cardAlso published here 125
Roger Divella A Different Sound using blank cards with colored dotsAlso published here 125
Jerry Mentzer Jazz Combo mentioning the combination of Jazz Aces with Elevator Aces, Oil and Water, ...Related to 131
Jerry Mentzer Four and One Revisited basically Hamman's Mystic Nine with five cards, inspired by Nick Trost's "Four and One Trick" 132
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction Flourish Count 133
Jerry Mentzer Odd Color Four and One basically Hamman's Mystic Nine with five cards, inspired by Nick Trost's "Four and One Trick", color changing back kicker of selection 136
Jerry K. Hartman Bi-Psychle spectator B finds spectator A's card from small packet, impromptu stooge 138
Jerry K. Hartman Bototo Switch 140
Jerry K. Hartman "Undercover" Switch 142
Jim Lee Aces and Threes packet trick with hole in ace - climax 143
Vic Trabucco Twist color changing backs kickerRelated toAlso published here 150
Jerry Mentzer, Derek Dingle Ambitious Ace-Two-Three-Four-Five 155
Eddie Fechter How Do You Want Me To Find Your Card? selection is found again and again in quick fashion, as an out 167
Eddie Fechter, Edward Marlo The Estimation Peek Related to 169
Eddie Fechter Speller Positioning 171
Jerry Mentzer Cull Speller 173
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Single Card Cull 175
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces two cards change at onceVariationsAlso published here 177
Hank Wocjik Flourish Elevator 181
Bill Okal Seconds and Thirds fake third deal 186
Unknown Four For Four Switch 187
Dr. Richard Cook Cook's Elevator Aces eight card packet 190
Jerry Mentzer Joker Stab missed stabbing routine in which stabbing card changes to selection 196
Jerry Argetsinger Airborne Card Change in midair, double facer 200
Paul Swinford Flip Over Undercut useful as a Triumph clean-upAlso published here 209
Jerry Mentzer, Bill Simon Nearly a Triumph 211
John Miller Riffle Ups and Downs based on Gene Finnell's "Ups and Downs" (Free Cut Principle) 216
Jerry Mentzer Card Mix Up without riffle shuffles 221