Written by Jerry Mentzer

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166 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Bill Okal All the Same three cards are shown different, then the same 5
Jerry Mentzer, Bill Okal Variation on "All the Same" three blank cards transform to selections 10
John F. Mendoza Wild Mental Move six jokers, spectator selects odd-backed one 11
Derek Dingle The Wild Move five as five while hiding 2 13
John F. Mendoza Cutting the Kings Variations 16
Unknown Reversing Top Card to 2nd from Top standard double lift method 16
A. Berkeley Davis Double Barrelled Shotgun two-selection handlingInspired by 21
Ray Mertz A $2.85 Deck gaffed deck with slits for coinsRelated to 26
Frank Shields Four Card Display Move Also published here 35
Jerry Mentzer Quick Reverse using palm 40
Unknown Side Steal 41
Bill Okal Okal's Three Way 47
Unknown Pop Up Card vertical version as productionInspired by 51
Unknown Glimpse flicker glimpseInspired by 54
Unknown Cull Speller 58
Unknown Kelly's Bottom Up loading into other hand for production 61
Unknown Turn Me Over with deck in handRelated to 66
Unknown Two Pack Coincidence 75
Jerry Mentzer Ambitious Red Back color changing backs kicker 76
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Force 77
Barry Govan Perplexed 84
A. Berkeley Davis Palm Spoof card vanishes an reappears with palm presentation, ten vanish 90
A. Berkeley Davis He Squares from packet to face-up sandwich in other halfRelated to 94
Unknown Jogged Spread Hide-Out 97
Unknown Out of this World Variation small packet 99
A. Berkeley Davis Seven No Trump stack, faro 102
Philip T. Goldstein Very Good Hand five cards shown as Ace of Spades, then royal flush in heartsAlso published here 107
Philip T. Goldstein Rundown selection appears in sandwich 113
Philip T. Goldstein Nijinsky Two selected ace travels into deck, card in hand, stranger 117
John Miller, Jerry Mentzer Turncoat Kings inspired by Roy Walton's "Chameleon Cards"Also published here 125
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Move with credit information 127
Jerry Mentzer All Backs Plus all backs plus triumph 129
Jerry Mentzer Phase II 136
Jerry Mentzer, Bruce Cervon Dirty Deal Revisited 139
Jerry K. Hartman Hand Me Down specators switch cardsInspired by 147
Tom Gagnon Visual Finders one of four kings transforms in first then second selection, then back, selections from pocket 150
Tom Gagnon Visual Quickie one of four kings transforms into selection, then back, selection from pocketAlso published here 160