Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

183 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Roy Walton Walton's Universal universal packetAlso published here 5
Paul Swinford Hickock Rides Again with Dead Man's Hand presentation, faro 10
Jeff Busby Disguised Water 4&4, color changing back kicker for one color 13
A. Berkeley Davis Rapid Fire Shotgun four aces handlingInspired by 17
Jerry Mentzer Ambitious Red Back color changing backs kicker of ambitious card 21
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Force 22
Jerry Mentzer Ambitious Card 28
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Tilt brief 29
Unknown Comedy Ambitious one way forcing back climax 35
Jerry Mentzer, Lin Searles A Poker Plot spectator deal royal flush from bottom 35
Michael O'Rady One for the Money bill and quarter borrowed, two cards selected, money vanishes an reappears rubberbanded and between two selections in wallet 38
Roger Klause Klause's Bottom Palm 47
Roger Klause Klause's Bottom Move 52
Eddie Fechter Rapid Reverse palmed card replaced when tabled deck is spread 63
Eddie Fechter Card Transpo from small packet to small packet, biddle 65
Eddie Fechter No Pile four of five cards vanishRelated to 69
Tony Binarelli The Card Remaining in the String deck is banded with rope and drops out except selection 72
Jerry Mentzer A Quick Sandwich 76
Woody Landers Open Faced Sandwich card appears visually between sandwich cards 81
Jerry Mentzer Flash Coincidence 86
Unknown Speller Trick direct 90
Scott Hollingsworth Two Card Transpo one in pocket 93
Jerry Mentzer Gag Revelation any number from 6-9 95
Russ Burns Signature Transpo card signed on both sides, one signature travels to another card 101
Russ Burns Card Into Wallet 106
Unknown Tenkai Steal from small packet 113
Russ Burns Psychological Card in Wallet ungaffed 115
Russ Burns Sensational Double 121
Russ Burns The Cradle Pass as top half is replaced 125
Russ Burns Swivel Undercut bottom to top 127
Russ Burns Deceptive Undercut top to bottom 131
Russ Burns Flourish False Cut 135
Jim Lee, Derek Dingle Shiftless Shift aces end up on top without cutInspired by 141
Jim Lee Positioner multiple shift that sets cards together at certain place 148
Bill Okal Seconds and Thirds fake thirds 150
John Miller Twist Clean Up clean-upInspired byVariationsAlso published here 157
Jerry Mentzer Control to Bottom hindu shuffle 160
Jerry Mentzer Flourish False Cut 164
Unknown Eradicating Pips 169
Unknown Fancy Colored Backs Related to 170
Philip T. Goldstein Straight Up With A Twist royal flush kickerRelated toAlso published here 177
Philip T. Goldstein The Sweeper Wakes 181