Written by Juan Tamariz

Work of Juan Tamariz

184 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Luis H. Trueba, Belén Franco, Concha Gómez Acebo.
Language: English

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Juan Tamariz The Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way Related toVariations 13
Juan Tamariz The Travelling Coin coin disappears in hand, reappears behind ear, dozens of methods 24
Unknown Procedures for the Vanish of the Coin several methods including lapping, false transfer, cuff, sleeving, ... 25
John Cornelius Coin on Thread as a vanish or hold-out 30
Juan Tamariz The Ambitious Card 46
Unknown Bluff Pass 49
Juan Tamariz Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC) to bottomVariations 52
Dai Vernon Staring him in his Face 57
Juan Tamariz Miraculous Adivination two versions, as divination or location, Al Koran Deck 61
Juan Tamariz The Slates magazine test with slatesVariations 69
Juan Tamariz Application to "Oil and Water" analysis of general effect and variations 77
Juan Tamariz Tamariz' Oil and Water 4&4, two phases 85
Juan Tamariz Audacious Method 4&4 129
Juan Tamariz Stripper Deck Methods 4&4, two methods 132
Juan Tamariz Strip-Out Method 4&4 135
Juan Tamariz Tenkai Method 4&4 136
Juan Tamariz Biddle - Finale under the Table 4&4, one color penetrates table 139
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Explanation of the Palm 142
Juan Tamariz Anti-Water Finale, Face-up, Face-down 4&4 143
Juan Tamariz Anti Oil and Water: 4 Methods 4&4, Biddled Anti-Water I - IV 144
Juan Tamariz The Pick-up Method 4&4 150
Unknown Lap Switch deck switch done with packet 150
Juan Tamariz Super Oil and Water 4&4, seven double facers 151
Unknown Half Pass brief 154
Juan Tamariz Double Oil and Water 4&4, face-up, face-down 155
Juan Tamariz Flip-Flop 4&4, acrobatic flaps ala Zapped 160
Juan Tamariz Two by Two 4&4 162
Juan Tamariz Under the Spectator's Hand 4&4, spectator does everything 165
Edward Marlo Olram Count 167
Juan Tamariz Antiwater 4&4 168
Juan Tamariz Instant Method 4&4, using TPC and perpendicular spread hide-out 168
Juan Tamariz Yourself 4&4 171
Unknown Throw Switch 172
Juan Tamariz Roughing Method 4&4 175
Juan Tamariz With the Whole Deck 177
Unknown Block Cover Pass 179