Written by John Northern Hilliard, Richard Kaufman

Work of Various

1328 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg

Language: English

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George Pughe George Pughe's Pass from center to top as top half is replacedRelated toVariations 1053
George Pughe Adaptation of Vernon's Five Card Mental Trick 1054
Stewart Judah The Check Trick borrowed bill of any value transposes with check with same value 1056
Stewart Judah Judah's Newspaper Ad Trick 1058
Frank Lane Stick It In Yourself spectator stabs reversed cards next to selection after magician fails 1063
T.J. Crawford Where do the Coins Come From? production from palmed stack of coins 1067
Victor Farelli Controlled Coincidence card chosen, spectator stabs to two cards that indicate suit and value, with three variations in which the deck is shuffled:
- Additions to Controlled Coincidence (Pack Genuinely Shuffled)
Inspired by 1070
Unknown Criss Cross Force Variation as stabbing force with knife 1071
Paul Rosini Addition to Rosini's Saliva 10-Card Trick pointer cardsVariations 1073
Michael F. Zens The Original of Zens' Packets and Envelopes Trick 1074
Eugene Laurant Cards and Envelopes 1077
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' Center Deal Fragmentary Notes by Hilliard 1080
T. Nelson Downs Center Deal Speller three peeked at cards are immediately spelled to 1081
T. Nelson Downs Pocket to Pocket Trick (Half Card Trick) using a gimmick consisting of three half cards glued together 1082
T. Nelson Downs The Pickpocket cards of one color are put in performer's pocket who removes cards which are then divined by spectator three times 1083
T. Nelson Downs A Real Dovetail Shuffle observation that eight perfect (faro) shuffles restore order 1084
T. Nelson Downs Four Perfect Riffle Shuffles to Restore Full-Deck Order no perfect faros, but blocks are released (riffle shuffle stacking type) 1085
Cardini Cardini's Fans note on split fans from Hilliard's notebook 1087
Nate Leipzig Key on Fingers key turns on its own, short note from Hilliard's notebook 1090
Nate Leipzig Coin on Knee note from Hilliard's notebook 1091
Nate Leipzig Two in the Hand... with sugar cubes, short note from Hilliard's notebook 1091
Nate Leipzig Balancing of a Half Dollar on the Finger Tips short note from Hilliard's notebook 1091
John Mulholland Twenty Card Trick 1095
John Mulholland, Michael F. Zens New Zens' 15 Cards and Envelope Trick 1097
Sam Leo Horowitz New Method Duo-Flight two selections 1098
Sam Leo Horowitz A Fan Effect 1105
Sam Leo Horowitz Horowitz Key Card Move double backer is placed next to selection in out-of-hands selection procedure 1105
Sam Leo Horowitz Silk Production with False Finger with paper 1105
Sam Leo Horowitz Note on "The Perfect Stop Trick" Related to 1106
William H. McCaffrey Mac's Dead Name Test "An improvement on Annemann's method." 1111
William H. McCaffrey The Newlywed Match Trick paddle effect with paper matches and story 1111
John Northern Hilliard First Draft: The Master of the Playing Cards Related to 1116
Unknown Butting Cards - Faro or Weave Shuffle brief description 1124
Unknown A Great Glimpse - Red and Black Series divided deck 1125
Unknown The Giant Fan Detection selection process for divided deck 1125
Unknown Red and Black Flourish cards openly separated, are shuffled, still shown separated, also as two card location 1125
Unknown, Stewart Judah The Mystery of the Seven Discs with credit information 1129
Unknown A Time-Worn Trick Hilliard Note Book Entry 1140
Unknown The Real Work on "Dealing Seconds - One Hand" full descriptionRelated to 1141
Tenkai Ishida Palming One Card: Tenkai's Method better descriptionRelated to 1143
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard's Note on Gordien's Sponge Ball Routine Inspired by 1144
John Northern Hilliard Magic Squares Fragmentary Notes by Hilliard 1145
Unknown The Chinese Wands two strings through wood pillars, one cut and restored, "Pillars of Solomon" 1148
John Northern Hilliard Fragment: Notes on Misdirection followed by other essays 1152
John Northern Hilliard Fragment: Notes for a Chapter on The Psychology of Magic collection of different psychological forces of numbers and cards 1154
John Mulholland A Psychological Trick a la John Mulholland prediction of chosen letter, number and shape 1155
John Mulholland Another Psychological Trick a la Mulholland psychological forces 1157
John Northern Hilliard Rising Card by Motor only fragments of notes 1168
Paul Rosini Paul Rosini's Spelling Trick free selection is spelled to 1203
John Northern Hilliard, Paul Rosini The John Northern Hilliard Routine for this Trick free selection is spelled to 1204
Paul Rosini Paul Rosini's Spelling Trick with a Mentally Chosen Card progressive set-up 1205
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard's Spelling Trick with a Mentally Chosen Card progressive set-up 1205
Horace Goldin, John Northern Hilliard "How It Is Done", or "The Indeceptive Deception", or "One For The Wise Ones" sucker key card placement to throw off magicians 1207
John Northern Hilliard Coincidence svengali deck 1208
Theodore Annemann Magic Thrust Variations - A. 1208
Fred Furman Magic Thrust Variations - B. duplicate 1209
John Northern Hilliard Magic Thrust Variations - C. short card and two double backers 1210
John Northern Hilliard "Think , 'Stop!'" Card Tricks three methods, double backer and tactile key cards 1211
John Northern Hilliard Original Method of Making an Impromptu Short Card 1213
Unknown The Card Stabbing Trick (Pack Wrapped in Paper) 1213
Unknown The Card Stabbing Trick (Pack Spread on Table) 1214
John Northern Hilliard Two Souls But with a Single Thought two cards, billet index (52 predictions) 1214
Unknown Heart Beats estimating position of selection 1215
John Northern Hilliard Mental Discovery of Four Cards four spectators from a group of eight cards 1216
John Northern Hilliard The Ne Plus Ultra Trick eight cards chosen and replaced, they and their position in the deck are predicted 1218
John Northern Hilliard Quadrating the Pack dealing procedure, here used to distribute eight selections in a certain way 1219
John Northern Hilliard The "Ne Plus Ultra" Crystal four cards chosen and replaced, they and their position in the deck are divined 1220
Margaret Mackay, John Northern Hilliard A Magical Exchange card in handkerchief transposes with card in pocket 1221
John Northern Hilliard An Original Force For One Card described for a king value 1222
Yank Hoe Razors and Paper Loops stick is broken on paper without harming paper 1225
Al Saal Addition to Commander Slayton's Spelling Trick Related to 1225
Yank Hoe Detail of Yank Hoe Trick of Card in Watch Case short note 1226
Ben Erens Ben Eren's Spelling Trick 1226
Sid Lorraine A Percentage Trick 1227
Howard Albright Card Spelling Trick 1227
Harlow Hoyt The Princess' Scarab five cards, one half of deck is scratch marked on back 1228
Harry Kellar Nikko wood gimmick to produce 18'' handkerchief 1231
John Scarne Shift on Table 1232
John Scarne Card in Pocket Book fan handling of Loewy Palm 1234
John Scarne, Dai Vernon The Four Aces and the Greek's Shuffle bottom stock control with unconventional shuffle 1234
Dai Vernon The Four Aces aces distributed in deck reappear all together 1234
John Scarne Displacement Sleight transfering a card from bottom to top as small packet is turned over 1235
Unknown The Magazine Trick 1236
Tom Bowyer Tom Bowyer's Trick one of five cards, multiple out 1237
Tom Bowyer The "Stop" Trick psychological force 1238
Unknown, Sid Lorraine Variant of Sid Lorraine's Cut Rubber Band used with string 1238
Unknown Nail File or Pencil for Exchanging Decks as pen is taken out of inside pocket 1238
Unknown Gambler's Deck Switch lap 1239
Unknown Deck Switch using pockets 1239
Unknown Controlled Return replaced at certain position 1239
Paul Fox Cigarettes - A Paul Fox Routine 1240
Oswald Rae Cigarette and Bill thumb tip 1240
Unknown Card in Cigarette Routine 1240
Unknown Billiard Ball Routine 1241
Walter Schwartz A Surprise Silk Production 1241
Unknown Striking the Hour swinging pendulum, unconscious muscular movement 1242
Harry Cecil Harry Cecil's Rabbit Trick - The Swing Load loading from inside coat 1242
Paul Fox Paul Fox's Coin Vanish in handkerchief 1243
Servais LeRoy Five Card Trick one of five wrong cards changes into selection 1243
Al Baker 3 Cigarette Papers 1244
John Northern Hilliard, Unknown Card Locations and Detection three methods, estimation 1244
Dai Vernon Vernon 1-3 three methods 1245
Dai Vernon Impromptu Short Card credit unsure 1246
Dai Vernon Another Short Card Idea card index with short cards to work with borrowed deck 1246
Leon Maguire Double Turnover 1247
Unknown Note on Cigarette Vanish in Thumbtip very brief 1247
Jack Miller Knot Trick untieing, thread, very brief note 1247
Glen Pope, Percy Abbott Method of doing Percy Abbott's "Squash" very brief note 1247
Dai Vernon 3 Card Control very brief note 1247
John Northern Hilliard Comment on the Return of Chosen Cards very brief note 1248
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Double Lift very brief note 1248
John Scarne New Glide very brief note 1248
John Scarne Various Notes various very brief notes about different things 1248