Written by Michael Close

Work of Michael Close

138 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Homer Liwag.
Language: English

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Michael Close Introduction - SOB 2000 and Carlo's Three Laws
- About The Stand-Up Routines
- About This Book
Michael Close The Big Surprise signed fake contract travels folded to containerAlso published here 5
Michael Close Folding the Contract secret folding method while "contract" is placed into pocket, could be used for jumbo cards 9
Michael Close Presentation - The First Barrier
- The Big Lie
- Dr. Nagler's Study
- We're Back Home
Michael Close, Larry West A Visit from Rocco using giant billsVariations 20
Michael Close, John Cornelius You Axed For It ring to box, appears to be at several places at onceInspired by
  • "My Lady's Ring" (John Cornelius)
Michael Close Patter - The Purpose of Patter
- Delivering Patter
- Thinking on Your Feet
- Humor
Michael Close Patter for Pavel's "Fantastic Knot" presentation 37
Michael Close Technique - We Go to Music School
- Magic Books
- No That I've Got It, What Do I Do?
Michael Close On Palming general discussion of classic palm with headings
- The Grip
- The Swing Points
- The Pivot Point
S. W. Erdnase, Michael Close The Erdnase Bottom Palm 48
Michael Close After the Palm what to do after bottom palm 50
Paul LePaul, Michael Close, Edward Marlo The Left Hand Diagonal Palm Inspired by 50
Tenkai Ishida, Michael Close The Left Hand Peek Steal 52
Harry Riser Peek Handling 53
Michael Close, Dai Vernon Transfers, Top Palms, and Shifting the Grip 54
Michael Close How to Avoid "Framing" 56
Michael Close Loose Ends replacing palmed cards 57
Michael Close Take a Letter signed alphabet card is found in paper bag by shooting a pin in it 58
Michael Close The Incredible Peeked Prediction free selection predicted in wallet (palming method) 64
Michael Close Naturalness and Motivation - Doin' What Comes Naturally
- Uniformity
- Motivating Sleight of Hand
Michael Close The Ooh-Ah Bird origami bird lays egg with prediction in it 73
Michael Close Criss Cross Force Handling 75
Michael Close, Dai Vernon, Wallace Galvin Origami Bill Production origami bill produced from handkerchiefInspired by 79
Michael Close The Too Perfect Theory - What is Magic?
- Method vs "Sell"
- Some Examples
- One More Example
- A Corollary
Michael Close Chicken Teryaki coin through hand, c/s transpo 89
Unknown Palm Change 92
Michael Close Analysis and Conviction - Convincing the Audience
- A General Approach
- Analysis
Michael Close The Incredible Growing Toothpick 98
Michael Close Ethics 101
Michael Close We're all B*z*s on this Bus clown faces appear on blank cardsVariations 104
Philip T. Goldstein, Michael Close Haback Count Variation flushtration hamman count combo 106
Michael Close Down for the Count vampire teeth appear in mouth 112
Michael Close Audience Management - Elmsley's Approach
- Authority
- We Meet the Enemy
- Patter
- Maintaining Control
Related to
  • Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vol. 1, p. 15-17
Michael Close The Card, The Forehead, And The Salt Shaker card on forehead, under salt shaker, deck under salt shaker, 51 cards to pocket combo 119
Michael Close The Double Bar 138